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Stacker Cranes for Warehouse Management Systems

Communication between the floor operation and the management system in the warehouse is crucial and downtime prevention is critical. Cabling systems have to factor in physical cable limitations such as bends or cable trays that could eventually lead to damaged wiring.

When Should You Combine 3D Printing and CNC Machining?

3D printing has transformed the world of prototyping, assembly and manufacturing in unprecedented ways. Besides, injection moulding and CNC machining are the basis for most designs that reach the production stage.

How Being Bold Brings Smart Automation Solutions

The most successful companies set themselves apart from the pack with their fearless approach to challenging the status quo, their ability to execute their strategy, and their drive to return shareholder value.

The One Thing Manufacturers Need to Change to Make Meetings Meaningful in 2021

Leaders must have the planning, stakeholder analysis, coordination, and facilitation skills to guide a diverse group of stakeholders through a problem. This often requires a series of meetings with diverse stakeholders.

A Rare American Builder of Large Machine Tools With ‘Strong Bones’ Adds a Superior Control to Bring New Benefits to Many

With the need for high quality contour surface milling on the rise in manufacturing, one of the rare large machine tool builders based in the U.S. has now met that challenge and is making an impact in those industries that need it most.

The Next Challenge for Predictive Maintenance: Evolving Your Team’s Skill Set

When advanced manufacturing technology handles diagnostic work, you can free up technicians’ time to focus on undertakings with a greater impact on the business at large.

Manufacturing in 2021: Creativity. Empowerment. Growth

As organizations learn from last year and prepare to capitalize on increased opportunity in the new year and beyond, Edwin Bosso, Founder and CEO of Myrtle Consulting Group, now part of Accenture, shares his reflections and advice.

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ExOne Developing Portable 3D Printing Factory in Shipping Container for Department of Defense

ExOne has been awarded a U.S. Department of Defense contract to develop a fully operational, self-contained 3D printing “factory” housed in a shipping container. Now under development.

Promoting Sustainability in Plastic Manufacturing

In light of that negative reputation, the plastic manufacturing industry needs to initiate changes to make the entire sector — as well as the product itself — more sustainable. What can we do to promote sustainability in plastic manufacturing?

Why CNC Machining and AI Make a Perfect Match

What’s next for the world of CNC operators? An increasing move to incorporate artificial intelligence, or AI, into operations. Over the next several years, CNC machining could see something of a revolution that includes machines that respond to Alexa-like voice commands.

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TESCAN Announces Seminar on Additive Manufacturing Applications Using Micro-Computed Tomography

Seminar will cover the basics of micro-CT, provide examples of imaging 3D printed samples, and discuss the future of micro- and dynamic-CT.

Brown Machine Group Acquires GN Thermoforming Equipment

Acquisition expands company's thermoforming product offering and market access

binder USA Introduces M16 Connectors with High Pin Counts for 5G Networks

The latest M16 connectors from Binder USA, LP, are designed to meet the data speeds, high frequencies, and tight space requirements for 5G wireless networks. Binder's M16 connectors can now accommodate up to 24 contacts and transmit data at speeds up to 10Gbit/s. The connectors are compact at 18.5 mm in diameter and 60 mm in length, with special short and right-angled versions available with a height of just 37 mm. The connectors are compliant with AISG C485 standards, providing international protection for selected outdoor installations.

KOGKOGANEI Introduces Compact Media Isolation Rocker Valves for Medical and Life Science Applications

KOGANEI International America, Inc., has expanded its line of Media Isolation Valves with the PVR20 Series. The new compact valves isolate aggressive gas and liquid media typically found in life science and medical analytics applications. Streamlined passages minimize internal volume to less than 60 microliters by using rocker type valve. Other features include: • Large flow rate for medical analysis • Metal-free wetted area for improved corrosion resistance • Power-saving circuit (standard) for energy efficiency • Long service life reaches up to 10 million cycles • Orifice diameter: 2 mm • Operating pressure: 0.3 MPa

How to choose a comprehensive simulation and offline programming software for your automation

Listing: The best questions to find the perfect automation software solution for your shopfloor

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HEIDENHAIN - Linear Encoders for Length Measurement

HEIDENHAIN - Linear Encoders for Length Measurement

Nothing beats the positioning accuracy of linear encoders from HEIDENHAIN. Available in absolute and incremental versions and ideal for a variety of applications-including machine tools, semiconductor machines and medical machines-these measuring solutions combat a variety of issues that erode precision.

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