Omron Automation Americas wins 2021 Circuits Assembly NPI award for advanced 3D SPI solution

Circuits Assembly Online Magazine honors Omron Automation Americas for its outstanding contribution to test and inspection technology with the powerful VP9000 3D SPI system

How to harness the power of data through IoT solutions for manufacturing

IoT solutions have been helping manufacturers for years to streamline operations, cut costs and gain otherwise unfounded insights, and their importance is emphasized now more than ever as factories, plants and warehouses adjust to operating under new guidelines.

CRP USA speaker at AMUG 2021 with successful use of AM in Motorsports

CRP USA will be attending in-person event AMUG 2021 (2 - 6 May, Hilton hotel, Orlando, FL) as speaker. Stewart Davis, Director of Operations for CRP USA on May 6 at 3 PM will be discussing the latest, cutting-edge, end use 3D printed parts manufactured for Automotive and Motorsports sectors using Windform high performance composite materials and Laser Polymer Melting technology.

Ultra Motion - New CAN Protocol For Servo Cylinder

Ultra Motion has released a new general-purpose CAN protocol for the Servo Cylinder that allows for easy and reliable control with commercial autopilots, custom microcontroller implementations, Python test setups, and more.


Cintec helpes complete restoration of the Port of Quebec

Jabmo Releases the CMO's Guide to Account-Based Marketing

The white paper intends to help B2B marketers in the global manufacturing and life sciences industries grow key account engagement and revenue with a whole new approach to marketing.

PI (Physik Instrumente) Continues Expansion in Asia-Pacific Region

To satisfy the growing need for PI's high precision and high performance motion control solutions in Asia, PI invests in a new R&D and Manufacturing center in Changzhou, to specifically focus on the local demands in the APAC region. The new factory offers solutions for high performance automation applications, ranging from standard single-axis linear modules to scalable multi-axis systems.

Manufacturers embracing Edge computing to manage growing factory data

69% of manufacturers surveyed using Edge computing solutions to better acquire, analyze and act on critical data

Turning Automotive Manufacturing Upside-down

The use of AM for production of spare parts does not sound as sexy as AM for racing cars, but the practical implications are enormous. That's especially true when it comes to spare parts for cars that have been on the road for more than a few years.

How to get started with Predictive Maintenance using Machine Learning

At Intuceo©, we use enabling technologies such as machine learning and data science to provide predictive maintenance solutions for OEM's and dealers. This solution will transform and analyse the sensor data embedded in vehicles (cars, trucks, EVs), enabling our customers to deploy this solution in manufacturing industry (aerospace, mechanical and automotive) to reduce downtime and costs.

ExOne Accelerates Expansion into 3D Printed Tooling Business with Acquisition of Freshmade 3D Assets

The ExOne Company now offers fast, durable, and affordable AMClad® Tooling. Developed by Ohio-based startup Freshmade 3D, AMClad is a patented process of infiltrating and coating 3D printed sand forms to give them strength for a wide range of tooling applications, including vacuum forming and more.

Cincoze Sunlight-Readable Industrial Panel PCs-Building More Comfortable and Convenient Smart Cities

Combining human-machine interfaces (HMIs), sensors, embedded computers, networks, and AI data analysis, these technologies provide the tools to assess public infrastructure needs, thereby improving the quality of life and safety of all citizens.

Cap Closed! Camera-based Cap Control With Artificial Intelligence

Strong price pressure combined with high quality requirements - the beverage and bottle industry faces the classic dilemma of many industries. This is also the case in the quality control department of a French manufacturer of plastic caps.

U.S. College Students: Apply by May 31 to Emerson's 2021 ASCO Engineering Scholarship Program

The merit-based program promotes STEM excellence and rewarding the leadership potential of college engineering students

2021 State of Manufacturing Finds an Industry Rapidly Accelerating Past Recovery and Towards a Digital Future

Manufacturing leaders overwhelmingly report a focus on resilience, sustainability, and speed through digital transformation while concerns about supply chain and workforce grow

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