Automate 2024 takes place May 6th - 9th in Chicago, Illinois. The Exhibit hall floor will be loaded with new products and services. Here is a preview of some things to look forward to at this years event.

Automate 2024 Product Preview

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Automate 2024 Product Preview 

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Featured Products

OnLogic Karbon 430 Fanless Rugged Computer

Automate Booth: #4436

The K430 packs the power and advanced IoT capabilities of modern Intel processing into a low profile, highly customizable, rugged fanless system built for the challenges of the IoT Edge. Internal components are protected from dust, debris, chemicals, and moisture thanks to fanless and ventless cooling. The Karbon 430 features an operating temperature range of -40° to 70°C, 9~48 V power input, and zero moving parts, all of which help to ensure a long system lifespan.







MVTec demonstrates the benefits of machine vision software for production and automation

Automate Booth: #4469

Machine vision can be used in almost every industry. With very high speed and accuracy and 24/7 availability, the technology offers advantages that are particularly needed in battery production and semiconductor manufacturing. Large manufacturing plants are currently being built up in these sectors in the USA. This is why machine vision is so important, as it plays a key role in quality control.

At the trade fair booth, MVTec will be demonstrating how machine vision, as the "eye of production", optimizes and automates processes. MVTec offers machine vision software with a wide range of functionality based on deep learning and classic methods. Customers can flexibly and efficiently implement these software products into their applications. The company will be demonstrating this with three demos at its booth. Additionally, the company will be showcasing its latest software versions HALCON 23.11 and MERLIC 5.5 at Automate.

Pleora Brings GigE Vision Software Connectivity to Wider Range of Cameras, Sensors, and Embedded Devices with Expanded eBUS Edge Platform

Automate Booth: #153

Pleora Technologies is a leader in real-time connectivity for industrial automation, security & defense, and medical imaging applications. The hardware and software solutions are built for performance, enabling low-latency, real-time video, and data transport in 1000s of unique systems. You will find Pleora’s solutions in space, medical operating rooms, armored vehicles, and inspection lines. With nearly 25 years of expertise in vision applications. With its growing global team, Pleora is continuously investing in enhancements to its technology platform to address higher bandwidth, usability, and system connectivity demands.

Most recently Pleora has expanded its eBUS Edge GigE Vision software transmitter solution with feature-based licensing tiers to help designers meet performance and cost demands as new 3D cameras, sensor-based imaging devices, and embedded and IoT products are deployed in machine vision applications. Visit booth 153, where Pleora will be showcasing the recently expanded eBUS Edge GigE Vision software transmitter with Labforge Bottlenose smart camera for automation, robotics, and defense applications.









Stäubli Robotic tool changer system

Automate Booth: #2250

The MPS Tool Changer System is the ideal tool changer system for every robot that is ready to order, and delivered to you when you need it. With the expansion of our MPS robot tool changers by 5 new models for payloads up to 80kg, we now offer you the ideal tool changing system for the entire payload range of all robot manufacturers up to 2500kg! Our customers benefit from our many years of expertise in all industry sectors, as well as our modular product concept, which offers three efficient solution paths: MPS COMPLETE offers preconfigured robotic tool changers for immediate use. MPS MODULAR allows the user to determine the configuration, while MPS CUSTOMIZED allows the construction of special, application-specific systems.

Schmalz Technology Development - The Right Gripper for Every Task

Automate Booth: #407

In order to interact with their environment and perform the tasks, lightweight robots, like all industrial robots, depend on tools - and in many cases these are vacuum grippers. These form the interface to the workpiece and are therefore a decisive part of the overall system. With their help, the robots can pick up, move, position, process, sort, stack and deposit a wide variety of goods and components. Vacuum gripping systems allow particularly gentle handling of workpieces, a compact and space-saving system design and gripping from above. Precisely because the object does not have to be gripped, the vacuum suction cupenables gapless positioning next to each other.







Denso Robotics - VS-Series 6-Axis Articulated Robots

Automate Booth: #2407

The DENSO VS-Series six-axis articulated robots offer the world's highest speed and precision for their class. Their design, which is even more compact than previous models, features ultraslim arms to facilitate integration and an optional bottom-side cable connection that saves valuable floor space. The robots can be mounted on the floor, ceiling or wall with no special hardware needed. An extremely high maximum allowable moment of inertia enables more flexible end-effector designs and a wider range of applications than conventional robots. In addition, a new internal wiring option allows users to easily connect Gigabit Ethernet devices and servo grippers directly to the flange, preventing cables from becoming tangled or interfering with peripheral equipment. A new IP67 dust- and waterproof protection option enables the robots to resist cutting chips and high-pressure washing, extending their application range. Standard and cleanroom models are also available. ANSI and CE safety compliance allows global deployment.






