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Lean is the Future of Manufacturing

Reducing wait times and eliminating extraneous handling and labor through lean improves your bottom line. The capital saved can then be reinvested in new and better products and processes to further improve the customer experience, which in turn fuels business growth.

Fostering Innovation: The Keys to Success

In a world that's always evolving, innovation is how we keep up, grow, and thrive. So, when we talk about nurturing innovation, we're really talking about fuelling the very essence of human progress and hope.

Mastering the Master Production Schedule (MPS) – Tips for Growing Manufacturers

The master production schedule (MPS) is an essential production planning tool. But how to make the most of it?

The Cost of Bad Communication in Manufacturing Plants

In this blog post, we will explore the various facets of this issue and understand why investing in effective communication is a crucial consideration for manufacturing plants.

ZYCI: Manufacturing on a Mission

Supported by 15 Okuma machine tools (with more on the way), ZYCI has put Mitch Free exactly where he wants to be. He gets to work with the tangibles while creating noticeable, impactful changes within the manufacturing landscape.

How to Create A Good Technical Drawing

Make sure your drawing undergoes all quality assurance and approval procedures. A drawing that is easy to follow and clearly defines your requirements is one of the first steps to a successfully manufactured part.

A data-driven approach to supply chain management

On my journey within the manufacturing sector, I've learned that the challenges and trends remain constant, but the approaches to addressing them are continuously evolving. This dynamic presents new opportunities, particularly in fiercely competitive markets.

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How Small Manufacturers are Building a Business Case for Robotics

Smaller manufacturers are the fastest-growing area of industrial robotics today, driven by the need for new collaborative robotics systems.

How ML helps manufacturers maintain safer workplaces

This article covers the concept of machine-learning in manufacturing and highlights four use cases of ML improving workplace safety.

Factories of the future - What will manufacturing facilities look like in 2044

The landscape of manufacturing is set to evolve dramatically over the next two decades, as cutting-edge technologies redefine the way we produce goods. To envision what the future may look like, we do not need to rely solely on idle speculation.

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NPE2024: innovation and services at the heart of Bausano's Total Solution, announcing the opening of a new office

On the occasion of NPE2024, Bausano is going to to share with Industry Operators the consolidated expertise of its Team and its Total Solution, consisting of advanced extrusion technologies and services. Specifically, innovation takes center stage, at stand W929D in the West Hall Building, where the spotlight will be on Bausano's next-generation MD 92 Nextmover twin-screw, equipped with the Multidrive system and Digital Extruder Control 4.0.

SME, Women in Manufacturing Expand Partnership & Co-Host Women of SMART Experience June 4

The expansion of the partnership, which began in 2021, includes continued collaboration in the operation of two Virtual Career Fairs annually resulting in more than 900 registrants to date.

Warren Controls Announces Brooks Matelan as a Senior Application Engineer

Brooks Matelan

Arnold Magnetic Technologies Highlights Molypermalloy Precision Thin Metals for Industrial Applications

Nickel Irons and soft magnetics ideal for RFI and EMI shielding and other applications

CRP Technology Showcases Cutting-Edge 3D printed Solutions for Drones and Aerospace at AERO 2024

CRP Technology will be exhibiting for the first time at AERO, Messe Friedrichshafen, 17 - 20 April. The Italy-based 3D printing service provider will be at booth B 1 - 503 presenting the latest advancements in drone and aerospace technology with 3D printed flight- and space-proof applications, structures, and components made from the company's renowned range of Carbon or Glass fiber reinforced, thermoplastic composites Windform.

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The BigRep PRO is a 1 m³ powerhouse 3D printer, built to take you from prototyping to production. It provides a highly scalable solution to manufacture end-use parts, factory tooling or more with high-performance, engineering-grade materials. Compared with other manufacturing and FFF printing solutions, the PRO can produce full-scale, accurate parts faster and at lower production costs.

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With four production facilities in the Midwest, on both coasts, and in the South, NORD is prepared to serve you with some of the shortest lead times in the industry. We house extensive component inventory, allowing us to assemble and ship 25% of all standard product orders same or next day!