Xometry Named to the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 List

Custom manufacturing leader comes in at #126 on Deloitte's list of the fastest-growing technology companies in North America


Fairbanks announces the new Roller Conveyor Scale, designed to capture static weighments of products as they manually move down a conveyor line. Incorporating the Roller Conveyor Scale into a new or existing conveyor system helps material handlers, manufacturers, and distribution centers economically speed production and increase operational efficiencies.

Warren Controls Introduces Its ILEA 2800E Valve Series

The 2800E Valve Series is ideally suited where value and long life are important objectives for applications including but not limited to the chemical, district energy, food and beverage, general service, refining, and pharmaceutical industries.

Valuechain, West England Aerospace Forum, North East Automotive Alliance, and Rail Forum Midlands Unite to Accelerate Cross Sector Ecosystems and Sustainable Supply-chains

Supply chain software business, Valuechain today announced they are uniting with West England Aerospace Forum (WEAF), North East Automotive Alliance (NEAA) and Rail Forum Midlands (RFM) to kick-off of a new project to Accelerate Cross Sector Ecosystems and Sustainable Supply-chains (ACCESS), funded by Innovate UK.

Eyelit's Integrated Manufacturing System (MES) Selected and Deployed by WD Lab Grown Diamonds

Flexible software supports multiple manufacturing segments and company growth

Rockwell Automation Unleashes New Possibilities for Industrial Companies with LifecycleIQ™ Services

Expanded professional services portfolio combines knowledge and technology to build long-term partnerships and address needs across the industrial value chain

Desktop Metal Begins Global Shipments of Shop System for Mid-Volume Metal 3D Printing Manufacturing

-Desktop Metal's binder jetting system, designed to enable affordable, batch production of high-quality metal parts, is now being installed throughout North America, EMEA and APAC. -The announcement follows Desktop Metal's recent signing of a definitive business combination agreement with Trine Acquisition Corp. (NYSE: TRNE) to accelerate its go-to-market efforts and drive advanced R&D.

Kistler unveils optimized digital charge amplifier

Separate energy paths and improved startup create new possibilities

Driving the IIoT Revolution-Challenges, Benefits and Simple Next Steps

In the age of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), plants, products, and systems are becoming increasingly networked. The intelligent combination of IT and OT in industrial environments forms the basis for transparent and efficient processes and reduced production costs, making it possible to tap into completely new business segments.

The SMAC Optical Encoder Story

The evolution of SMAC's Encoders.

Litmus Partners with Industrial-IoT Solutions to Distribute Industrial Edge Computing Platform in Brazil

I-IoT Solutions to Distribute Litmus Software and Provide Portuguese Language Support

Rapid Robotics launches 'ready-to-work' robotic machine operator

The Rapid Machine Operator is a revolutionary industrial cobot that can operate machines performing simple tasks like injection molding, pad printing, heat stamping and pick-and-place "out-of-the-box"-meaning it requires no systems integration, no programming and no robotics expertise. At only $25,000 per year, Rapid Machine Operators cost 75% less than human operators and 90% less than other robotic solutions.


and a 3D Model is worth a thousand pictures! Nanofabrica releases details of industrial parts produced on its Tera 250 micro additive manufacturing (AM) system

Manufacturing power steering rack housing in Aluminium alloy via high-precision CNC machining:

Among the first to be specialized in Titanium and special alloys CNC processing, CRP Meccanica consolidated its position as unique point of reference for manufacturing parts with complex geometry and tight tolerances. An example of complex application to be manufactured via high-precision CNC machining is the power steering rack housing in Aluminium alloy

AVEVA and Poka Partner to Bring to Market Teamwork - a Cloud Based Application for Industrial Workforce Transformation

AVEVA has partnered with Poka, the most comprehensive connected worker platform, to bring the AVEVA Teamwork application to market. It will offer the connected worker a more integrated experience within the larger Aveva Connect portfolio.

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Dynatect Automated Machine Safety Roll-Up Doors

Dynatect Automated Machine Safety Roll-Up Doors

Need to increase safety? Are you using light curtains? Is space a concern? Dynatect's Gortite® VF Automated Machine Safety Door combines safety technology, speed, and a physical barrier to isolate hazardous operations. Use of a physical barrier with safety sensors can save up to 30 square feet of manufacturing space. Using the ANSI minimum safety distance formula, the Gortite® VF Door limits the depth penetration factor and average approach speed, allowing closer location of the safeguarding device. Unlike light curtains, which can't contain process hazards, an automated machine safety door can isolate common workplace debris. This physical barrier is designed to contain process driven hazards such as weld sparks, UV flash, and light debris. Thus, the operator can maintain closer proximity to the work area improving ergonomics and productivity.