GoProto introduces 3DElastoPrint, a 3D printing parts service featuring elastomeric TPA (Thermoplastic Polyamide), enabling the production of rubber-like parts unachievable by traditional manufacturing methods

Evonik and HP's just released TPA material is flexible and lightweight, distinguished by its very low density of 1.01 g/cm³ and a Shore A hardness of 90. This high-performance material is excellently suited for prototypes as well as end-used products that call for high extensibility and energy return, such as sports equipment, automobile components, and end-of-arm tooling.

HP Advances Automation for Additive Manufacturing, Showcases New Platform Capabilities

Breakthroughs in Automation, Software, and Data Help Accelerate Journey to Digital Manufacturing

Dyndrite and HP Announce the First 'Powered By Dyndrite' Application for Digital Manufacturing

- HP's Universal Build Manager Powered by Dyndrite is First Commercial Application Built on Dyndrite's Core Accelerated Geometry Engine - Solution Delivers Unprecedented Speed and Performance for Additive Manufacturing - Empowers Additive Machine and Software Developers, and Enterprise Users Developing Next Generation Applications - Brings scalability and automation to AM

Is Recycling the New Manufacturing? How Companies Who Take a Green, Circular Approach are Saving Money and the Environment

Impacts of this waste are widely understood, with rotting items contributing to greenhouse gas emissions, general pollution, and microplastics littering our waterways and infiltrating the food chain. What many don't seem to understand, however, is the economic impact of waste.


Advancements in manufacturing processes and metrology sensors along with the continuing demand from industry to create innovative technologies and products is driving a greater need for motion systems that are both highly accurate and repeatable at the nanometer level.

Nexa3D Showcases Its Expanding Range of Ultrafast Polymer Production Solutions at Formnext Connect

The company invites participants to visit its virtual booth at Formnext Connect, where it plans to display its ultrafast 3D printers: the photoplastic NXE400 and thermoplastic QLS350, and its new xCure system. Get your free pass here and once on site, click the Interested button on Nexa3D's profile page or any Nexa3D product to get in touch.

Overcoming instrumentation battery challenges

Rob Brown, marketing executive at professional battery manufacturer Accutronics, explains the role batteries play in achieving reliable instrumentation - and the challenges design engineers should consider.

binder USA Introduces NCC Subminiature Connectors: High Protection for Applications with Limited Space

Binder USA, LP, introduces the Series 670 NCC (Not Connected Closed) Subminiature Connectors, designed to offer high protection levels with a compact profile for applications where space is at a premium. These 5-pin subminiature connectors feature a bayonet closure and a cable bushing from 3.5 to 5.0mm. The new connectors meet a growing market demand for durable and reliable circular connectors in applications such as lighting and test and measurement instrumentation. binder's NCC connectors are ideal for applications that require frequent mating and de-mating as they offer continuous protection. When disconnected, a spring cover protects contacts against water, dirt, and penetration by foreign objects to IP54. When connected, the level of protection increases to IP67. The Series 670 NCC also offers high resistance to shock and vibration, as well as heat and cold with an operating temperature range from -13°F to +185°F.

Warren Controls Announces New 436 Seawater Pressure Regulator to Deliver High Performance and Simplified Maintenance

Warren Controls announces its 436 Seawater Pressure Regulator delivers the highest performance with the simplest maintenance of any comparable regulator on the market. With standard outlet pressure options that range from 5-100 PSIG and customizability that extends on both sides of that range, the 436 Seawater Pressure Regulator is suitable for a wide range of marine applications including desalination, cooling, flushing, and more.

GSSI Updates to StructureScan™ Mini XT GPR Kit and Palm XT Antenna

GSSI announces announces new updates to the StructureScan™ Mini XT all-in-one GPR concrete inspection system, including a software update and a newly designed survey wheel for the Palm XT Antenna.

KINGSTAR Announces 4.0 Release Available October 26, 2020

KINGSTAR announces general availability of KINGSTAR 4.0

Rockwell Automation Introduces Next Generation Edge Gateway to Accelerate IT/OT Convergence

FactoryTalk® Edge Gateway™ accelerates edge to cloud digital transformation and unlocks higher value business insights at enterprise level

Essentium Inks Multi-Year Contract with U.S. Air Force to Accelerate Deployment of Additive Manufacturing

New materials and manufacturing processes will protect and advance U.S. Air Force's competitive and strategic capabilities

Baltimore Aircoil Company Announces HXV Hybrid Cooler

Baltimore, MD - Baltimore Aircoil Company (BAC) is proud to introduce the HXV Hybrid Cooler, which offers the best of both evaporative and dry cooling in a water saving and energy-efficient solution.

PROFINET and PROFIBUS Cables Upgraded to PLTC-ER Rated

The original PLTC certification allowed the products to extend outside of the cable tray 6 ft (1.8 m). With the upgraded PLTC-ER certification, these products can extend up to 50 ft (15 m) outside of the cable tray without additional protection e.g. conduit, armoring, etc.

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