XYZ Nanopositioning Stage for Scanning and Positioning in Photonics and Microscopy Applications

A compact nanopositioning stage provides fast response and high scanning speed – ideal for fiber alignment and super resolution microscopy applications - new from PI.

PI's P-616 XYZ Piezo Nanopositioning Stage, based on a parallel-kinematic design, features a single lightweight moving platform for all three axes, offering high precision and dynamics in a compact package. Known as the NanoCube®, it is the smallest and lightest system with capacitive feedback, providing a 100µm linear travel range in three degrees of freedom.

Sub-Nanometer Resolution with Capacitive Position Feedback for Closed-Loop Operation
The compact flexure-guided nanpositioning stage comes with integrated capacitive sensors, measuring the motion directly and contact-free at the moving platform. This direct-metrology concept guarantees the highest stability and accuracy, as well as high bandwidth in the kHz range.

Hybrid Coarse / Fine Solutions for Travel Ranges to 25mm
If longer travel is required, the XYZ piezo nanopositioning stagebe combined with compact motorized micro-positioning stages, such as PI's L-505 miniature linear stage, to achieve to 1" travel range in a very small package.

Advanced Digital Motion Controller Provides Excellent Linearity and High Speed
The P-616 nanopositioning stage is programmed with PI's E-727 digital servo piezo controller, providing enhanced linearity, faster settling and scanning speeds compared to conventional piezo controllers. Easy access to all motion parameters and settings is available through the included PIMikroMove software. The package also includes drivers for LabVIEW, dynamic libraries for Windows, Linux, and MATLAB. Interfaces include USB, SPI, RS-232, and analog. Supported functions encompass wave generator, data recorder, auto zero, and trigger I/O.

Watch how quickly the NanoCube performs fiber alignment in this video.

Integrated Long-Life Piezo Drives: Tested by NASA for the Mars Mission
The P-616 XYZ piezo nanopositioning stage is powered by ceramic-encapsulated, preloaded, and flexure motion-amplified PICMA® piezo actuators, offering superior performance and reliability compared to conventionally insulated piezo actuators. These maintenance-free actuators, guidance systems, and sensors are highly durable and cost-effective, with no wear and tear. In NASA/JPL reliability tests for the Mars Mission, the actuators impressively survived 100 billion cycles without any failures.

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