Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc. Launches R86TB High-Performance Teach Pendant for Improved Operability

The R86TB Teach Pendant can handle a series of processes from setup to maintenance, relieving the need for an on-site computer to reduce time and costs.

Smart Vision Lights Unveils LHI-DO Lightgistics Machine Vision Light With Hidden Strobe Technology

Hidden Strobe technology enables LEDs to rapidly self-trigger thousands of times per second at rates imperceivable to the human eye - giving off an illusion of continuous illumination.

New guide from EU Automation: Reducing costs and boosting uptime with condition-based maintenance and real-time monitoring

Automation parts supplier EU Automation has published a new guide that is a must-read for engineers wanting to deploy condition-based maintenance (CBM) to improve operating efficiencies and increase profitability. It provides valuable insight so engineers can best implement a CBM strategy to realise its full benefits.

The Root Group Grows 379% in A Single Year

Customer-driven user group for Rootstock ERP to play a pivotal role at Rooted-In Manufacturing Conference

Rufus Labs Teams Up with StayLinked and Brother Mobile Solutions for Dynamic Technology Demo at Modex 2024

All Modex attendees are invited to visit the Rufus Labs booth, C8470, for a firsthand demonstration of the integration between StayLinked's terminal emulation software, Brother Mobile Solutions' Industrial and mobile printers, and Rufus' wearable barcode scanners.

DSI to sell CloudNC's CAM Assist AI software to North American CAM CAD programmers

CAM Assist is a revolutionary tool that automatically generates professional machining strategies with AI in seconds at the click of a button, saving an average workshop over 300 hours of CAM programming and estimating time a year.

The Role of MQTT in Industrial Automation: Enhancing Connectivity and Efficiency

The Message Queueing Telemetry Transport protocol (MQTT), utilizes a client-server publish-subscribe architecture for data exchange. MQTT is useful in machine-to-machine and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) environments where bandwidth is typically limited.

Vantiva Quickly Onboards New Customers & Improves Throughput with Softeon's Composable Warehouse Management System

Softeon's WMS empowers Vantiva to scale and expand its service model, resulting in efficient B2B and D2C fulfillment

iBase-t Updates Solumina to Improve Aerospace Supplier Quality Assurance with Collaborative Intelligence

The new release elevates supplier quality standards and builds a foundation for AI adoption

Kardex Introduces Kardex FulfillX for AutoStore at MODEX 2024

This user-friendly picking display responds to movements and enables ergonomic, fast, and error-free picking.

MQTT protocol sets new standard for connectivity and security in Secure Integration Server from Softing Industrial

The Secure Integration Server (SIS) from Softing Industrial now supports the MQTT protocol. This improves connectivity and security for data integration in IT/OT cloud applications.

PTC secures industry first with Onshape Vision App for Apple Vision Pro

It works in sync with the Onshape cloud native CAD and PDM system on the iPad, enabling any changes in the product model to be updated in real time with the infinite canvas of Apple Vision Pro.


The ProShop Ecosystem will be used as the shop's inventory management and ERP system to help control the entire shop floor, helping faculty and students to store and access quality documents for fixturing, setup, and tool setups and images of equipment. They will be able to track raw goods, raw materials, and tool inventory.

PalletTrader and PopCapacity Forge Strategic Partnership to Streamline Pallet Procurement

PalletTrader and PopCapacity join forces to digitize the pallet and warehousing industry

DESTACO Presents New All-Electric Clamping System

The 92W Series Power Clamp saves costs, CO2 and energy on the way to Industry 4.0

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Supply Chain Management by Elisa IndustrIQ

Supply Chain Management by Elisa IndustrIQ

Elisa IndustrIQ's Supply Chain Management (SCM) solution is designed to enhance productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness throughout the entire supply chain. This advanced solution focuses on improving flexibility and responsiveness in both planning and operation execution, crucial for adapting to rapidly evolving markets. Our solution facilitates business growth by offering end-to-end visibility, essential for efficiently managing and streamlining supply chains. Key features include AI-powered demand forecasting, automated quoting and purchasing, intelligent replanning capabilities, structured collaboration tools, and direct supplier integration. These features can be tailored to align with your business and financial objectives, adding a strategic dimension to sales and operations planning and execution. The solution is designed to meet the manufacturing industry's needs for speed, resilience, and efficiency, primarily through innovative approaches to reduce business friction.