Raman Spectroscopy: Reducing the Time to Verify Gasoline Blend

Onsite refinery labs are expediting gasoline transfers by utilizing Raman spectroscopy to verify the octane level of blended fuel in minutes, instead of hours, with a high degree of confidence

Report Finds Manufacturers' Optimism Continues to Decline as Potential Economic Recession Looms 

This marks a consistent trend downward over the past year. In March of this year, three quarters of manufacturers rated their optimism at a seven or higher - in line with 2021 ratings that hovered around 75% throughout the year. And in June of this year, 58% rated their optimism at a seven or higher.   

VariBlast Precision Safety Air Gun is the People's Choice

EXAIR's VariBlast® Precision Safety Air Gun has won the 2022 People's Choice award from Professional Tool and Equipment News (PTEN). These safety air guns provide a focused blast of air capable of handling tough jobs with remarkable strength while minimizing air consumption and noise.

PI Expands Production and Development Site for Precision Automation Equipment in Eschbach, allowing for 300% Capacity Growth

The PI Group is investing $16 million in the expansion of its Eschbach factory in the southwest region of Germany.

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS to Display Durable, Cost-Effective Solutions at IPPE 2023 for Food Processing and Packaging Systems

NORD's poultry and meat industry solutions include hygienic, compact gear units, high-efficiency electric motors, and precise electronic control products with a variety of surface protection options for wash-down environments.

Automated, Collaborative Mobile Robots Increase Warehouse Productivity by 2.5x and Close Gap on Labor Shortages

Zebra Technologies paves the way for a connected future of robotics, devices and people, enabling warehouse operators to double throughput and reclaim 15% of warehouse space

Embracing Automation Technologies to Optimise Just-in-Time Processes

As businesses' priorities evolve as a means to navigate today's challenging landscape, new processes, such as Just-in-Time (JIT), are being implemented to meet customer demands in the most efficient way.

EaaS: A Catalyst for Today's Manufacturing Challenges

EaaS essentially allows users to rent machinery for a fixed period or to meet other pre-determined outputs. These innovative pay-per-use or pay-per-unit-produced business models enable providers to develop customized, user-friendly solutions.

Cooper Farms Donates Over $1 Million To Area Communities

Cooper Farms, a meat and egg company based in Oakwood, Ohio, recently announced that it has donated over $1 million in monetary and product donations to their local communities in the past year. This includes 207,000 pounds of product and $554,913 in funding from the Cooper Family Foundation to support local initiatives such as college scholarships, fire department vehicles and equipment, school programs, county fairgrounds and more.

GSSI Showcases GPR Technology at Con Expo 2023

Geophysical Survey Systems, Inc (GSSI), the world's leading manufacturer of ground penetrating radar (GPR) equipment, will be showcasing its GPR equipment at Con Expo, March 14-18, 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

GSSI Highlights PaveScan® RDM 2.0 - Non-Destructive Asphalt Density Assessment Tool Ideal for Uncovering Inconsistencies During Paving Process

GSSI, the world's leading manufacturer of ground penetrating radar (GPR) equipment, highlights their PaveScan RDM 2.0.

Zebra Survey Shows Eight-in-10 Millennials Expect More Transparency in Automotive Manufacturing

Study reveals high demand for knowing the origin and sustainability level of materials and automotive parts as well as receiving an end-to-end view of the manufacturing process

Nanomaterial News Update: Alfa Chemistry Upgrades Its Nanoprism Product Line

Since the launch of a series of nanoprisms a few months ago, Alfa Chemistry has been undertaking to upgrade this product line. This move is purposed to extend its offering range to silver nanoprisms, gold nanoprisms, copper nanoprisms and TiO2 nanoprisms, for customers across the globe.

Bally Ribbon Mills Offers Industrial Fabrics Ideal for Engineered Rubber Applications

Specialty fibers used for cure wrap, structural reinforcement, and stress/strain measurement

3D HoloGroup Incorporates I-SAID™ Technology

3D HoloGroup Incorporates I-SAID™ Technology 3D HoloGroup, the augmented reality (AR) software architecture and systems integration company, has moved ahead and incorporated I-SAID™, an "Interactional Sight Activated Interface Device" technology, for use in the CommunicatAR product.

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Supply Chain - Featured Product

NORD’s New Line of Small CLINCHERTM Parallel Shaft Gear Units Provide More Power, Flexibility, and Reliability

NORD's New Line of Small CLINCHERTM Parallel Shaft Gear Units Provide More Power, Flexibility, and Reliability

NORD's redesigned line of small CLINCHER parallel gear units showcase increased power and torque capacity for a variety of applications. These re-engineered versions will be replacing the existing SK0182NB, 0282NB, and 1382NB units. They are lightweight, have improved heat dissipation, are more cost-effective, and are available with NORD nsd tupHTM sealed surface conversion for wash-down and extreme environments.