How does a business begin to build a compelling AI case? It starts with a problem worth solving. Here is how businesses can leap onto the AI train with a strategy that is as pragmatic as it is ambitious.

The AI Imperative: Crafting Your Manufacturing Future
The AI Imperative: Crafting Your Manufacturing Future

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At Elisa IndustrIQ, we have seen firsthand the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence (AI). But how does a business begin to build a compelling AI case? It starts with a problem worth solving. Here is how businesses can leap onto the AI train with a strategy that is as pragmatic as it is ambitious.

Defining the Problem: The AI Case Foundation

The first step on the AI journey is articulating a clear problem statement. What operational challenge is your business facing? What are your pain points? Is it yield improvement, scrap reduction, predictive maintenance, or resource allocation? The precision of your problem statement is the launchpad for AI’s strategic deployment. It is not about chasing data shadows but solving real, persistent challenges with AI’s relentless data digestion.


Data: The Lifeblood of AI

Machine learning, AI’s engine, requires vast amounts of data to learn and make informed decisions. However, it is not just about collecting data; it is about collecting the right data. Real-time measurement data is valuable, but without context, it is like having a book in a language you you are not able to read. Elisa IndustrIQ’s approach goes beyond real-time metrics to embrace context—every process flow, equipment ID, and recipe ID. This is how we transform data into a narrative that AI can interpret, predict, and enhance, turning the gears of your operations with unprecedented efficiency.


Realistic Planning: The Blueprint for AI Success

Once the problem is defined and data assessed, the next step is planning. What are the realistic timelines for the implementation of artificial intelligence and when will the value be realised? It is essential to establish a clear business case with expected outcomes and a realistic schedule.

We champion the pilot project approach—start small, validate your concept, then scale without limits. This approach minimises risk and provides valuable learnings that can inform a full-scale rollout. It is a strategy we have employed with our clients at Elisa IndustrIQ, leading to successful AI integrations.


From Analytics to Action: Measuring AI’s Impact

The end goal of AI implementation is to move beyond analytics to prescriptive action. It is not enough for AI to simply identify problems; it must also suggest solutions that improve processes.

Elisa IndustrIQ’s solutions are designed not just to interpret data but to prescribe solutions that refine processes, enhance yield, and cut waste. This prescriptive power is the hallmark of our advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning expertise, ensuring that AI’s role in your operations matures from passive observer to active catalyst.


Operational Excellence and Quick Decision Making

Our clients, like STMicroelectronics, attest to the operational excellence achieved through our solutions. By streamlining operations, we have helped businesses reduce wastage, optimise resource utilisation, and increase profitability. The agility afforded by our data-driven insights empowers manufacturers to make swift, informed decisions, keeping pace with the market’s dynamism.


Conclusion: The AI Journey Awaits

Artificial intelligence in manufacturing is a journey from data to decision, from insight to action. It is a path that begins with a clear understanding of the problems at hand and culminates in the strategic application of AI to solve those problems.

At Elisa IndustrIQ, we believe in the power of AI to not only address current challenges but to also anticipate future ones, ensuring that our clients are always ahead of the curve.

As we continue to lead in the industrial manufacturing software domain, we invite you to embark on this journey with us. Together, we can build a future that is not only efficient and sustainable but also resilient and adaptable to the ever-changing manufacturing landscape. The AI train is leaving the station, and the time to jump on is now.


Watch our expert session on Improving Yield and Quality through AI and ML.


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Elisa IndustrIQ

Elisa IndustrIQ

Elisa IndustrIQ is an industrial manufacturing software provider enabling manufacturers to translate data into actionable insights. This supports customers to achieve flexibility, resilience, and clarity throughout the entire supply chain. Additionally, Elisa IndustrIQ is one of the frontrunners of implementing AI and advanced cybersecurity into manufacturing software solutions, helping manufacturing companies achieve a sustainable future through digitalization.

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