Cassia Networks and Extronics Announce Strategic Partnership to Launch New ATX2000 Hazardous Area Bluetooth Gateway

Cassia and Extronics have entered into a strategic partnership to deliver a new hazardous area Bluetooth gateway that provides secure, long-range, multiple device connectivity for hazardous industrial environments.

Cassia Networks, Inc. a leading provider of enterprise Bluetooth IoT products and solutions partners with Extronics, a leading global designer and manufacturer of intrinsically safe and explosion-proof equipment to release its new ATX2000 hazardous area Bluetooth gateway certified for hazardous environments.

The ATX2000 gateway is the latest wireless Bluetooth IoT gateway offering from Cassia's full product suite of Bluetooth IoT products and solutions. Cassia's latest gateway is an IP66 and NEMA 4 rated product that features a highly ruggedized enclosure to withstand the harshest outdoor environments. The enclosure is uniquely designed and fully certified for Zone 2, 22 and Division 2 hazardous areas. The ATX2000 allows up to 40 real-time, two-way communication device connections. Customers can expect reliable connectivity of multiple Bluetooth devices while extending Bluetooth's range of up to 400 meters with Bluetooth 4 and up to 1 kilometer using Bluetooth 5 in open space. It comes equipped with an integrated TPM chip for enhanced security allowing for improved scanning performance and Bluetooth roaming for seamless connectivity. The ATX2000 also provides advanced edge computing capabilities to support third party applications.­ In conjunction with Cassia's IoT Access Controller (AC), a powerful network management solution, customers will have the ability to remotely manage and control thousands of gateways from a single centralized interface. And, together with Cassia's IoT AC, the ATX2000 can track the locationing and positioning of BLE devices by providing customers with relevant RSSI data.

"We are very pleased to be partnering with Cassia Networks to bring their latest ATX2000 BLE gateway to customers in the hazardous area industries," says John Hartley, CEO for Extronics. "Both parties have seen significant interest from customers for BLE solutions, especially for IoT applications for condition monitoring or location tracking. Our partnership will help businesses operating in the process industries take advantage of Cassia's state of the art BLE gateway technology in these challenging environments."

"Through our strategic partnership with Extronics, we're excited to offer the ATX2000 gateway for our enterprise customers operating in the hazardous area industries," says Felix Zhao, CEO for Cassia Networks. "Extronics' deep expertise in designing safe and explosion-proof products allows us to deliver an enterprise-grade gateway that will help customers operate safely in these hazardous environments."

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Cassia Networks is the leading provider of enterprise Bluetooth IoT products and solutions. Our patented technology provides the most reliable and easy to manage long-range, multiple device connectivity, edge processing and locationing for Bluetooth IoT networks. Our mission is to solve the IoT connectivity, locationing and management challenges faced by today's enterprises and make IoT easy.

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