SupplyOne Packaging Management Program Promises Savings Guaranteed in Writing

SupplyOne's Packaging Management Program Provides a Roadmap to Enhanced Efficiency, Sustainability and Cash Flow

What Is Conformal PCB Circuit Board Coating?

DeepMaterial's conformal coating three-proof adhesive potting compound can improve the mechanical strength of electronic and electrical products, provide electrical insulation, and protect against vibration and impact, thereby providing comprehensive protection for printed circuit boards and electrical equipment.For more visit

AlisQI receives second FD Gazellen award and expands leadership team

AlisQI, the no-code Quality Management System provider for manufacturing wins the FD Gazellen award and announces leadership team expansion.

Advanced Design & Manufacturing Montral Highlights Successful Return with Boosted Attendance

More than 3,250 verified attendees convened in Montral for the show's first event since 2018, across automation, design, packaging, solids, and molding hosting five co-located shows across Canadian manufacturing.

EXAIR's Variety of Longer Super Air Knives

EXAIR has expanded Stainless Steel long Super Air Knives to include a maximum length of 108″ (2743mm) and is manufacturing all air knives 60″ (1524mm) and longer, which used to be two pieces, in one piece construction which eases installation and saves space. The corrosion resistant design ensures seamless airflow and withstands temperatures up to 800°F (427°C). Super Air Knives produce a laminar sheet of airflow to blow off, dry or cool large surfaces up to 108″ wide. The energy efficient design minimizes compressed air use by entraining 40 parts room air to one part compressed air. It is ideal for blowing corrosive chemicals off parts, drying food products and cooling hot materials such as molten glass, castings and molded parts.

Quick Fitting Highlights its Push to Connect Electrical Fittings

Push to Connect Electrical Fittings Install Quickly and Easily, Achieving a Reliable, Tight Seal

RIOS Deploys Mixed-SKU Palletizing

No matter the size or shape of goods, our palletizing robotic workcells can sort and pack all of your products in an efficient and cost-effective way.

Allied Electronics & Automation Expands Preventative Maintenance Portfolio

Allied offers extensive portfolio of preventative maintenance products designed to keep industrial equipment up and running and team of experts to help identify and deploy solutions optimized for customer applications.

New Developments in Post Processing for Metal AM Parts a Highlight of Formnext 2022

These three companies are at Formnext 2022 with one mission: to disrupt the status quo when it comes to post processing for metal additive manufacturing production applications. To date, the flexibility of AM has been one of its greatest selling points, however, the inflexibility of post processing, particularly for series production applications, has been a barrier to industrialisation. The reality is that many metal AM applications with huge potential do not reach compliance and often fail because of post processing solutions, or a lack thereof.

AutoStore Introduces a New Tool that Utilizes Data to Make Warehousing More Efficient

Inadequate data management is one of the most prominent warehousing challenges. To help businesses collect and act on data-led insights, AutoStore launches Unify Analytics.

Analog Devices Announces World's First Long-Reach, Single-pair Power over Ethernet (SPoE) Solutions for Smart Building and Factory Automation

The new offerings facilitate powered, last-mile connectivity for factory and building automation through real-time power management, telemetry, extremely low standby power consumption, and ease of installation.

Bitwise Introduces Data Platform Cloud Migration Suite at PASS Data Community Summit

End-to-end services help data leaders accelerate data warehouse migration to the cloud using proprietary automation tools, frameworks and experience for optimal Data Migration, ETL Migration and BI Modernization.

3/8 NPT Hollow Cone Liquid Nozzle for Cooling and Washing

EXAIR's new 3/8 NPT HollowStream™ liquid atomizing spray nozzle provides a hollow cone spray pattern for pressurized liquids. They are applied to solve cooling, cleaning, foam breaking, rinsing and dust suppression applications for industry. The tangential flow design is vaneless, with wide open internal features to resist clogging and works well with liquids containing particulate. These liquid nozzles produce a uniform distribution of liquid in a ring pattern with medium to large droplets. Their right-angle design is compact and can fit in small areas. Liquid operating pressure is up to 250 PSI.

Methods Machine Tools Opens New Location in Southern California

Orange County location serves Pacific Coast states features technical center, showroom

UV Light Cure Epoxy Adhesives Glue And Sealants For Magnets In Electric Motor

Deepmaterial is high temperature uv cure silicone adhesive sealant epoxy manufacturers and flexible uv curable uv curing optical adhesive glue supplier in uv adhesives industry,in uv light curing adhesives market,we supply uv curing plastic bonding adhesives,structural uv-curing adhesives,best top waterproof structural uv adhesive glue for plastic to metal and glass and so on.For more visit and

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ResinDek® Panels, The Flooring Solution for Mezzanines

ResinDek® Panels, The Flooring Solution for Mezzanines

ResinDek flooring panels are designed for elevated platforms such as mezzanines, pick modules, and work platforms. They have the proven structural integrity to support dynamic and static rolling limits from 2,000 to 8,000 lbs. ResinDek flooring panels are available in a multitude of options that are customized for load capacities, required finish type, volume and type of traffic including heavy rolling pallet jack loads and robotic traffic with AGVs and AMRs.