TM Robotics - THE1000 SCARA robot

Automate Booth: #661

The THE1000 has an impressive reach of one metre, making it ideal for assembly and inspection processes requiring larger components. It also has a maximum payload of 20 kg and high-speed operation with a maximum cycle time of 0.44 seconds. The THE100 will be working at full speed and handling its maximum payload at the show, highlighting its potential in industrial applications.

Not only will Shibaura Machine be demonstrating it’s THE range in a display powered by partner TM Robotics, the company will also be unveiling a new suite of optional extras that end-users will be able to add to their robotic solutions later this year. This includes ceiling mounting, IP65 ingress protection allowing them to become part of the manufacturing process in food and pharmaceutical production lines, and clean room options. This significantly enhances the versatility of the THE range and broadens the spectrum of potential applications for these robots.

maxon motor's - The ultra-fast brushless DC motor

Automate Booth: #1616

maxon motor launches new high-speed motors that are configurable online. The new ECX brushless motors are quiet and feature very high efficiency. The ECX motors are available with diameters of 8, 16 and 19 mm achieving speeds of up to 120,000 rpm. They run very smoothly and are highly efficient. With maxon motor's online configurator, it is easy to put together a customized DC motor to include gearhead, encoder and controller. The customized motors are ready to ship in 11 days!






Tech Rim Standards - Tech-Winder Teach Pendant Cable Winder

Automate Booth #5213

Tech-Winder is a robust solution for industrial cord management. Aluminum body, for hard impact protection. Flame retardant netting, for added protection against any sparks that may land on the cord. This industrial grade cord reel keeps your pendant cords protected and organized. Stores up to 50 meters (164 ft.) of cable in length with a diameter of 4.5 mm to 10.0 mm. Adapts to NAAMS or Modular Fencing when mounting. Help prevent your next $1,200 factory cable incident, by getting organized with Tech-Winder from Tech Rim Standards.


ATI Industrial Automation - MC-50 Manual Tool Changer

Automate Booth #824

With intuitive and ergonomic lever operation, the patent-pending MC-50 Manual Robot Tool Changer provides a simple solution for quickly changing robotic end-of-arm tooling by hand. This compact and robust Tool Changer is designed for applications on collaborative robots that support payloads up to 25 kg and small industrial robots supporting payloads up to 10 kg. Featuring an ISO 50 mm mounting interface on the Master-side and Tool-side, the low-profile MC-50 mounts directly to most cobots and seamlessly integrates with many common cobot marketplace grippers and end-effectors.





Synergy in Automation: Dorner Pallet Systems Perfectly Complement Robotics

Automate Booth: #1224

Dorner pallet systems seamlessly integrate with robotics, offering a symbiotic relationship that maximizes efficiency and precision in automated processes. Dorner pallet systems are designed for easy integration into robotic assembly stations, this design allows product to be assembled at your desired pace with maximum accuracy.


Automate Booth: #2013

ZiMo is Zimmer Group’s flexible automation solution designed for medium-sized businesses. This mobile robotic cell offers versatility and flexibility - thanks to its compact size and adaptable setup.

ZiMo enables free and mobile positioning at various locations without the need for complex integration into existing systems. An intuitive setup allows for operation without programming knowledge and its flexible configuration with quick adaptation enables profitable automation solutions, even for small-batch sizes.

Experience ZiMo in action at booth 2013 at the Automate Show!






BigRep ONE: Large-Scale 3D Printing

Automate Booth: #4479

The BigRep ONE is an award-winning, large-format 3D printer at an accessible price point. With over 350 systems installed worldwide, it’s a trusted solution for prototyping and production by designers, innovators, and manufacturers alike. Featuring a massive one-cubic-meter build volume, the fast and reliable ONE brings your designs to life in full scale.


Automate Booth: #2818

Destaco's Robohand RDH/RTH Series 2 and 3 jaw parallel grippers have a shielded design that deflects chips and other particulate for a more reliable, repeatable operation in part gripping applications ranging from the small and lightweight, to the large and heavy. RDH Series of Rugged, Multi-Purpose Parallel Grippers for Heavy Parts - Designed for high particulate application environments, automotive engine block, gantry systems, and ideal for heavy part gripping The series includes eight sizes for small lightweight to large/heavy part gripping. RTH Series of Powerful, Multi-Purpose Parallel Grippers for Heavy Parts - Designed for large round shaped parts, automotive engine block and gantry systems, and heavy part gripping. They're available in eight sizes for small lightweight to large and heavy part gripping.









Robotmaster offline programming software for robots

Automate Booth: #1877

Robotmaster® is an offline programming and simulation software that allows users to use a single solution for end-to-end robot cell design, programming, simulation, and code generation.

