In view of the Covid-19 pandemic, ABB's Robotics & Discrete Automation business will offer key software services free of charge. This way, ABB is working to help customers and partners keep production lines going and to enable businesses to continue to function while many are working from home.


The manufacture of Intelligence, Surveillance, & Reconnaissance (ISR) optics requires a rigorous analysis of the capabilities and methods of an optical component design/manufacturing partner. Not all design/manufacturing partners are the same, and it is important that integrators elect to work in a collaborative way with companies that have the expertise, pedigree and capabilities to scale up production of components in an accurate and repeatable way.

New technologies aim to make 3D cameras easier to use

A 3D camera should be as easy to use as one found on a smartphone. That is the guiding principle for a Purdue University professor with more than two decades of experience in the 3D imaging field, who has developed new technologies aimed at making 3D cameras easier to use.

Yokogawa Acquires Danish Startup Grazper Technologies, Specialists in AI for Image Analytics

Grazper has developed advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technologies for analysing images, and Yokogawa aims to leverage these technologies within its various existing businesses and to develop new industrial AI solutions.

FLIR Launches its First Uncooled, Fixed-Mount, Connected Thermal Camera for Detecting Methane: GF77a

FLIR GF77a Offers Low-Cost Optical Gas Imaging Solution for Continuous and Autonomous Leak Detection

New E2EW Series proximity sensors from Omron feature IO-Link and world's longest sensing range

Industrial automation solutions provider Omron Automation Americas recently announced the release of its E2EW Series metal face proximity sensors that are designed to minimize downtime thanks to their durable construction and exceptionally long sensing range.

QEI's Integrated ADMS System

QEI offers their entire ADMS system (Advanced Distribution Management System) platform, which includes the integrated systems DMS, OMS, GIS and RTPS. These can be individually "bolted-on" to an existing or new SCADA system or integrated together.


Tosibox, the company offering solutions for operational networking and easy network management has added support for the leading cloud services, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure to its TOSIBOX® Hub platform in a new product update (v2.4.1) that will be released on Wednesday, March 25th. Tosibox's patented infrastructure solution for operational technology (OT) networking dramatically improves the security of connections between devices, users and cloud services. TOSIBOX® is now the perfect solution for OT connectivity as companies build their operational networks.

The Experience Economy in the Context of Design to Production Process Chains

Today's consumers expect to feel personally and emotionally addressed by products and services, and digitalization can confirm that expectation. Werner Busenius, VP Global Sales at Digital Manufacturing Solutions, outlines the challenges that the so-called experience economy holds for manufacturing.

Red Lion Launches FlexEdge™ Intelligent Edge Automation Platform

Enabling Rugged, Optimized Connectivity and Automation at the Edge

How a Collaboration Platform Can Keep the Coronavirus Threat from Killing Your Business

Everyone knows the solution is working remotely - but how do you make that happen?

THine Introduces a small package, low power consumption MIPI CSI-2 Serializer IC for Video Applications

Ideal for High Definition Endoscope Camera Applications

Powerful Emitters with Short Rise Times

VCSELs for Greater Range and Higher Resolution in LiDAR Applications

Renesas Introduces RX23E-A MCU Starter Kit to Jumpstart Accurate Analog Evaluation for Industrial Automation and Measurement Equipment

New RSSK Enables Analog Characteristics Evaluation at the Nanovolt Level, Accelerating Time to Market for Industrial IoT Sensors

The Industrial Internet Consortium Announces Software Trustworthiness Best Practices Whitepaper

Guidance to ensure the safety, security, privacy, reliability and resilience of software for IIoT systems

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Dynatect Automated Machine Safety Roll-Up Doors

Dynatect Automated Machine Safety Roll-Up Doors

Need to increase safety? Are you using light curtains? Is space a concern? Dynatect's Gortite® VF Automated Machine Safety Door combines safety technology, speed, and a physical barrier to isolate hazardous operations. Use of a physical barrier with safety sensors can save up to 30 square feet of manufacturing space. Using the ANSI minimum safety distance formula, the Gortite® VF Door limits the depth penetration factor and average approach speed, allowing closer location of the safeguarding device. Unlike light curtains, which can't contain process hazards, an automated machine safety door can isolate common workplace debris. This physical barrier is designed to contain process driven hazards such as weld sparks, UV flash, and light debris. Thus, the operator can maintain closer proximity to the work area improving ergonomics and productivity.