Nexa3D Adds Two New North American Dental Partners and Three Resin Materials

Nexa3D expands its dental presence in North America and continues to deliver on open-source platform promise by adding three new Pac-Dent resins to its expanding portfolio of validated dental materials

FLECONN M8 Connector and Cable Assemblies are widely used in Industrial Automation, Robotics, Automotive Manufacturing

FLECONN M8 connector and cable assemblies are indeed widely used in industrial automation sensor and actuator, robotics, automotive manufacturing and outdoor LED connection applications. M8 cable is often used to connect sensors in industrial automation. Sensors for detecting proximity, temperature, pressure, and other parameters can be equipped with M8 connectors for easy and reliable connectivity. M8 cables are also used to connect actuators such as motors, valves, and solenoids. They provide a robust and secure connection for transmitting power and signals.


Since its launch, the Hybrid Hexapod® has delivered unparalleled precision, offering documented proof of nanometer-level performance across all six degrees of freedom (6DOF). This breakthrough is not just a leap but a quantum jump in nanotechnology applications.

Unlocking Future Possibilities: I.C.T's Selective Soldering Machine Leading the Way in 2024

At the forefront of this technological advancement is I.C.T's online selective soldering machine - a testament to Chinese engineering excellence and relentless pursuit of perfection. With its advanced features and capabilities, this machine redefines the standards of soldering efficiency and precision.

New Pump Handbook from Alfa Laval

Alfa Laval just published a brand new edition of the company's renowned Pump Handbook. The 375-page handbook is free and contains scholarly information on basic pump functionality and in-depth guidelines for sizing and selecting the right pump type for optimum efficiency. The handbook is packed with real-life examples to increase its user-friendliness.

Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc. Provides an Automated Machine Tending Solution that Triples Output for Customer

TL Aerotek was looking for an automated solution to keep up with accelerating demand and found success using Mitsubishi Electric Automation's plug-and-play machine tending solution, LoadMate Plus™.

Machine vision made easy: New version of the no-code software MVTec MERLIC available from March

• Even beginners in the field of machine vision can implement complex machine vision tasks with MVTec MERLIC • Complete machine vision applications can be implemented with MERLIC • New version MERLIC 5.5 includes extended connectivity as well as new features for machine vision

Authentise Secures 3 Grants to Advance Digital Thread for Additive Manufacturing

Authentise and partners secure 3 grants to drive Additive Manufacturing (AM) applications and make the process more secure and efficient.

CAM Assist now creates machining strategies with AI for 3+2 axis CNC machines

• CAM Assist, which uses AI to generate machining strategies, can now support manufacturers using 3+2 axis CNC machines • CAM Assist can now be applied to help machine more complex parts, greatly increasing the number of manufacturers who can benefit from its efficiency gains

Navigating Efficiency: Insights into The MRO Services Market Trends

MRO services are indispensable for maintaining equipment, repairing machinery, and optimizing operational efficiency. As industries evolve and embrace digitalization, the demand for innovative MRO solutions continues to grow.

Finish Thompson Inc. Expands Workforce to Meet Growing Portfolio

Finish Thompson Inc. proud to announce key personnel changes as company continues to expand its presence in the corrosive fluid space.

Finish Thompson Inc. Highlights DB10 Sealless Plastic Centrifugal Pumps

Engineered for performance and proven in the field

NRI Set to Host Exclusive 2-Day Online Auction Featuring Over 600 Lots of MRO Equipment from Tier 1 Manufacturing and Power Generation Facilities

Auction will also showcase the Beam Solar EV charging system and Okuma CNC as special attractions alongside the diverse range of lots available for bidding on both days.

Women Are More Likely To Find Career Satisfaction In Manufacturing Than Their Male Counterparts, Fourth-Annual Survey From Women in Manufacturing And Xometry Finds

• Nearly 80% of Women Are Pleased With The Strides They've Made In Manufacturing, Up From 62% In 2020 • More Than 80% Of Women Recommend a Career In Manufacturing • The Overwhelming Majority Of Men And Women Believe Diversity In Manufacturing Improves Business Outcomes

New Optical Delay Line Stage Series, Based on Air Bearings, Released by PI

Lower pitch/yaw angular errors and the near-perfect straightness and flatness performance of air bearings deliver precise measured results, surpassing mechanical linear stages.

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Innovative SWIR camera for UAV based spectral remote sensing

Innovative SWIR camera for UAV based spectral remote sensing

Allied Vision's compact and light weight Alvium SWIR (short wave infrared) cameras are the ideal choice to build cost-effective OEM systems used in embedded and machine vision applications. The cameras support a spectral range from 400 nm to 1700 nm at high quantum efficiencies. This allows to capture images in both the visible and SWIR spectra with a single camera and enables users to reduce overall system costs! Equipped with Sony's IMX990 and IMX991 SenSWIR InGaAs sensors, Alvium SWIR cameras deliver high image quality and frame rates. This makes them well suited for drones or handheld devices used in various industries such as, agriculture, mining, solar cell inspection or medical.