Xometry Presents “The Xometry Marketplace: Powering Tomorrow’s Supply Chain

Hosted by Xometry CEO Randy Altschuler, Virtual Event Will Unveil New Products to Further Accelerate Digital Transformation of Manufacturing

ROCKVILLE, Md., June 16, 2022 -- Xometry, Inc. (NASDAQ:XMTR), a global online marketplace connecting enterprise buyers with suppliers of manufacturing services, announced "The Xometry Marketplace: Powering Tomorrow's Supply Chain" event. Set to be live-streamed at 11 a.m. ET on June 29, 2022, the virtual event will feature speakers from leading companies and manufacturers and focus on new technologies that are accelerating the digitization of all aspects of manufacturing - from the procurement process, to the ways in which small- and medium manufacturers run their businesses, to an emerging third-party developer platform that will usher in ever-more transformational technology.

"As the world faces unprecedented events, manufacturing is playing a pivotal role in helping overcome obstacles affecting us all — from the supply-chain crisis to inflation to scarce resources," said Randy Altschuler, Xometry CEO. "Xometry is introducing expanded marketplace products, new cloud-based solutions and a developer platform to bring buyers and suppliers even closer together to make the procurement process more nimble, drive efficiency across the supply chain and help the world get back to what it does best: delivering today's products while also getting tomorrow's innovations to market faster."

During the event, Xometry will unveil new technologies that will redefine how buyers and suppliers come together to produce the goods that fuel the economy including:
• New digital sourcing models for enterprise buyers;
• A new cloud-based operating system that empowers small- and mid-sized manufacturers to optimize efficiency and get today's goods to market faster; and
• An emerging platform for third-party developers to create an ecosystem of interconnected solutions.

The Xometry Marketplace event is the first in a series of bi-annual events bringing leading voices in manufacturing together to further technology's role in driving manufacturing's new paradigm. To RSVP for the livestream, please visit us here.

About Xometry
Xometry (NASDAQ: XMTR) powers the industries of today and tomorrow by connecting the people with big ideas to the manufacturers who can bring them to life. Xometry's digital marketplace gives manufacturers the critical resources they need to grow their business while also making it easy for buyers at Fortune 1000 companies to tap into global manufacturing capacity. Learn more at www.xometry.com or follow @xometry.

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