Medical Packaging Industry Leads the Trend Toward Thermoforming Automation

By Brian Golden, Sales Director Americas, GN Thermoforming Equipment

Weerg achieves cycle time reductions of over 50% with post processing technologies from AM Solutions

While order processing and manufacturing of the 3D components was managed digitally early-on, numerous post processing operations still had to be done manually, which required a lot of time and personnel and produced inconsistent results.

STILRIDE introduces 3D printing to "industrial origami" manufacturing arsenal

STILRIDE - the Swedish startup known for its origami-inspired approach to electromobility design and manufacturing - is joining forces with French-Swedish robotics company ADAXIS to introduce 3D printing capabilities to its suite of sustainable manufacturing tech.

CRP Technology at the Small Satellites & Services International Forum

At the fourth edition that will be held in Malaga, Spain, from February 21st to 23rd, CRP's representative will be showing at booth A01 some of the most important flight-proven parts and applications 3D printed in Windform for smallsat key leader cuustomers, actively involved in successful space missions

Protolabs Launches Instant Manufacturability Analysis for 3D Printing

Automated Design Feedback Along with Expanded Material and Finishing Options for 3D Printing Now Available Globally for Product Developers and Engineers


In recent years, micro-AM technologies have developed into cost-effective, relatively quick, and highly precise production technologies, which can build to micron level tolerances, and do so repeatably.

Prevu3D Raises $10 Million US to Accelerate the Development and Deployment of Its Industrial Digital Twin Software Solution

Prevu3D, the industry-leading provider of 3D digital twin technology, today announced a funding round led by Cycle Capital, a leading growth stage climate tech venture capital firm, also includes funding from previous Prevu3D investors, Brightspark Ventures and Desjardins Capital.


The use of digital tooling is one of the key characteristics of PCE that lifts the lid for design engineers. No need for tooling investment and short tool lead times makes design modification easy, and this flexibility means design engineers can think outside the box, and test new design conceptions that would be too costly and time-consuming using traditional manufacturing processes.

Protolabs Expands CNC Machining Offer Through Its Digital Manufacturing Network of Global Suppliers

Volume Pricing, Precision Tolerances, Enhanced Finishes, and Other Machining Capabilities Now Unlocked for Product Developers

Black Buffalo 3D Takes Home NAHB Sponsored GOLD AWARD for Global Innovation at The Nationals for 3D Construction Printing Solution- "The Future of Home Building"

Windform RS and Windform LX 3.0 officially approved for space flight

The list of Windform TOP-LINE composites suitable for applications to be used in space is increasing. Windform RS and Windform LX 3.0 are officially compliant with ESA outgassing requirements in accordance with ESA-TEC-PR-002015 (based on ECSS-Q-ST-70-02C). The test was conducted at ESA/ESTEC laboratory in Noordwijk, Netherlands

Protolabs' launch 3D Printing DFM analysis for a faster turnaround

Protolabs have launched Design for Manufacturability analysis for 3D printed parts, offering peace of mind to manufacturers across Europe.

Visser Precision Purchases Two Sapphire Printers From Velo3D to Expand its Additive Manufacturing Capabilities for Aerospace Customers

The Denver-based Contract Manufacturer Will Receive the First Sapphire Printer Calibrated for Haynes® 214®, a Nickel-based Superalloy Utilized in High-temperature Environments for Oxidation Resistance, and Another One Calibrated for Inconel® 718

RAPID + TCT 2023: North America's Largest Additive Manufacturing Event Returning to Chicago

Registration is now open to attend the most influential 3D printing event in North America, featuring hundreds of industry-leading exhibitors and keynote presentations.


The technology meets the demand from companies wanting to benefit from the advantages and opportunities that exist through the use of micro-AM, but want parts that have functionality impossible due to limited palette of materials that micro-AM is able to process.

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