In the Vacuum Workshop

In the semiconductor industry, cleanliness and precision are absolutely critical. Swiss vacuum specialist VAT therefore partnered up with maxon to develop a drive system for wafer processing.

B2B Webinar with Brian Beck, Scott Taylor, US Manufacturers on June 24th

The upcoming B2B e-Commerce Success Webinar on June 24th will feature Brian Beck, author of "Billion Dollar B2B Ecommerce" and Scott Taylor, "The Data Whisperer". The webinar for US Manufacturers will also include Trish Keller, CTO for Citizen Watch, experts in B2B Supply Chain, Software Technologies, Logistics and more. As US manufacturing regains its strength, the webinar will provide strategies for agility, online market expansion, and overcoming obstacles caused by COVID19.

Production line flexibility - How to use modularization for food production increase

According to an industry survey, the majority of food manufacturing companies are expecting to increase production. However, the same study suggested automation does not offer enough flexibility to fulfil an increase in production.

Layoffs, Social Distancing May Drive Machine Shops to Automate Labor-Intensive Finishing Operations

Whether driven by the reduction of in-shop personnel due to layoffs or to maintain social distancing guidelines into the future, many machine shops will likely be re-evaluating ways to eliminate labor-intensive manual operations if they can be automated instead.

Tolomatic expands extreme-force electric actuator family to include the RSX128 actuator rated up to 50,000 pounds of force (222.4 kN)

The RSX128 actuator represents a 60-percent increase in the bi-directional maximum force provided by Tolomatic's extreme-force RSX electric actuator family. Additional frame sizes include the RSX080 which provides 18,000 lbf/80kN and the RSX096P press-model which is optimized to provide extend force up to (40,000 lbf/178 kN).

The Association for Advancing Automation Launches Five New Virtual Events

RIA Robotics Week announced, as trade group moves fall conferences online

GSSI Releases PaveScan® RDM 2.0 Asphalt Density Assessment Tool

GSSI announces PaveScan® RDM 2.0 - an innovative asphalt density assessment tool that provides accurate real-time measurements to ensure pavement life and quality. PaveScan 2.0 incorporates a new sensor design built specifically for the extremes of the asphalt paving environment, foldable deployment arms with high-visibility for work site safety and has a warm-up time of under one minute when ambient temperature is over 70° F.

As The Electronics Manufacturing Industry Slowly Recovers From The Pandemic, What Can We Learn?

Within the realm of manufacturing, one thing is abundantly clear: supply chains are intrinsically tied and vulnerable to just about everything in our world today.

STEP AP242 edition 2: Datakit's 3D data conversion tools support the latest evolution of the STEP standard

The latest evolution of STEP AP242, edition 2, is now public. Datakit actively participated in its development, and is already ready to offer reading and writing of STEP AP242E2 data with its CAD data exchange tools.

New Pressure Sensing Digital Flowmeters Monitor Pressure and Flow

EXAIR's new Pressure Sensing Digital Flowmeters provide a way for plant personnel to monitor pressure throughout a compressed air system along with flow. A pressure sensor is mounted between the two flow sensing probes and the display can be configured to show air pressure or air flow. A transistor output can also be configured to provide a low-pressure alarm to protect your processes and/or equipment. Pressure values are capable to display PsiG or BarG. Measuring compressed air is the first step toward identifying high compressed air use areas, compressed air leaks and optimizing air use.

Improving Manufacturing Operations in Response to the Pandemic

Companies will need to quickly find ways to sustain their business, mitigate all supply chain risks, and be more flexible to the new environment. These requirements will drive a need for greater visibility and control over operations.

COVID-19 Accelerates Digitalization in Manufacturing But Data Silos Must Go!

When the manufacturing industry emerges out of the COVID-19 pandemic, we will see the rapid trend of digitalization. However, to achieve maximum success - this will only happen if manufacturers finally deal with the challenge of data silos!

PMMI Prevails In Lawsuit Fighting Fraudulent Use of PACK EXPO Logo and Phony List Sales

Court decision sends clear message to all unauthorized vendors

Understanding the Key Elements for Machine Condition Monitoring

By continually monitoring the condition of your equipment's most critical mechanical and electrical components, failures can be avoided with predictive maintenance carried out during scheduled downtimes, resulting in continual operations.

Q.E.D. Highlights Green-Line High-Performance Jacketed Tubing

UL-rated Green-Line Tubing is constructed with enhanced polyamide material for improved toughness and lower water absorption

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Processing & Handling - Featured Product

Zaber's X-LRQ-DE Series: High Precision Stages with Built-in Controllers and Linear Encoders

Zaber's X-LRQ-DE Series: High Precision Stages with Built-in Controllers and Linear Encoders

Zaber's X-LRQ-DE Series of linear stages have high stiffness, load, and lifetime capabilities in a compact size. The integrated linear encoder combined with stage calibration provides high accuracy positioning over the full travel of the device. At 36 mm high, these stages are excellent for applications where a low profile is required. The X-LRQ-DE's innovative design allows speeds up to 205 mm/s and loads up to 100 kg. Like all Zaber products, the X-LRQ-DE Series is designed for easy set-up and operation.