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PI USA (Physik Instrumente)

PI USA (Physik Instrumente)

PI is a privately held company that designs and manufactures world-class precision motion and automation systems including air bearings, hexapods and piezo drives at locations in North America, Europe, and Asia. The company was founded 5 decades ago and today employs more than 1300 people worldwide. PI's customers are leaders in high-tech industries and research institutes in fields such as photonics, life-sciences, semiconductors and aerospace.

Mailing Address:
16 Albert Street
Auburn, MA 01501
United States of America

Tel: 508-832-3456



Company Category: Supply Chain

Company Sector: Manufacturing

Keywords: Nano-precision motion systems, air bearings, hexapods, piezo

Partner Status: Marketing Partner


PI USA - New Hexapod Applications

PI USA - New Hexapod Applications

Addressing all six degrees of freedom means that hexapods can provide linear motion in X, Y, Z as well as rotary motion in Theta-X, -Y, -Z (pitch, yaw, roll) a very useful feature for precision alignment and positioning in optics, photonics, aerospace engineering, automation, and life sciences applications.


High Precision Linear Motor Stages for Industrial Automation

Precision industrial motion systems are used in test, assembly or laser micro-machining of high precision and high value components and in electronics, optics, and photonics manufacturing, to name a few.

White Papers


Starting at wafer level, every silicon photonic chip needs to be tested. PI's Fast Multichannel Photonic Alignment (FMPA) controller algorithms were the breakthrough necessary for prober-industry leaders like FormFactor and MPI to deliver tools for fast and economical characterization and validation. For Silicon Photonics (SiPh) test and assembly applications such as wafer probing, alignment time is the primary cost driver. This is true for both engineering probers and even more so for production probers, where uptime and throughput are especially critical. With their advanced autonomous alignment functionality and fab-qualified mechanics, PI photonics alignment subsystems meet the demanding needs of the industry. Hence, they provide unmatched throughput and accuracy not restricted to silicon photonics probing, but including any type of precision optical alignment.

Press Releases

New Optical Delay Line Stage Series, Based on Air Bearings, Released by PI

Lower pitch/yaw angular errors and the near-perfect straightness and flatness performance of air bearings deliver precise measured results, surpassing mechanical linear stages.

Introduced at Photonics West: Breakthrough Technology Improves Photonic Coupling Acquisition Speed by One Order of Magnitude and More

New PI Photonics Alignment Solution a Game Changer for SiPh Production

Presenting the World's Fastest Photonics Alignment Systems for SiPh Chips at Photonics West

Experience high-speed alignment engines, a new way to improve laser micro-hole drilling, air bearing-based wafer stages, high-resolution focusing devices, and microscope stages at BIOS/Photonics West in San Francisco, Booths 8517 / 3517, January 27 - February 1, 2024.

Hexapod Production: PI Substantially Increases Production Capacities for High Precision Hexapod Stewart Platforms

Significantly reducing lead time and increasing potential output by more than 100% are results of PI's new initiative.

PI Establishes Innovation Hub to Strengthen Collaboration with Technical Research Institutes

This new R&D initiative will be expanded to office/laboratory clusters in the US and Asia.

New Multi-Axis Alignment System for Silicon Photonics Automation Applications, from PI

Achieve first light search and alignment up to 100X times faster.

New Direct-Drive Rotation Stages for Ultra-High Precision Industrial Applications

A versatile, multi-orientation mounting and operational rotary stage family from PI.

Laser Drilling: Achieving Fast and Precise Laser Beam Focus and Dynamic Workpiece Positioning Using a Unified Controller Approach

New whitepaper from PI explains how it's done.

New Hexapod Applications for Precision Motion Control, from PI

How to use hexapod positioning systems for 6-DOF precision motion control in optics, photonics, aerospace engineering, automation, and life sciences.

XY and XYZ Microscope Stages for High-Resolution Image Scanning and Super-Resolution Microscopy Boast Nanometer Precision

New Higher Performance, affordable nanopositioning scanning stage family is available in 6 different variants optimized for travel range, speed, linearity, and stability.


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