Using Lightburn for Laser Cutting

While there are free options to create gcode for lasers, at just $40, Lightburn gives you way more features that make the process not just more convenient but might also improve your results.

Airwolf 3D Announces Issuance of US Patent for Wolfbite 3D Printing Adhesives

Patent has been awarded to Airwolf 3D for its line of 3d printing adhesives. The adhesives promote 3d printer platform adhesion and reduce warpage in printed parts.

AMT Challenges Formnext Attendees

Much has already been made of the hugely innovative booth that AMT will be unveiling at the show in Frankfurt next month. The 84 m2 booth is modular, fully customizable, and reusable, and features more than 6000 3D printed and post-processed parts connecting over 1000 m of aluminium frame.

Xometry Manufacturing Partners Optimistic about Growth in Q4 2019

Despite recent market data indicating a manufacturing slowdown, Xometry Partners are optimistic about growth in Q4

3D Systems and Antleron Collaborating to Accelerate 3D Printing Biomedical Breakthroughs

3D Systems' MultiJet Printing (MJP) and Figure 4 technologies combined with Antleron's bioengineering expertise lay foundation for groundbreaking bioprinting solutions with potential to improve personalized patient care

America Makes and ANSI Announce Interactive Portal to Track Standardization Activity to Support Additive Manufacturing

Portal Provides Updates on Gaps Identified in the Standardization Roadmap for Additive Manufacturing (Version 2.0)

Industrial filtration of liquid fuel with automatic strainers

Recycling plant integrates self-cleaning filters into its processing lines to increase output and reduce downtime

ARCH GRAPHIC Partnership with FELIXprinters Drives 3D Printing Applications in UAE Region

Markforged Opens Manufacturing Facility in Massachusetts to Support its Accelerating Demand for 3D Printers

An 81% increase in production over the past year has led the company to open a 25,000 square-foot facility

How Materialise Software Solutions Helped to Create the World's Largest Jet Engine

The 11-foot diameter engine contains six different 3D-printed parts, which includes the low-pressure turbine blades made from an alloy of titanium and aluminum at the Avio Aero Cameri plant in Italy.

Stratasys Unleashes Brilliant Design and Productivity with the New J850 3D Printer and Materials

Enables Designers to Save Weeks on the Design Process with Exceptional Print Quality

Stratasys Unveils Range of Advanced Materials for Production-Grade 3D Printing Applications

New High Performance Thermoplastics Drive 3D Printed Tools and Parts Capable of Meeting Complex Manufacturing, Automotive and Aerospace Requirements

Additive Manufacturing Technologies Ltd raises $5.2 million in Series A equity round led by DSM Venturing and Foresight

Industry world leaders join AMT to accelerate the company's global presence and commercialize its unique automated systems for the post processing of 3D printed parts.

Millennium Park Art Installation Comes to Life with Help from Fast Radius' Additive Manufacturing

Screenhouse, a freestanding art installation designed by Edra Soto and constructed by Navillus Woodworks officially opens in Chicago's Millennium Park on Thursday, October 24.

Top 5 Free CAD for 3D Printing

This list should help you to find the right software that suits your needs. These programs are also all very popular in the community, so you won't have any trouble finding guides and tutorials that can help you get started.

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Get RFQs on Die Casting, Stamping, and Extrusion With Xometry, Your Source for Custom Parts

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