Cassia Networks Announces the Release of the X2000 Bluetooth Gateway

Cassia Networks, Inc. a leading provider of enterprise Bluetooth IoT products and solutions, announces the release of its new X2000 Bluetooth gateway designed to further improve the performance and reduce the complexity and cost of large scale Industrial IoT deployments.

The X2000 gateway is the latest wireless Bluetooth IoT gateway offering from Cassia's full product suite of Bluetooth IoT products and solutions. Cassia's latest gateway is IP66 rated and features a ruggedized enclosure to withstand the harshest indoor and outdoor environments. The X2000 comes equipped with an integrated TPM chip for secure booting, secure storage, and robust end-to-end security. The X2000 allows up to 40 real-time, two-way communication device connections. Also, customers can expect reliable connectivity of multiple Bluetooth devices while extending Bluetooth's range of up to 400 meters with Bluetooth 4 and up to 1 kilometer using Bluetooth 5 for line of sight open space communication. The X2000 gateway provides enhanced scanning performance and Bluetooth roaming for seamless connectivity. In conjunction with Cassia's IoT Access Controller (AC), a powerful network management solution, customers will have the ability to remotely manage and control thousands of gateways from a single centralized interface. And, together with Cassia's IoT AC, the X2000 can track the locationing and positioning of BLE devices by providing customers with relevant RSSI data.

Cassia's X2000 gateway can run large third-party and custom edge-applications, thanks to its increased memory and storage providing customers increased flexibility and more customized options for IoT applications.

"Our Machine Sentry Fixed vibration/temperature sensors are generally collected over Bluetooth by engineers using android tablets," says Steve Pineger, Systems Delivery Manager for AVT Reliability. "The Cassia unit allows us to collect data from them remotely, saving on-site visits and making data collection closer to real-time at a very low cost."

"The X2000 is Cassia's flagship product designed and optimized specifically for Industrial IoT applications. The highly reliable, secure and easy to use enterprise-grade gateway significantly reduces the cost and entry barriers for enterprise IoT" says Felix Zhao, CEO of Cassia Networks. "We understand the challenges facing today's IoT enterprises and how difficult and costly deploying wireless systems can be," says Zhao. "We're excited to offer the X2000 gateway for our customers so they can achieve the performance, flexibility, security and scalability they need to gain a competitive edge."

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About Cassia Networks

Cassia Networks is the leading provider for enterprise Bluetooth IoT products and solutions. Our patented technology provides the most reliable and easy to manage long-range, multiple device connectivity, edge processing and locationing for Bluetooth IoT networks. Our mission is to solve the IoT connectivity, locationing and management challenges faced by today's enterprises and make IoT easy.

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