GSSI Showcases GPR Technology at Con Expo 2023

Geophysical Survey Systems, Inc (GSSI), the world's leading manufacturer of ground penetrating radar (GPR) equipment, will be showcasing its GPR equipment at Con Expo, March 14-18, 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

GSSI Highlights PaveScan® RDM 2.0 - Non-Destructive Asphalt Density Assessment Tool Ideal for Uncovering Inconsistencies During Paving Process

GSSI, the world's leading manufacturer of ground penetrating radar (GPR) equipment, highlights their PaveScan RDM 2.0.

Pfannenberg Highlights INTENSE BR50 Series Stacklight™ Line of Signaling Devices to Increase Levels of Ambient Light

Improves safety and productivity by providing more visible indication of status

HiveMQ Announces Sparkplug 3.0 Compatibility for Enterprise MQTT Platform

The HiveMQ MQTT platform has been certified as fully Sparkplug Compliant and Aware to support Industry 4.0 initiatives

Softing Inc. Connects Rockwell PLCs to PostgreSQL Databases

Softing just extended tManager™ connectivity for Rockwell PLCs by adding a connector to PostgreSQL databases for easy, secure and robust production monitoring, recipe downloading, high-speed sorting and industrial analytics at scale.

SCHURTER Advanced Through-hole Technology for Complete Automated PCB Assembly

Electrical and electronic components come in a wide variety of sizes and mounting technologies. The classic is the through hole technology (THT), its modern counterpart is the surface-mounting technology (SMT)

Formic Launches First-Ever Hot-Swap No-Risk Robot Solution To Drive Manufacturing Automation

Removes additional risks associated with adopting automation by allowing factories to swap pay-by-the-hour robotic systems to meet shifting operational needs, with no replacement costs

Award-Winning Florida Startup Takes 3D Printing to the Next Level

A new 3D-printing firm called Novineer, which launched at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Florida, is promising faster, more environmentally friendly production of aircraft and rocket parts, as well as biomedical implants and other products, through a game-changing design-and-simulation software.

Nanomaterial News Update: Alfa Chemistry Upgrades Its Nanoprism Product Line

Since the launch of a series of nanoprisms a few months ago, Alfa Chemistry has been undertaking to upgrade this product line. This move is purposed to extend its offering range to silver nanoprisms, gold nanoprisms, copper nanoprisms and TiO2 nanoprisms, for customers across the globe.

Bally Ribbon Mills Offers Industrial Fabrics Ideal for Engineered Rubber Applications

Specialty fibers used for cure wrap, structural reinforcement, and stress/strain measurement

Desktop Metal Installations of Additive Manufacturing Systems for Metal Parts Now Surpass 1,100 Units Worldwide

-Fast growing adoption of binder jet technology showcases the material flexibility and mass production capability of high-speed, area-wide 3D printing technology -Desktop Metal will host an open house on Jan. 25 to showcase the fastest binder jet metal 3D printing technology on the Production System™ P-50 -Thirty metal alloys are now available on Desktop Metal turnkey and production printing systems, from stainless steels and tool steels, to precious and reactive metals, such as aluminum and titanium

Tecsys Partners with SVT Robotics to Deliver Out-of-the-Box Warehouse Management and Robotics Integration

Supply chain software firm's Elite™ platform to add plug-and-play automation connectivity into core product, enabling seamless warehouse automation and rapid robotics integration.

3D HoloGroup Incorporates I-SAID™ Technology

3D HoloGroup Incorporates I-SAID™ Technology 3D HoloGroup, the augmented reality (AR) software architecture and systems integration company, has moved ahead and incorporated I-SAID™, an "Interactional Sight Activated Interface Device" technology, for use in the CommunicatAR product.

Texwrap Demonstrating its E-Commerce Packaging Solutions in Booth S3803c at ProMat 2023

Designed for high-volume environments, EPS-2011 Series e-commerce packaging system handles up to 40 packages per minute

AUO Recognized with ROI-EFESO INDUSTRIE 4.0 AWARD for Production Line Improvement through AI

By harnessing AIoT technology for production line changeover automation and digital twin management systems, AUO became the first corporation in Taiwan and the first display manufacturing corporation worldwide to receive the ROI-EFESO INDUSTRIE 4.0 AWARD.

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ResinDek® Panels, The Flooring Solution for Mezzanines

ResinDek® Panels, The Flooring Solution for Mezzanines

ResinDek flooring panels are designed for elevated platforms such as mezzanines, pick modules, and work platforms. They have the proven structural integrity to support dynamic and static rolling limits from 2,000 to 8,000 lbs. ResinDek flooring panels are available in a multitude of options that are customized for load capacities, required finish type, volume and type of traffic including heavy rolling pallet jack loads and robotic traffic with AGVs and AMRs.