Sack dump station for incoming bulk powders

Sanitary screener with integrated bag dump station improves quality and operator safety in food manufacturing

AMT Announces First Sale of its PostPro3Dmini System

The Technical University of Munich (TUM) has confirmed it will take delivery of a PostPro3DMini automated post-processing system from Additive Manufacturing Technologies (AMT).

GE Additive & Kaspar Schulz Q&A - Additive Manufacturing: there's always something brewing!

This year we wanted to go a layer deeper and explore the potential that additive technology could have on the brewing and beverage industry.

3D Food Printers

Technological advancements in the food & beverage sector and the increasing demand for customized food products among the North American consumers propel the 3D food printers market to grow at a substantial CAGR

All Axis Robotics Manufactures Custom Robot Arm End-Effectors with MakerBot METHOD

Turnkey robotics provider reduces lead times and costs while increasing production efficiency with in-house 3D printing solutions

Autonomous SmartCan Gets One Step Closer to Alleviating Consumer Chores with Help from Protolabs' Cool Idea Award

Protolabs' manufacturing grant accelerated the prototyping and testing phases of Rezzi's revolutionary new smart home product that will automatically take out the trash for homeowners

MakerBot Broadens METHOD Material Offering with Precision ASA for Outdoor Applications

Optimized for outdoor applications, ASA is an engineering-grade material with high ultra-violet and chemical resistant properties.

Markforged Releases Inconel 625, the First Safe and Affordable Superalloy for 3D Printing

Engineers can now 3D print Inconel 625, opening up new metal applications in corrosive and extreme heat environments

Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle Brings Industrial Production Power to the Office

Manage 3D print materials and air quality with one unique production solution

Ultimaker Expands S-line Product Family with Ultimaker S3

Affordable, professional-grade 3D printer brings in-house production to any desk

3D Systems Unveils Breakthrough Material to Enable Direct Digital Production of Plastic Parts

- New Figure 4® advanced photopolymer material exhibits thermoplastic behaviors - Major expansion of Figure 4 materials portfolio enables broad range of new additive manufacturing applications

Continuous Composites Announces Strategic Partnership with Arkema for Continuous Fiber 3D Printing®

Arkema and Continuous Composites partner to transform manufacturing with Continuous Fiber 3D Printing

Gallagher Corporation Adds 3D Printing to Expand Production Possibilities

From Liquid Resin to Solid Products - Without Using a Mold

Using 3D printing for functional wind tunnel model

The construction of the new Leonardo HD's AW609 wind tunnel model through 3D printing technology and Carbon-composite material

FELIXprinters Support New Product Development & Manufacturing Activities for Leading Food Handling Equipment Company: Houdijk

Houdijk, based in Vlaardingen in the Netherlands, develops and delivers advanced, automated food handling systems for a wide spectrum of global clients. With a history spanning almost 100 years, the family-run company has grown significantly in both size and reputation. Today, Houdijk utilises advanced industrial 3D printers from FELIXprinters for a range of applications across its extensive facilities for both new product development and various manufacturing disciplines.

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Markforged:  Buyer's Guide to 3D Printing for Manufacturing

Markforged: Buyer's Guide to 3D Printing for Manufacturing

3D printing has become a powerful force in today's manufacturing industry from prototyping to tooling and fixtures to custom, end-use parts. Many businesses struggle to find the right solutions to fit their needs and provide ROI. Selecting the right platform to prevent manufacturing roadblocks is vital to optimizing your manufacturing line productivity. Download the all new buyer's guide to help you evaluate the benefits of 3D printing and dispel misconceptions, understand the pros/cons of various 3D printing processes and materials, and assess the key considerations in selecting a 3D printer.