Say goodbye to complexity—you can now benefit from Plug-and-Play integration, and remotely commission, configure, program, run, and troubleshoot your motion control systems. Meet Servo Made Simple from Unitronics.

From Ready-Made Motion Code to Built-In Diagnostics, Unitronics 'Servo Made Simple' Increases Profit - By Saving Time.
From Ready-Made Motion Code to Built-In Diagnostics, Unitronics 'Servo Made Simple' Increases Profit - By Saving Time.

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Unitronics 'Servo Made Simple' is a powerfully efficient game-changing solution for manufacturers around the world—a solution that speeds time to market for motion applications.

Unitronics’ approach enables users to implement Motion Control easily, by eliminating the complicated operations associated with Motion. Ready-Made Motion code, Embedded Diagnostic tools, Automatic Communication setup, are just some of the time-saving features the system offers.

Motion: Out-of-the-Box

'Servo Made Simple' not only greatly simplifies motion application programming, it brings a number of advantages both for simple motion needs and complex EtherCAT motion tasks:

  • Get moving out-of-the-box, no coding needed: Ready-Made Motion code, provided with every purchase, includes HMI screens that enable users to test their completed system; this code can be opened and adapted to other applications via PLCopen standard functions
  • Plug-and-Play: seamless, automatic integration and communication setup between all Unitronics devices.
  • One software for all project needs: Set up & program PLC, HMI, Servo, VFD, I/O, and 3rd-party communication—no need to struggle with multiple software tools to build an application.
  • Minimal room for error: our software automatically analyzes mechanical properties and recommends safe values for the user application.
  • Diagnostics: UniLogic includes a built-in powerful, high-speed scope to view servo run-time performance
  • Tune the system: Using only one single parameter.
  • Embedded Diagnostic tools: No PC needed. Via an HMI panel – or a virtual HMI screen on mobile device – users can:
  1.  Set motion parameters
  2.  Monitor Axis behavior & I/Os
  3.  Execute movements, such as Point-to-Point, Jog, & Homing
  • Perform remotely any task – commissioning, operation - that does not require a screwdriver, via Web browser or VNC.

EtherCAT: Complex Motion

Generate motion profiles that perfectly perform coordinated, discrete, cyclical multi-axis motion, by pairing UniStream PLCs with Unitronics’ EtherCAT master modules and AC Servo Drives to achieve:

  • Gearing, Camming, Combined Axes with PLC-open compliant MC functions
  • Perfectly precise control of up to 8 discrete axes, or 4 discrete axes and 4 cyclic synchronous axes.


Motion Control with UniStream

From start to finish, Unitronics’ innovative hardware brings time-saving benefits not only to motion control. Award-winning UniStream PLCs are multi-function controllers that provide users with advanced communication support, and a unique form of Virtual HMI. The PLC itself stores and runs both the program logic and the HMI user application. This enables authorized users to view and operate the HMI via any mobile phone, PC, or remote display device.

UniStream offers broad communication support: Ethernet/IP, MODBUS, CANopen, a Message Composer for proprietary third-party protocols, OPC_UA, REST_API, MQTT, SNMP, SQL, Web Server, FTP, SNMP and more, UniStream also supports FTP server & client, e-mail, & SMS, as well as Remote access via VNC.


One Integrated Solution for Motion Control & Automation

Unitronics Servo Made Simple simplifies the implementation of servo motion control in industrial automation applications. It provides an integrated solution that combines powerful hardware, user-friendly software, and advanced motion control capabilities to streamline the setup, configuration, and operation of servo systems.


With free software, free top-notch technical support, an impressive product portfolio including Servos, VFDs, IO, PLCs, HMIs—and an end-to-end IIoT Cloud platform—Unitronics gives you cost-effective, powerful, efficient automation that can boost your competitive edge and open new business opportunities.


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