Pleora's Visual Inspection System Helps Ensure Brand Quality for Dairy Distillery

Fast-growing distillery with unique spirits made from milk deploys Pleora's new Visual Inspection System to add AI-based decision-support for labelling and quality control

Q.E.D. Announces the AutoPump AP4 Ultra Xtreme Pump for the Most Extreme Landfill Conditions

The exclusive self-cleaning vortex action and proprietary finish on internal components dramatically extends service life between cleanings

LUCID Launches Atlas™ SWIR IP67 Camera Featuring Sony SenSWIR 1.3 MP IMX990 and 0.3 MP IMX991 InGaAs Sensors

LUCID Vision Labs, Inc., a designer and manufacturer of unique and innovative industrial vision cameras, today announced the launch of the new Atlas™ SWIR IP67-rated 1.3 MP and 0.3 MP cameras.

Functionality, Sustainability, Health Consciousness, Convenience Identified as Top Beverage-Industry Trends Driving Change

As the infographic highlights, the top challenges beverage producers need to overcome to meet these consumer demands include maintaining sufficient production capacity, reliably sourcing ingredients and materials, finding adequate labor and upgrading outdated technology.


The universal suction cup for all types of FlowPack packaging.

Minimizing Supply Chain Losses From Climate Change

Supply chains and the climate are more intricately linked than many may realize. Just eight global supply chains are responsible for more than 50% of greenhouse gas emissions.

How To Reduce The Tool Radial Runout In CNC Milling?

In the CNC milling process, there are many reasons for machining errors. The error caused by the tool radial runout is one of the important factors, which directly affects the minimum shape error and the machined surface that the machine tool can achieve under ideal machining conditions.

UltraFlex shrink-fitting a stainless steel cap onto an aluminum housing within mere 10 seconds

By using induction heating for this shrink-fitting process, the customer could achieve high-quality and repeatable results, with short heat cycle times that would allow him to increase the productivity.

Automatic Scraper Strainers Protect Critical Membrane Systems

Automated scraper strainers pre-filter water and wastewater to protect fragile membrane systems from damage caused by large, suspended particles, reducing maintenance and replacement costs

EXAIR's Basics of Static Electricity White Paper

The Basics of Static Electricity white paper presents 20 comprehensive and full colored pages on the causes of static electricity, how it develops, and solutions for combatting it in manufacturing processes. Static electricity is a product of non-conductive materials coming into contact and separating, or creating friction between them leading to imbalanced ions. EXAIR Static Eliminators restore this balance and assist in maintaining proper process speeds, preventing product damage, and injured employees.

What Is Deburring And How To Remove Burrs From Metal Part?

To understand the question of "what is deburring", you must understand the meaning of glitches. If you deal with machined parts, you must have encountered burrs on the parts. No matter how advanced and sophisticated equipment is used, it will be born with the product.

Senasys Releases Low Cost Adjustable Vacuum Alarm to Help Prevent Significant Downtime

Be Alerted when Vacuum Rises or Falls in your System with Presair's Vacuum Alarm.

UltraFlex demonstrates time- and energy-efficient induction brazing for copper parts

This customer-requested demonstration proved that by using induction to braze the copper assemblies, the customer would achieve consistent and repeatable results, with high energy- and cost-efficiency of the brazing process.

The Cintec Reinforcement System was used to help rebuild Alymer Academy Alymer, Quebec, Canada

The Cintec Reinforcement System was used to help rebuild Alymer Academy in Alymer, Quebec, Canada

Design Points Of Special Fixtures

The fixture design is generally carried out in accordance with the specific requirements of a certain process after the machining process of the parts is formulated. When formulating the technological process, the possibility of fixture realization should be fully considered, and when designing the fixture, it is possible to propose amendments to the technological process if necessary. The design quality of tooling fixtures should be measured by whether it can stably guarantee the processing quality of the workpiece, high production efficiency, low cost, convenient chip removal, safe operation, labor-saving, easy manufacturing, and easy maintenance.

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NORD’s New Line of Small CLINCHERTM Parallel Shaft Gear Units Provide More Power, Flexibility, and Reliability

NORD's New Line of Small CLINCHERTM Parallel Shaft Gear Units Provide More Power, Flexibility, and Reliability

NORD's redesigned line of small CLINCHER parallel gear units showcase increased power and torque capacity for a variety of applications. These re-engineered versions will be replacing the existing SK0182NB, 0282NB, and 1382NB units. They are lightweight, have improved heat dissipation, are more cost-effective, and are available with NORD nsd tupHTM sealed surface conversion for wash-down and extreme environments.