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Gorbel® to Showcase Overhead Lifting Solutions at International Manufacturing Technology Show

Crane Technology and Ergonomic Lifting Solutions help customers protect their people, productivity, and profits

IMTS 2022 - Water Jet Sweden is back in Chicago with advanced 5 axis waterjet cutting

Explore our most advances product for the high-tech manufacturing industry at IMTS 2022. FIVEX has redefined large scale 3D cutting worldwide in high-tech manufacturing industries like Defense, Aerospace, Energy and Chemtech.

Manifest AR-Enabled Work-Instruction Platform from Taqtile on Display at IMTS Show

Manifest Capabilities Benefiting Manufacturers Featured in Nokia Booth

Kevton Technologies Acquires Seven Sapphire 3D Printers to Provide Space, Aviation, Defense, and Oil & Gas Customers with Advanced Manufacturing Capabilities

Houston-based Manufacturer Places One of the Largest-ever Individual Orders for Sapphire Systems, Joining Velo3D's Contract Manufacturer Network and Helping Customers Build Their Most Complex Parts Without Compromising the Designs

Bantam Tools Introduces New Powerful & Portable CNC Milling Machine and A New and Improved Desktop Model

The Bantam Tools Explorer™ CNC Milling Machine Is Perfect for Engineers and Educators

XYZprinting Showcases Innovative 3D Printers with Open Platform Fast Cycle Sintering at IMTS 2022

XYZprinting SLS machines offer something others do not: the ability to use end-of-life powder from peer machines for high-quality parts. On top of the operational sustainability, the smaller build volume of the 236 allows for a 22-hour complete build cycle that only requires a 2-hour cooling cycle with zero negative effect on part accuracy or surface quality.

Schneider Electric and HP Disrupt Traditional Manufacturing with New Metal Jet S100 Solution for More Resilient Supply Chain

-Schneider Electric developing breakthrough applications by designing and manufacturing new Metal Jet-printed parts -Commercial Metal Jet Solution takes 3D printed metals to mass production by delivering high-quality parts at scale across industries -New HP Metal Jet S100 now commercially availability for mass production of high-quality 3D printed metal parts, helping customers across medical, industrial, consumer goods, and automotive industries scale 3D metals

TRUMPF Inc. at IMTS 2022

TRUMPF to exhibit automated arc welding, 3D laser welding, 3D laser marking, and additive manufacturing technology

Optomec and Acme Manufacturing Showcase the Industry's First Fully Automated Work Cell for the Additive Repair of Turbine Parts

Turnkey Solution Includes Seamless Integration of Prep, Additive Repair and Finishing Functions

Wöhner celebrates Premiere at IMTS 2022 in Chicago

The expert in energy distribution, control technology and renewable energies will exhibit its portfolio for the first time at the International Manufacturing Technology Show - with a focus on three products.

KINEXON to display Location-based Process Automation (LPA) at IMTS 2022

Location-based process automation (LPA) is the key enabler for autonomous operations. With KINEXON OS, we provide you with a powerful real-time operating system to analyze, optimize, and automate all processes via location technologies/RTLS from BLE and UWB to GPS. Enabling virtually unlimited use cases, KINEXON OS adds direct value to your operations in real time and provides invaluable insights to future-proof your business.

Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc. Exhibiting Innovative Solutions for a Resilient and Sustainable Future at IMTS 2022

Visit Booth 134102 to get a unique look at advanced machining and automation capabilities through interactive demos

ZEISS showcasing wider range of quality solutions in different pavilions at IMTS

At the main booth, #135502 in the Quality Pavilion, ZEISS will present technologies and application highlights in the areas of ZEISS eMobility Solutions, ZEISS Medical Industry Solutions, ZEISS Aerospace Solutions, and more.

Nexa3D Brings Additive Production Solutions to IMTS 2022

The company to showcase exponential throughput and economic gains with its comprehensive 3D printer portfolio spanning from desktop to the factory floor

Desktop Metal Introduces All-New Digital Sheet Metal Forming Technology with Figur G15 at IMTS 2022

The Figur G15 uses patent-pending Digital Sheet Forming (DSF) technology in which a software-driven ceramic toolhead on a gantry shapes standard sheet metal into parts with up to 2,000 lbs of force

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Featured Product

T.J. Davies' Retention Knobs

T.J. Davies' Retention Knobs

Our retention knobs are manufactured above international standards or to machine builder specifications. Retention knobs are manufactured utilizing AMS-6274/AISI-8620 alloy steel drawn in the United States. Threads are single-pointed on our lathes while manufacturing all other retention knob features to ensure high concentricity. Our process ensures that our threads are balanced (lead in/lead out at 180 degrees.) Each retention knob is carburized (hardened) to 58-62HRC, and case depth is .020-.030. Core hardness 40HRC. Each retention knob is coated utilizing a hot black oxide coating to military specifications. Our retention knobs are 100% covered in black oxide to prevent rust. All retention knob surfaces (not just mating surfaces) have a precision finish of 32 RMA micro or better: ISO grade 6N. Each retention knob is magnetic particle tested and tested at 2.5 times the pulling force of the drawbar. Certifications are maintained for each step in the manufacturing process for traceability.