  • Design and plan robotic system layouts with ease
  • Generate toolpaths from CAD models and simulating the entire process from cutting, welding, polishing, spraying, and the material handling in between operations
  • Visualize robotic errors and leverage easy-to-use error correction tools
  • Generate ready-to-use brand specific robot code

Drastically decrease programming time and increase your productivity with an easy-to-use, high-performance robot programming software.

Encoder - Motion feedback solutions for AGVs and AMRs

Automate Booth: #3050

With autonomous vehicles and robots becoming a common sight in factories and warehouses, reliable motion feedback is needed to ensure safe, reliable operation. EPC’s encoders are designed for high performance in demanding applications requiring lift control, motor feedback, vehicle steering, conveyor positioning, and more. We offer:

  • Wheeled, draw wire, and rack-and-pinion gear linear measurement solutions
  • Compact and durable thru- and blind hollow bore encoders for motor feedback
  • Absolute encoders available with CANopen, SSI, EtherCAT, PROFINET, and EtherNet/IP communication protocols
  • Custom engineering services for solutions designed specifically for your application

Contact us today, and we’ll help you find the right solution for your application.







Automate Booth: #2178

FAULHABER has added another extremely compact Motion Controller without housing to its product range. The new Motion Controller is ideal for integration in equipment manufacturing and medical technology applications. With 36 V and 3 A (peak current 9 A), it covers the power range up to approx. 100 W and is suitable for DC-motors with encoder, brushless drives or linear motors.

Oriental Motor USA - Ideal for AGV/AMR Applications

Automate Booth: #2219

The BLV Series R Type brushless DC motor (BLDC motor) speed control system offers the design of motor and driver significantly reduced in size and weight, yet high-power, and contributes to the battery driven automation. The BLV Series R Type is compatible with the two interfaces of Modbus (RTU) and CANopen communication.






Automate Booth: #2855

Combining the ease of use of a webcam with the performance and reliability of an industrial camera? The uEye XC autofocus camera from IDS Imaging Development Systems proves that this is possible. Its high-resolution imaging, simple setup and adaptability make it an invaluable tool for improving quality control and streamlining workflows in industrial settings - especially for cases where users would normally employ a webcam. The uEye XC autofocus camera features a 13 MP onsemi sensor and supports two different protocols: USB3 Vision, which enables programmability and customization, and UVC (USB Video Class). The UVC functionality enables a single cable connection for easy setup and commissioning, while delivering high-resolution images and video. This makes the uEye XC camera an ideal option for applications that require quick setup and need to manage variable object distances. Additional features such as digital zoom, automatic white balance and color correction ensure precise detail capture, which is essential for quality control.

Harmonic Drive - Simplify with our New, Innovative Family of Compact Rotary Actuators with Integrated Servo Drive!

Automate Booth: #413

The SHA-IDT Series is a family of compact actuators that deliver high torque with exceptional accuracy and repeatability. These hollow shaft servo actuators feature Harmonic Drive® precision strain wave gears combined with a brushless servomotor, a brake, two magnetic absolute encoders and an integrated servo drive with CANopen® communication. This revolutionary product eliminates the need for an external drive and greatly simplifies wiring yet delivers high-positional accuracy and torsional stiffness in a compact housing.









A flexible parts-picking solution with high throughput for the electronic industry

Automate Booth: #813

This Robotics Integrated Controller (RIC) demo showcases how Omron’s full automation product portfolio can be combined into a complete solution to increase productivity. At the core is the RIC which can control and monitor the solution’s robotics, motion, vision, and safety products over EtherCAT. The RIC takes advantage of Omron’s Sysmac programming environment allowing PLC, safety, motion, robotics, and HMI projects to be programmed in a single file. This simplifies the design, programming, and integration process for a robotics solution allowing developers to easily achieve real-time synchronization between the robot and motion axes and incorporate features such as Factory Drive Recorder to record machine events such as faults.
Within the demo, an i4H SCARA robot (available with Cleanroom Class 10 and ESD ratings) is picking parts from a part feeder using an integrated FH vision system. The i4H robot picks and places these parts to designated positions by working in tandem with a belt-driven custom kinematic H-bot using Omron’s 1SA advanced safety servo system. Surrounding the entire system is a suite of safety sensors including a door.


Parvalux by maxon - AC or DC electric motors for conveyor systems?

The material handling industry uses conveyors to ensure that products are distributed effectively, AC or DC motors are chosen depending on the weight it needs to carry and the speed at which it needs to work. Learn which type of conveyor motor might be best for your application and how Parvalux can help you select a geared motor from stock or create a fully custom design.

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OnLogic Tacton TC401 Rugged Panel PC

OnLogic Tacton TC401 Rugged Panel PC

The Tacton TC401 panel PC is an easy to install touchscreen computer purpose-built for reliability in tough environments. Choose the display size, type, and brightness, and match it with the compute, I/O, and functionality your unique project requires.