New Certa 800 Sine pump

Designed to offer enhanced food product quality through gentle handling, the Certa 800 has already proven its ability to reduce fines and increase yield in cheese production trials.

Meet Quinly for Ender 3: the world's first retrofit that automates 3D printing

3DQue Systems, a Vancouver-based 3D printing company, is excited to announce the official launch of Quinly, the world's first true automated end-to-end print manager for Ender 3. It enables unattended continuous printing allowing a user to print different jobs without human interference so long as each item doesn't require a change of material or the nozzle diameter. This is impossible with any other printer.

Finding a Silver Lining in the National Pandemic Emergency

The article highlights how Bally Ribbon Mills found a silver lining during the COVID-19 Pandemic and developed new operational methods that took them out of the comfort zone of a typical bricks and mortar manufacturing facility.

75 Years and Going Strong: HARTING Technology Group Maintains Growth Through Uncertainty

The HARTING Technology Group in Espelkamp (Minden-Lübbecke district) maintained its trend of positive growth in the 2019/20 (September 30) business year despite the global pandemic. The active family-owned, international company accomplished a growth of 1.2% compared to the previous year achieving $850 million / € 759 million in global sales (previous year: $846 million / € 750 million).

America Makes Announces Two New Rapid Innovation Calls Totaling $100K in Funding

RICs Focus on Materials Data to Foster Analytics, Benchmarking, and Qualification/Certification

UltraFlex induction soldering copper to brass within 20 seconds

This test scenario had been set up per request of a potential customer from the HVAC industry who was looking to replace torch heating in their manufacturing process for the sake of eliminating defects in the produce and improving the safety for the operators.

Gateway for the integration of Industry 4.0 applications in PROFIBUS & HART systems

SmartLink HW-DP from Softing Industrial Automation provides controller-independent access to PROFIBUS DP networks. The compact tool can be integrated without affecting the operation of existing installations and thus enables Industry 4.0 connectivity for new and existing PROFIBUS DP networks.

Southco's New Bifold Torque Hinge Improves Fold-Out Table Operation in Transportation Interiors

Southco has expanded its successful line of position control hinges with the AH-2E.

Plataine Announces New Patent Grant for Manufacturing Optimization Using Digital Thread Technology

The solution that has been patented is a software-based method for tracking production across factory operations using Digital Twin and Digital Thread technology

Hexagon helps Alloy Specialties increase production capacity with 'lights-out' robotic quality inspection

Precision aerospace part manufacturer Alloy Specialties has become one of the first adopters of a new robotic quality inspection technology, Tempo, from Hexagon's Manufacturing Intelligence division that has enabled the company to increase its production capacity and staff productivity through automation.

Taking the Next Step in Automation: Overcoming the Challenges to Automate Manufacturing

Manufacturers looking to take the next step and increase production often look to increase automation, but often they run into a situation where off-the-shelf solutions just won't work due to the unique circumstances of their process or packaging requirements. When this occurs, even the major automation companies will pass on the project. So, they need to turn to more flexible industrial automation integrators that can design, build and integrate robotic handling systems, filling systems, machine tending automation, assembly solutions, inspection systems, packaging equipment, labeling/marking systems, palletizers, etc.

DMU Reviewer - a corporate tool for 3D CAD design review and analysis. Part 2

Let's see what valuable information DMU Reviewer can give if we want to examine closer separate parts and components.

DMU Reviewer - a corporate tool for 3D CAD design review and analysis. Part 1

The fast-paced replacement of 2D drawings by 3D models is a well-spread trend in today's manufacturing, rapid prototyping, mechanical design, etc. Modern 3D CAD files are not only about geometry and general appearance: in many cases they come with important engineering information (PMI, attributes, etc.) which can be crucial for downstream processes.

Industrial Internet Consortium Launches IIoT RFP Toolkit

Free Step-by-step Wizard Creates RFP Content to Jumpstart IIoT Projects

Flexible Multi-axis Motion Sub-System for System Integrators and Machine Builders Comes with High-dynamics Linear Motor Stages and EtherCat-based Motion Controller

First of it's kind, PI's new X-417 multi-axis motion sub-system boasts nanometer resolution, absolute encoders, fast configuration, delivery, and set-up, for a broad range of industrial precision motion applications, including precision automation, laser processing, test and inspection, medical manufacturing, and semiconductor testing.

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Arcos - Robotized system for grinding and cutting with discs

Arcos - Robotized system for grinding and cutting with discs

Robotized system for grinding and cutting with discs and the precision cutting with plasma technology of aeronautic parts. This Robotized system is produced for the finishing of aeronautic parts. This machine utilizes the grinding and cutting with a Ø1000mm disc. It is also allowing the precision cutting with plasma technology. Approved 3M Robotics System Integrator.