3D printing service bureau CRP Technology will attend for the first time VTM Vehicles and Transportation Technology Innovation Meetings

3D printing service bureau CRP Technology will attend for the first time VTM Vehicles and Transportation Technology Innovation Meetings (March 26th to 27th, Lingotto Fiere in Turin, Italy) showcasing the cutting edge solutions in Windform composites for the automotive and vehicle sectors.

CRP Technology, a global leader in additive manufacturing and renowned 3D printing service bureau, proudly announces its inaugural presence at the esteemed VTM Vehicles and Transportation Technology Innovation Meetings. Set to unfold from March 26th to 27th at the prestigious Lingotto Fiere in Turin, Italy, this fourth edition of the international business convention marks a significant milestone in the automotive and vehicle innovation landscape.

At this pivotal gathering, CRP Technology will unveil the revolutionary advantages of utilizing professional 3D printing techniques, such as Selective Laser Sintering, in combination with the advanced thermoplastic composite materials from its distinguished Windform range in the production of steadfast vehicle components. Positioned as an industry expert, CRP representatives will engage with B2B meeting attendees, providing profound insights into the unparalleled benefits of Windform materials for the manufacturing of functional prototypes and ready-to-use parts and components.

These benefits include lightweight design, resilient functionality across a broad temperature spectrum (-35°C to +191,90°C), superior mechanical performance encompassing high strength, impact resistance, thermal stability, liquid and moisture resistance, vibration damping, and corrosion resistance.

Under the spotlight of VTM, CRP Technology will showcase tangible examples and success stories, illustrating the extraordinary milestones achieved by automotive industry customers through the adoption of Laser Sintering and Windform materials.
Windform solutions have proven to be indispensable in the supercar sector, offering turnkey solutions that fully satisfy the extreme needs typical of high-level cars. Moreover, 3D printing solutions in Windform are increasingly utilized in the field of hybrid propulsion systems, demonstrating their versatility and reliability in meeting the evolving demands of modern automotive engineering.

Franco Cevolini, CEO and Technical Director of CRP Technology, remarks, "Windform materials were developed to address the everyday challenges faced by CRP's Motorsports clientele. Initially utilized for creating superior parts for wind tunnel tests, they have since become instrumental in producing race-ready components with unprecedented features. These remarkable results have propelled Windform composites to the forefront of advanced industry sectors such as Automotive and Aerospace.
In recent years, the synergy between the expertise of CRP Technology as a leading 3D printing service bureau and the advanced solutions offered by Windform materials has paved the way for groundbreaking innovations in the supercar and hybrid propulsion sectors. Our unwavering commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction drives us to continuously push the boundaries of additive manufacturing, delivering solutions that redefine the automotive industry."

VTM Torino, heralded as the epicenter for the future of mobility, serves as a dynamic platform uniting visionaries from the vehicle and transportation community. From leading vehicle manufacturers and tier suppliers to pivotal mobility decision-makers, disruptive technology entrepreneurs, and innovative solution providers, the event fosters collaboration and spurs innovation across the industry spectrum.

A cornerstone of VTM is its meticulously curated program of conference sessions, designed to explore the fundamental challenges and opportunities shaping the future of mobility and new vehicle technologies. The 2024 edition will cast a spotlight on key themes including Autonomous Assisted Driving, Electrification, Connectivity & Cybersecurity, Hydrogen & Sustainable Propulsion, Innovative Products & Manufacturing, and New Mobility Solutions.

Join CRP Technology at VTM Torino as we embark on a journey to redefine the landscape of automotive innovation and propel the future of mobility forward.

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