Gocious launches Competitor Analysis Solution to empower discrete manufacturers with optimized product development through comprehensive analyses

SaaS solution spots high-level competitor trends enabling product managers to better understand the current market

LOS ANGELES, CA - May 12, 2021 - Gocious, an intelligent product planning software for discrete manufacturers, today unveiled its Competitor Analysis Solution facilitating seamless go-to-market product journeys to help foster a deeper understanding of competitive landscapes and drive immediate results, including data-driven decision making and reduced errors on product line builds.

With this rollout, Gocious' industry-first, competitive solution will fill a void in early stage strategic product solutions, giving product managers consistent and repeatable analyses that help optimize their output based on competitor data. Today, manufacturers big and small are making decisions based on insights from spreadsheets as their primary source of competitive tracking. The difficulty in this is that these decisions often require a lot of investment and real-time collaboration; however, being restricted to archaic tools like spreadsheets are ultimately hindering their efficiency and growth.

"As we've seen throughout the years, there is a critical need for product managers to understand how and what competitors are doing over time, to enable them to pivot their strategies quickly to meet current market demands," said Maziar Adl, CTO, and Co-Founder of Gocious. "In having a solution that identifies where competitors are focused, manufacturers can identify the most foundational element in successful product planning to differentiate their offerings and gain an understanding of consumers' needs and wants through data. As the appetite for effective solutions grows, we plan on providing solutions that offer methods and insights on competitive pricing to allow further analyses and optimization."
The Competitive Analysis Solution gives product managers the right tools to accurately assess products at a higher level, uncovering competitor product trends through data to effectively produce more informed decisions on products and increase output. Since the tool is cloud-connected and integrates with existing PLM systems, users are able to store competitive data for future use to drive efficiency throughout the entire product development lifecycle.
For more information, visit www.gocious.com
About Gocious:
Gocious is a cloud-based Product Portfolio Management (PPM) and Planning SaaS solution for discrete manufacturers. With a data-driven approach, Gocious empowers manufacturers to digitally transform their product planning and to reduce time-to-market while delivering the flexibility required to meet consumers' shifting demands. A natural complement to PLM and CPQ systems, Gocious ensures complete organizational alignment around a common product roadmap and feature definitions.

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