North American's Largest Linear Friction Welder Now Operational at LIFT in Detroit

The friction welder, built and installed by the global leaders in friction welding, Manufacturing Technology, Inc. (MTI), has the largest tooling capacity of any linear friction welder in the world. This allows for the production of the largest full-scale parts available. Previously, companies interested in using a linear friction welder of this scope would have to travel to Europe.

Locus Robotics Announces Technology Collaboration Partnership with RightHand Robotics


AMADA MIYACHI offers new TR-T0016A Touch Retract Welding Torch for Electric Vehicle Battery Pack Applications

The TR-T0016A Touch Retract Welding Torch is a great choice for those scaling up from R&D to manufacturing, offering ease of integration and automation.

Sensata's Slim 22.5mm Hybrid Motor Starters Extend Motor Life and Save Space

Application sectors include robotic, industrial, manufacturing and material handling systems

Tompkins International Announces 2020 Annual Supply Chain Leadership Forum

Join the 2020 Annual Supply Chain Leadership Forum to connect, share, and learn from top supply chain executives.

Kennametal introduces its Mill 4-12KT, the next generation of tangential shoulder milling

New tangential shoulder mill features an innovative triangular-shaped margin design providing cutting edges with exceptional strength


This Year Marks EPC's 50th Anniversary

ACEINNA Launches Current Sensor Whitepaper

What do developers need to know about Current Sensing Technology - All about AMR Based Current Sensing. For Server Farm and Telecom Power Supplies, IoT applications, Appliances, Inverters and Motor Control, Industrial Robots and Manufacturing Systems, Automotive EV Charging Stations and many other tech applications

Tompkins International Annual Supply Chain Leadership Forum Keynote Speech

Two hundred supply chain experts have taken their seats to listen to Dr. Tompkins' keynote.

Small Internal Mix Spray Nozzles Coat, Cool, Treat and Paint

EXAIR's new 1/8 NPT small internal mix spray nozzles atomize fluids up to 28 gallons per hour. Internal mix atomizing nozzles mix the liquid and air inside the cap and produce the finest atomization. Internal mix nozzles can be used on liquids with a viscosity up to 300 centipoise. Small internal mix nozzles are available in narrow angle round pattern, wide angle round pattern and flat fan pattern and are used to coat parts in containers, cool laminates, or apply paint and lubricant. They combine liquid and compressed air to create a coating of liquid that can be easily adjusted to meet the needs of your application.

CPC-Cryolab Highlights Uniseal Cryogenic Stainless-Steel Pipe Coupling for Extreme Low Temperatures

Leak-tight sealing solves common ground joint-pipe leakage issues

What are the applications of automotive steel pipes in the automotive industry?

Steel is safe. Today's automotive structures use advanced high-strength steel to effectively improve collision protection and ensure the safety of you and your family. Cars made from advanced high-strength steel are lighter and more fuel efficient

CNC Machines Chooses Kissimmee Coast Guard Vet for Veteran to Machinist Scholarship: Part of Effort to Grow and Diversify the Manufacturing Workforce

Founded in 2014, CNC Machines carries more than 500 machines to meet the needs of small to mid-sized American manufacturers. Earlier this year, the organization also announced a competitive award for students enrolled in a CNC machinist, CNC operations, engineering or manufacturing certificate or degree program which included a donation to the winner's machining or manufacturing department to help fund purchase or upgrade of tools or supplies. For more information go to

Aircuity Introduces New Products and Features to Address Commercial Building Health and Wellness Market

Aircuity, the leading global provider of measurably better environments, is excited to announce several new products and additional features to its analytic platform.

Sierra College Hosts CNC Machining Training Funded by Sacramento Manufacturers to Create Labor Pool

Sierra College and the Sacramento Valley Manufacturing Initiative partnered to offer an intensive 60 hour machinist training that was developed, taught and paid for by manufacturing companies bent on creating a labor pool of people with basic skills who could enter the trade as apprentices.

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Awe-inspiring power and superior flexibility is sheathed within the contoured casing of the HAWK MV-4000. This smart camera builds upon the previous generation by quadrupling processing power and achieving real-time trigger response using an FPGA. Its state-of-the-art algorithms make it an excellent tool for any industry, whether the requirement be code reading, code verification, inspection, guidance, gauging or a combination of all four.