Russell Finex - Warbutons Bakery 3in1

-Bag dump screening station for safety screening bakery ingredients -Warburtons bakery maximizes productivity and operator safety with integrated vibratory sack tip screeners

Warburtons, the family baker, has improved process efficiency in a number of its bakeries following the installation of a range of machines supplied by Russell Finex Ltd. Bakeries in Blackpool, Wednesbury, and Newcastle have all individually chosen to convert to Russell machines to improve product standards and further safeguard operators' health.

Warburtons Wednesbury bakery recognises bag tipping as a critical control point and has purchased two new Compact machines to screen all hand fed ingredients to eliminate any risk. The sieving stage of the bread production process is designed to remove any foreign matter from the ingredients being screened. Due diligence is taken very seriously at Warburtons and every reasonable precaution is taken to ensure that they fulfil HACCP requirements.
Warburtons Blackpool has purchased an integrated vibratory sack tip screener which is also being used to check screen raw ingredients. This unit replaces an older system which offered no direct dust extraction or bag rest table for tipping. The new system provides solutions for both of these problems. There is now a sack tipping platform set at a comfortable height for operators to support the weight of the bag whilst emptying ingredients. A dust hood at the top dramatically reduces the dust generated during sieving. The bag tipping height has been determined with the operator in mind and follows Health and Safety Executive guidance on manual handling tasks. The dust hood is integrated with a sieve deck to provide a dust-tight interface, eliminating the need for a flexible connector and thereby increasing hygiene efficiency. Seated beneath the mesh is a magnetic trap to catch ferrous particles, which are smaller than the mesh size, thus complying with provisions of the Food & Safety Act 1990.

Replacing the fixed position machines, the ‘3in1' can be completely removed from the bag tip area for easy cleaning and requires only the minimum of maintenance. Having seen the Russell unit in action at another site, Warburtons Newcastle Bakery has now also installed a bag dump screening station for safety screening bakery powders .

For 85 years Russell Finex has manufactured and supplied filters, sieves and separators to improve product quality,
enhance productivity, safeguard worker health, and ensure liquids and powders are contamination-free. Throughout the world, Russell Finex serves a variety of industries with applications including food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, adhesives, plastisols, paint, coatings, metal powders and ceramics. Contact Russell Finex to discover how its customized solutions can benefit your production process and your business.

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