ASTM International to Host Symposium on Cement and Concrete in Additive Construction

The objective of the symposium is to present potential test methods for additive construction which may be standardized through ASTM's standards development process.

Nexa3D Delivers New xCast Material for Series Production of Precision Metal Castings

- Get your Nexa3D casting solution today with immediate delivery - Gain 20X productivity over all direct and indirect metal 3D printing alternatives - Digitize your foundry; xCast is compatible with dip-shell or flask-type investment casting - Replace expensive wax tools with xCast for faster, flexible and scalable patterns

Continuous Composites Opens a New Manufacturing Facility with Industry Leaders at Their Side

The new building demonstrates their patented Continuous Fiber 3D Printing (CF3D®) technology at the largest scale to date, increasing their previous build volume by 25 times.

Additive Manufacturing Center of Excellence and NASA Establish Cooperative Agreement

The three-year contract, worth up to $750,000, will serve as the basis to expand the AM CoE and NASA's evolving partnership.

PostProcess Introduces New Technology for Automated Polymer Powder Removal

Groundbreaking "Variable Acoustic Displacement™" is Company's 5th Technology Family

AM-Flow Strengthens Ability to Fully Automate the Additive Manufacturing Post-Printing Process with New Module

Company Earmarks Formnext Connect to launch new AM-BAGGING solution, empowering manufacturers to drive Industry 4.0 automation and increase efficiencies within high-volume, multi-printer environments

Henkel and Nexa3D launch affordable and ultra-fast new general-purpose material xPRO410

Democratizing access to a new class of photopolymers for rapid prototyping

ExOne to Optimize Sand 3D Printers for Use with ITOCHU Ceratech Corporation's Cerabeads®

Cerabeads® are a premium ceramic foundry sand used to create molds and cores for metal casting high-value products in the automotive, oil & gas, mining and construction industries. That includes cylinder blocks and hydraulic valves, as well as pumps, impellers and tools.

Boeing Qualifies Stratasys Antero 800NA Material for 3D-Printed Flight Parts

Enhanced chemical resistance and fatigue performance of the PEKK-based material over other alternatives provide Boeing with a new, high-performance option for polymer flight parts

GoProto introduces 3DElastoPrint, a 3D printing parts service featuring elastomeric TPA (Thermoplastic Polyamide), enabling the production of rubber-like parts unachievable by traditional manufacturing methods

Evonik and HP's just released TPA material is flexible and lightweight, distinguished by its very low density of 1.01 g/cm³ and a Shore A hardness of 90. This high-performance material is excellently suited for prototypes as well as end-used products that call for high extensibility and energy return, such as sports equipment, automobile components, and end-of-arm tooling.

HP Advances Automation for Additive Manufacturing, Showcases New Platform Capabilities

Breakthroughs in Automation, Software, and Data Help Accelerate Journey to Digital Manufacturing

Dyndrite and HP Announce the First 'Powered By Dyndrite' Application for Digital Manufacturing

- HP's Universal Build Manager Powered by Dyndrite is First Commercial Application Built on Dyndrite's Core Accelerated Geometry Engine - Solution Delivers Unprecedented Speed and Performance for Additive Manufacturing - Empowers Additive Machine and Software Developers, and Enterprise Users Developing Next Generation Applications - Brings scalability and automation to AM

Nexa3D Showcases Its Expanding Range of Ultrafast Polymer Production Solutions at Formnext Connect

The company invites participants to visit its virtual booth at Formnext Connect, where it plans to display its ultrafast 3D printers: the photoplastic NXE400 and thermoplastic QLS350, and its new xCure system. Get your free pass here and once on site, click the Interested button on Nexa3D's profile page or any Nexa3D product to get in touch.

3D Hubs appoints former Unilever VP, Sarah Newbitt, to board as company doubles revenue despite pandemic

Europe's leading online manufacturing platform, 3D Hubs, today announced Sarah Newbitt, former UK Vice President of Supply Chain at Unilever, as the latest addition to the board. This new appointment follows the company's sustained growth, having doubled year-over-year net revenue in spite of COVID-19.

Three Ways Autonomous Machine Vision (AMV) Benefits Plastic Injection Moulding

Plastic injection moulding is a difficult application for machine vision. The highly reflective surface of plastics is hard to illuminate, and the fact that the same production line can create items of different colours and shapes is problematic for traditional solutions.

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