Fairbanks announces the new Roller Conveyor Scale, designed to capture static weighments of products as they manually move down a conveyor line. Incorporating the Roller Conveyor Scale into a new or existing conveyor system helps material handlers, manufacturers, and distribution centers economically speed production and increase operational efficiencies.

Warren Controls Introduces Its ILEA 2800E Valve Series

The 2800E Valve Series is ideally suited where value and long life are important objectives for applications including but not limited to the chemical, district energy, food and beverage, general service, refining, and pharmaceutical industries.

Eyelit's Integrated Manufacturing System (MES) Selected and Deployed by WD Lab Grown Diamonds

Flexible software supports multiple manufacturing segments and company growth

Rockwell Automation Unleashes New Possibilities for Industrial Companies with LifecycleIQ™ Services

Expanded professional services portfolio combines knowledge and technology to build long-term partnerships and address needs across the industrial value chain

Desktop Metal Begins Global Shipments of Shop System for Mid-Volume Metal 3D Printing Manufacturing

-Desktop Metal's binder jetting system, designed to enable affordable, batch production of high-quality metal parts, is now being installed throughout North America, EMEA and APAC. -The announcement follows Desktop Metal's recent signing of a definitive business combination agreement with Trine Acquisition Corp. (NYSE: TRNE) to accelerate its go-to-market efforts and drive advanced R&D.

Making Industry Resilient

As many strategize how to move forward in 2021, remote operations capacity is one area that is emerging as critical for manufacturers to achieve operational continuity during what could continue to be a uniquely disruptive time.

Kistler unveils optimized digital charge amplifier

Separate energy paths and improved startup create new possibilities

Driving the IIoT Revolution-Challenges, Benefits and Simple Next Steps

In the age of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), plants, products, and systems are becoming increasingly networked. The intelligent combination of IT and OT in industrial environments forms the basis for transparent and efficient processes and reduced production costs, making it possible to tap into completely new business segments.

The SMAC Optical Encoder Story

The evolution of SMAC's Encoders.

Litmus Partners with Industrial-IoT Solutions to Distribute Industrial Edge Computing Platform in Brazil

I-IoT Solutions to Distribute Litmus Software and Provide Portuguese Language Support


and a 3D Model is worth a thousand pictures! Nanofabrica releases details of industrial parts produced on its Tera 250 micro additive manufacturing (AM) system

Exhibitor Initiative Drives PACK EXPO Connects Achievement

The experience continues online through March 31, 2021

John Deere Wins FCC CBRS Auction to Deploy 5G in Manufacturing Facilities

Advanced connectivity enables Deere to fully embrace the IoT and revolutionize productivity in factory settings

Manufacturing Breakthrough Creates Path towards Eliminating Waste in 3D Printing

Bluesint PA12 Makes it Possible to 3D Print With up to 100% Re-Used Powder

Octonion Releases Expansion Package Dedicated to AI-Based Industrial Condition Monitoring on STMicroelectronics STM32 MCUs

The solution enables industrial-equipment vendors to quickly evaluate Octonion's embedded AI models, running on-device learning directly on STM32 MCUs

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Emulate3D Engineering Software Creates Your Advantage

Emulate3D Engineering Software Creates Your Advantage

Emulate3D software helps you model and test your AMHS solutions rapidly. Use Demo3D to create running models quickly, then generate videos, stills, or view the models in virtual reality at the click of a button. Sim3D enables you to carry out experimental test runs to select optimal solutions and the most robust operating strategy, and Emulate3D Controls Testing is the best way to debug your PLCs offline, and off the project's critical path. Connect to major PLCs, import CAD, and plug into HTC Vive and Oculus Rift to produce awesome models!