CRP Meccanica and CRP Technology alongside Energica for the FIM Enel MotoE™ World Cup

CRP Meccanica and CRP Technology made available their technological expertise to Energica during the off season to get ready for the MotoE™ event

Energica Motor Company once again will be providing the Ego Corsa machines - and technical support - for the 18 riders and twelve teams entering the FIM Enel MotoE™ World Cup competition in 2020.

Although the forced stop due to Covid-19 disease will lead to a reprogramming of the 2020 sporting events calendars, the work "behind the track" for Energica and its suppliers began many months ago, reaching its climax in the weeks immediately following the end of the 2019 Championship.

CRP Meccanica and CRP Technology were still proudly alongside Energica as technological partner.

CEO and CTO CRP Meccanica and CRP Technology, Eng. Franco Cevolini, commented, "As Energica's technological and financial incubator, CRP firms have been supporting the development of Energica Ego Corsa for the 2019 competition. We are still working alongside Energica to reach a new season as superb as the past one."

Energica, the single manufacturer of the series, has been working hard during the off season to get ready for the MotoE™ event and the same have been doing CRP Technology and CRP Meccanica.

"The Ego Corsa - added Eng. Cevolini - is the state-of-the-art electric racing motorcycle developed by Energica. Ego Corsa shares common ground with the road-going Ego, which was created and engineered through the support of CRP Meccanica and CRP Technology's expertise. Our innovative and avant-garde solutions in the field of Additive Manufacturing technology (CRP Technology) and in the field of Subtractive Manufacturing technology (CRP Meccanica) have made Energica a unique model throughout the world, allowed Energica to be chosen by Dorna for the new era of electric motorcycle racing."

On March 10-12 the first of the two official tests held at Jerez helping the riders and teams get up to speed ahead of the season.

Alongside MotoE riders and teams, Energica's test squad was also on track with the Modena-based company's official test rider, Alessandro Brannetti. He brought forward the development work of the Ego Corsa, which includes parts and applications manufactured by CRP firms. For instance, some components inside the Ego Corsa's new battery were 3D printed by CRP Technology using Windform® FR2, the newest and disruptive material from the Windform® TOP-LINE range of composite materials for Laser Sintering technology, created by CRP Technology itself.

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