Industry 4.0 is for everyone, with Arduino Pro's new Portenta Machine Control

Arduino launches a new industrial control unit that makes it easier than ever to add a powerful brain to your machines

Gocious launches Competitor Analysis Solution to empower discrete manufacturers with optimized product development through comprehensive analyses

SaaS solution spots high-level competitor trends enabling product managers to better understand the current market

Megger Switches to Europlacer.

Megger, a global leader in electrical test and measurement in the power industry, has switched to Europlacer placement platforms by selecting two new iineo+ pick & place machines to upgrade its in-house surface mount assembly and replace the functionality of two legacy pick & place machines in one of its lines.

Delivering IoT-Centric Factory Automation with Wi-Fi HaLow Technology

Assessing the health of capital equipment used to produce and move these goods minimizes cost repairs, downtime and outages. Businesses gain a big picture of the logistics chain using wireless sensors that provide data on the location of high-value cargo.

TT Electronics expands variable resistor portfolio with space-saving potentiometers and encoders for industrial applications

Three new product lines and three series expansions also ideal for professional audio equipment

UltraFlex demonstrating 30-second, fast and clean induction soldering of RF cable to brass rivets

The soldering process was easy to operate and hence would ensure consistent, repeatable results, not dependent on the operator skills. By replacing the existing soldering process with induction soldering, the customer would achieve improved cycle times and increased productivity.

binder USA Adds Flexibility to Key M12 and M16 Connectors with New Shielded, Right-Angle Housing Design

Binder USA, LP, has enhanced several series of its M12 and M16 circular connectors with a shielded, two-part right-angle housing design. The new right-angle design meets the growing need for increasingly compact and flexible connector solutions. The improved sealing concept, together with easier installation in constrained spaces, expands the range of usage for these connectors beyond automation engineering to: sensor technology, actuators, data transmission, power supply, measuring equipment, and control systems applications.

Zyter Introduces Smart Factories™ IoT Solution

Provides a 360-degree View of the Factory with Analytics to Improve Productivity and Safety

The Impact of AI and Machine Learning Technologies in Manufacturing

New data- and ML-based business models will become more commonplace, so early adopters will have a competitive advantage. Machine learning will happen both in the cloud and on the edge, i.e., directly on or next to production machines and sensors.

Several Thread Processing Methods Commonly Used In CNC Machining Centers

The threads machining quality and efficiency will directly affect the machining quality of the parts and the production efficiency of the machining center.

3D Hubs rebrands to Hubs

Following the acquisition by Protolabs in January 2021, the company changes its name to strengthen its position as the global outsourcing solution for custom part manufacturing

Balluff's New SmartCamera Lite Focuses on Quality Control

New Model Delivers Cost-Effective Solution for Machine Vision

Motorized Linear Modules Provide High Performance and Precision Motion for Advanced Industrial Automation Applications

New from PI, the high performance, motorized linear slide modules are available with stepper or synchronous servo motors and a folded drivetrain for a reduced footprint.

Creating Energy Resilience in Your Manufacturing Facility

Achieving energy resilience at a manufacturing facility or elsewhere is a two-part process. First, it requires ensuring you have a reliable power supply. Next, an energy-resilient company must have thorough plans for how to respond if a power failure occurs.

How to Protect Electronic Components From Water and Corrosion

This Article discusses different types of electronic circuit protection devices and how they protect electronic devices against ESD, water or corrosion.

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Pleora Technologies – Reduce Costs with Hybrid AI using Pleora’s AI Gateway

Pleora Technologies - Reduce Costs with Hybrid AI using Pleora's AI Gateway

Pleora helps to lower costs, automate manual processes, and improve efficiencies for global brands in the consumer goods, pharmaceutical, life sciences, packaging, and transportation markets, and provides a unique hybrid approach with a "no code" software and hardware platform for AI development and deployment.