Omron showcases latest machine vision technology at the A3 Vision Show

Omron's comprehensive machine vision portfolio includes industrial cameras, vision systems, and PC-based cameras that are scalable across software platforms. Engineers, business leaders, and buyers in the industrial automation space will learn about the latest technology available - including vision systems with AI - and how it improves the quality of high-speed, high-resolution inspection on fast-moving production lines.

ASE Unveils Plans for the World's First 5G mmWave NR-DC SA Smart Factory

The collaboration will focus on enabling the digital transformation of factory processes that are highly secured and highly reliable through facilitating 5G wireless infrastructure integration, smart heterogeneous equipment integration and OT security system integration.

Comau Selected To Build Battery Module Production Lines For Automotive Cells Company (ACC)

-Comau has designed and developed a flexible manufacturing system to produce next-generation 8 and 16-cell battery modules -The innovative and automated solution reduces production costs while allowing ACC to produce up to 8 Gigawatt hours annually by 2024


"Data really enables our people," says Scott Kirchner, President of Panasonic Automotive. "If people can see how their piece of the business or another area they are related to is working, they can have more innovation and accountability as to how they can impact operations. It is empowering."

Semtech's LoRa Connect™ Enhances CWD Limited's Dual Combo Module Connecting IoT Devices to the Cloud

New module now supports and provides global LoRaWAN® network coverage ideal for asset tracking applications in hazardous work environments

3D Laser Scanning for 2D Applications for the Liquid Storage Petrochemical Industry

Think of a liquid fuel/petrochemical storage facility as a living, breathing entity. And the P&ID is the roadmap for how its innards function and how these disparate physical parts work and fit together.

Bosch Rexroth Announces Expansion in Factory Automation Capabilities for North American Customer Base

Increased demand for factory automation solutions prompts company to relocate within Charlotte to new, build-to-suit property.

Manufacturing in the Time of AI - What to Expect With Data-centric AI Inspection

A recent exchange between leaders from FPT Corporation, FPT Software, Landing AI and Schaeffler explored the potential of applying artificial intelligence (AI) in various methods of inspection and defect detection, within the manufacturing industry.

Epicor Acquires MES Provider eFlex Systems, Expanding Industry 4.0 Capabilities to Modernize Manufacturing Production Processes

The acquisition expands the Epicor portfolio of Advanced MES capabilities to help manufacturers increase productivity by modernizing their production environments through digital work instructions, advanced process control, and real-time visibility. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Electronic Chip Shortage Solution: Look to the Independent Channel

Independent distribution channels offer quality and decades of experience, providing manufacturers of automotives the electronic chips they need to keep production running

PAC Machinery Launches New Improved Website Uniting Companies and Brands for the First Time

The new site features a more streamlined, modern design, improved functionality, a more robust content and media platform and a focus on customer applications and industries among the features.

Accenture Collaborates with Mars to Develop "Factory of the Future" Using AI, Cloud, Edge and Digital Twins

Accenture is working with Mars, the global leader in confectionary, food, and pet care products and services, to transform and modernize its global manufacturing operations with artificial intelligence (AI), cloud, edge technology and digital twins.

binder USA Introduces Biocompatible ELC Cable Connectors for Medical Devices

binder USA presents the Series 570 Easy Locking Connector (ELC), designed to meet the specific electromechanical connectivity requirements for use in medical devices. Biocompatible, non-irritating to skin, and resistant to disinfectants, this connector is ideal for usage in the patient environment. The ELC consists of two assemblies that automatically snap into place. An asymmetric hexagon shape in the mating area aligns the plug to the socket to prevent mismating, while snap-in hooks ensure effective locking. The locked parts can only be separated with a special detachment tool, preventing unintended disconnection by the user. In addition to being shock proof and vibration resistant, binder's ELC protects to IP54 against dust, splashing water, and accidental electrical contact, making it suitable for hygienically-sensitive environments.

Going Beyond the Basics to Ensure Quality

Product quality is a critically important consideration when purchasing electro-mechanical components, such as electric gearmotors. But what does quality mean and how do you evaluate it as a customer?

MVTec is setting new standards in machine vision with HALCON 22.11

• Synergy of classic machine vision and deep learning reaches a new level • New feature allows bin picking of unknown objects • To be released on November 22, 2022

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CIMON-XPANEL - Industrial Operating Touch Panel

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