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SelfCAD is a powerful 3D modeling and 3D printing software that runs online and on desktop, on Windows and Mac. It offers all the necessary tools to create and print your designs, but thanks to its intuitive UI, it's easy to use and does not require previous experience with 3D to get started. It also offers many resources for learning, like interactive tutorials, SelfCAD academy, and YouTube videos. It's affordable and comes with a free version and a free Trial that you can use to test it.

Mailing Address:
4522 18th Avenue, Brooklyn
New York, New York 11204
United States of America

Tel: +1 (845) 641-9136



Company Category: Additive & 3D Printing

Company Sector: Software

Keywords: selfcad, online 3d modeling, 3d design, 3dsoftware

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