Upwing Energy Announces Cutting-Edge Additive Manufacturing Process for SCS Compressor Module

Upwing Energy, a gas tech innovator and service company, today announced the successful integration of metal additive manufacturing (AM) to its manufacturing process, consistent with the company's commitment to embracing cutting-edge technology.

More Performance, Less Space, Better Price: discover how Delta Line completely redesigned its range of Integrated Motors and Why

The outcome of this journey is a fresh lineup of high-performing BLDC, Servo, and Stepper Motors equipped with Integrated Motion Control. These motors are designed to compete with the best options in the market, offering better features, performance, and pricing.

Expanding US-based Additive Manufacturing Services

Fictiv's robust digital supply chain infrastructure is growing every day. We have a highly vetted network of US-based additive manufacturing partners like Jabil Additive that enable customers to get the highest quality 3D printed parts delivered quickly

1X8 mechanical optical switch

XH-OSW-1×8 mechanical optical switch is a kind of light path control equipment,Can realize multi-channel fiber optic light path switching,In optical fiber transmission system, it is used for multi-channel fiber monitoring, multi light source/ detector selection, and optical fiber path protection etc. Besides, it is also used in optical fiber test system for optical fiber and its component test, outdoor cable test and multi-spot optical sensors monitoring system.

AMADA WELD TECH Announces SIGMA® LS Laser Micromachining Subsystem

Femtosecond laser-integrated module designed for processing versatility

HLS Engineering Group Partners with Realtime Robotics to Quickly Optimize Manufacturing Processes and Reduce Cycle Times

Partnership Teams Realtime's Innovative Optimization-as-a-Service Solution with HLS' Expertise in Mechanical Engineering and Automation

RS Group Announces Ambitious Carbon Reduction Targets Towards Net Zero

Four near-term RS climate reduction targets covering its most important emissions areas - operations, logistics, products, and suppliers - have been validated by the Science-Based Targets initiative (SBTi).


Dimensionics Density reported a surge in interest and engagement with its innovative automated density determination technology at Formnext 2023, reinforcing the trend in the additive manufacturing (AM) sector towards cost-effective, reliable, and automated technologies appropriate for volume production applications.

Preeminent Additive Manufacturing Event, RAPID + TCT, Returns to West Coast in 2024

Innovative AM Industry Growing at a Rate of 21% through 2027

How to Fix Servo Motor Encoder Error of an Auto Machine?

Encoder signal loss: This can be brought on by a malfunctioning encoder, a damaged cable, or a bad cable connection. Replacing damaged cables, inspecting and re-connecting cables, and changing the encoder are some solutions.

NRI Industrial Sales Sets the Stage for an Online Auction Featuring Motors from Major Pulp & Paper Facility

More than 200 lots of motors compliant with Canadian standards are offered for auction through the online global platform

binder USA Introduces M12 K- and L-Coded Overmolded Cable Components to Meet UL 2238 Standards for North America

binder USA expanded its 823/824 product series with K- and L-coded overmolded cable components that meet the UL 2238 standard for North America. The transmission of electrical power via compact M12 interfaces has become a fundamental requirement. The new components provide reliable power transmission to field devices, such as sensors, wireless transmitters, and Fieldbus devices. They also offer a compact alternative to 7/8-inch power connections used in industrial automation. The K- coding indicates 5-pin connectors for AC supply of drives and frequency converters. The L-coding indicates 5-pin connectors for DC miniature drives, decentralized I/O modules, and Fieldbus systems. Gold-plated contacts guarantee reliable current transmission, while fully-overmolded connectors ensure IP68-level interface protection. The M12x1.0 thread is equipped with an anti-vibration lock.

NETZSCH Highlights Complex Fluid Pumping Solutions for Lithium Battery Manufacturing at the Advanced Automotive Battery Conference

Pulsation-free progressing cavity pump featuring high precision metering and corrosion resistance

EXAIR's New Non-Marring Nozzle Provides Precise Blowoff While Protecting Expensive Equipment

When working with surfaces and equipment that are sensitive to scuffing or abrasion, it's important to employ tools that ensure protection from what could be costly downtime and repairs. EXAIR's new PEEK 1/2 NPT Super Air Nozzle™ has been engineered to produce powerful blowoff without damage to expensive equipment. A PEEK plastic construction provides non-marring protection to production items and excellent resistance to damage from harsh chemicals and temperatures up to 320°F (160°C). The PEEK Super Air Nozzle is great for blowoff, cooling, and drying applications located in general industrial or corrosive environments.

Ultimation Industries Shares Five Industry Trends Shaping Material Handling in 2024

Economy and labor shortages are among the factors driving the need for more productivity and efficiency

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Ever since the invention of our "cold" MAG welding process Cold Metal Transfer (CMT), if not earlier, we have continuously achieved a technological edge in many welding-related areas, resulting in cutting-edge mechanized and automated welding systems. Advanced power source technology stabilizes the arc and ensures perfect welding results. Modern monitoring sensors optimize guidance of the welding torch and compensate for component tolerances. Last but not least, smart data documentation systems assist in perfecting the welding process. Collaborative systems, smart sensor technology, software solutions for data management, and offline programming including welding simulation open up profitable welding opportunities for metal processing companies starting with a single batch. That is why our robotic welding cells prove profitable not only for large companies, but also for small and medium-sized enterprises.