NK Technologies Releases 2021 Product Catalog (High Performance Sensing Products for Automation Applications )

- NK Technologies issued its 2021 product catalog, featuring performance data, sizes, specifications, and technical references for the company's extensive portfolio of current sensing switches, transducers, transformers, and ground fault protection products for industrial and factory automation equipment. Catalog highlights include: • NEW Free Test & Evaluation Program: OEMs that use switches and transducers on their equipment can now expedite the evaluation process with a free test & evaluation unit from NK Technologies. • NEW AGV Ground Fault Relay for Variable Speed Driven Loads: The AGV series monitors all current-carrying conductors in grounded single- and three-phase delta or wye circuits. This AGV also has the unique ability to detect faults to earth on the load side of VFD, overcoming the challenge of the carrier or switching frequency of the drive. Available with a broad range of options.

Machine vision: MVTec further improves user experience with HALCON 21.05

• New and optimized features for even more robust machine vision • Short release cycles make for fast implementation of customer feedback • To be released on May 21, 2021

The Three Pillars of Industrial Digital Platforms

In an increasingly digitalized world, innovative manufacturers are moving away from selling products and services towards selling advanced platform services such as fleet management services or autonomous solutions. To develop advanced platform services, manufacturers are required to develop an industrial digital platform. However, many manufacturers are struggling to develop their digital platforms. Indeed, despite all the media hype, digital platforms did not experience wide adoption in the B2B context. A recent study explored four world-leading construction equipment manufacturers that developed highly advanced industrial digital platforms. The research shows the three-step model to develop an effective industrial digital platform, focusing on platform architecture, platform services, and platform governance.

CNC Machining: Versatile, Flexible Honing Tool Used for Cross Hole Deburring and All Around the Shop

In the past decade, the machine shop has relied on a flexible, honing tool for a wide range of automated CNC machining applications such as cross hole deburring, cylindrical honing, surface finishing, edge-blending and cleaning.

NORD: A Strong, Reliable Partner for Industries Worldwide

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS doesn't let challenges slow their customers down. With project experience in over 100 global industries, and nearly 20,000,000 standard product configurations, NORD keeps the world moving with its reliable, versatile drive systems.

Softing Issues an Invitation to the Virtual "Softing Automotive Convention"

Following a successful digital event premiere last fall, Softing is issuing an invitation for a second virtual event, the "Softing Automotive Convention" on May 5 and 6, 2021.

Sopheon Bridges Gaps Between Digital and Physical Product Development with Launch of Accolade for Smart Products

Industry's First Innovation Solution Creates Comprehensive Process That Streamlines Costs, Enforces Governance Procedures and Accelerates Time-to-Market

AttaBox Enclosures Helps Solve Wastewater Industry Challenge With Reliable Protection For Customized Bubbler System

GES Bubbler System demands that sensitive control instrumentation is reliably protected from damage by moisture, corrosion, chemicals, impact, and other potentially degrading factors present in wide-ranging aggressive environments.

TDM Systems provides digital power for small manufacturers

TDM Systems launches TDM Cloud Essentials - developed especially for small companies

The Benefits Of Factory And Manufacturing Automation For Today's Industry

In this article, we are giving you a complete guide through factory and manufacturing automation. Continue reading to find out more about the nature of both of these groundbreaking processes that have changed the industry approach toward production forever.

Replique revolutionizes the aftermarket with decentralized on-demand manufacturing

• The secure end-to-end solution enables original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to move to on-demand 3D printing of spare parts. • Using the digital inventory platform of Replique, OEMs save costs, gain flexibility, and achieve top line growth with new revenue streams. • The unique service model draws on the expertise of BASF in 3D printing technologies, material and digitalization.

What is the matter with noise of the automatic locking screw machine?

As the leading automated assembly line manufacturer from China, we offers automatic screw feeder machine, automatic screw driving machine, automatic screw fastening machine, automatic screw tightening machine, automatic screw feeding systems, assembly automation screw feeders and more at factory price.For more about automatic screw locking machine,you can pay a visit at https://www.calvindude.com/

Delivery Drones and Robots: The Future of Security and Surveillance for Organizations?

Increased investment in development of advanced robotic systems, expansion of e-commerce industry, growing commercialization of delivery drones and robots are the key attributes contributing towards the growth of the global delivery drones and robots market. With advancement in technology, the logistics & transportation industry has evolved significantly during past few decades.

Automation Alley's Project DIAMOnD announces milestone distribution of 300 3D printers; CARES ACT-backed effort moves forward with plan to create nation's largest 3D printer network

Project DIAMOnD was established in October 2020 through CARES ACT funding grants of $10 million from Oakland County and $2 million from Macomb County, given to Automation Alley in June 2020 to accelerate digital transformation among Michigan manufacturers and strengthen supply chains for developing PPE during the pandemic.

AMI-Led Team Selected by the DOE as a CESMII Smart Manufacturing Innovation Project Awardee

AMI Project Team Receives Award to Create Solutions to Accelerate the Adoption of Smart Manufacturing Practices

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Advanced Control Systems - Cloud-Hosted SCADA - Stand-Alone SCADA Units with LTE

Advanced Control Systems - Cloud-Hosted SCADA - Stand-Alone SCADA Units with LTE

SCADA Edge Connection Devices. Monitor and control your remote assets from anywhere. Simple and self-contained units. Cellular telemetry with the best service plans in the industry. Welcome to the future of SCADA Edge Connection.