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Showcasing the Manufacturers stepping up during the Coronvirus Crisis

Leuze in the fast lane with "alternating quarantine"

While uncertainty still looms over the political and economic environment, innovation leader Leuze is demonstrating creativity and is taking the role of a forerunner through the use of "alternating quarantines." Result: the numbers are on track in spite of the pandemic. Short-time work is not currently an issue.

Allied Electronics & Automation Builds and Donates Protective Equipment for First Responders

Oklahoma Aerospace Manufacturers Pivot to Supply Critical PPE Devices to First Responders and Healthcare Teams Across the State

Rapid Application Group leads collaboration to enable thousands of FDA approved devices produced using additive manufacturing

CraftBot USA successfully launches a #3DPrintToProtect movement to empower communities and frontline workers

Partnership with U3DPS and GoFundMe campaigns allows for 3D printing of PPE

COVID-19: Incodema Uses MC Machinery's CO2 Laser, Wire EDM and Press Brake to Make Innovative PPE for Healthcare Workers

New York precision cutting and forming sheet metal manufacturer developed prototype and produced sanitizable, reusable face shields for front-line healthcare workers.

COVID-19: Mursix Uses MC Machinery's CO2 Laser and Wire EDM to Transform into Major PPE Manufacturer

Mursix, an Indiana-based component manufacturer, has transformed itself into a major producer of personal protective equipment (PPE) for front-line healthcare workers. Using Mitsubishi machines, Mursix is producing 500,000 face shields a week for hospitals and nursing homes all over the U.S. and Mexico.


3DPRINTUK has partnered with Arts University Bournemouth to manufacture face shields for front-line provision of PPE and has released it for everyone to use.

CoVent-19 Challenge Attracts More Than 200 Ventilator Design Submissions as 7 Teams Build Working Prototypes in Finalist Round

Stratasys providing pro bono 3D printing services for global, open-innovation initiative led by Boston anesthesiology resident physicians

Maker Mask partners with pi-top enabling schools to fight COVID-19 with 3D printable respirator masks

Edtech company pi-top has created lesson plans that teach users how to make a 3D printable NIH-approved respirator mask, using readily available materials found at local hardware stores

Swab Shortage: FATHOM & Abiogenix Bridge the Gap with 3D Printed NP Swabs

The Abiogenix spiral design, made by FATHOM, using Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing technology, was selected as the preferred 3D printed swab by clinicians and patients alike.

Binder USA Introduces Series 763 M12-A Connectors with Plastic Threaded Rings

Binder USA, LP, launches new Series 763 M12-A connectors with plastic threaded rings. The IP68-rated male and female cable connectors are available with 3, 4, 5, 8 or 12 gold- plated contacts in a molded UV-resistant nylon (PA) housing. The plastic connectors offer a lightweight, cost-effective solution for use in factory control systems and electrical equipment requiring IP68 protection. Series 763 ready-to-connect cable sets are available with 2 or 5-meter cable lengths.

Maker Mask's COVID-19 Response Network of Nearly 10,000 Makers Delivering National Institutes of Health-Approved Protective Masks to Communities Worldwide

Community-based 3D printing makers mobilize to solve PPE shortage, helping protect police, fire and rescue, and other critical essential service providers from COVID-19 virus

Sensors, robots and social distancing: What will factories look like in the post-pandemic era?

A new working paper provides a roadmap to recovery for manufacturers managing through COVID-19

ExOne and Pitt Collaborate to Produce Promising Reusable Respirators With 3D Printed Metal Filters

Reusable porous metal filters 3D printed with ExOne technology were manufactured to fit inside a plastic respirator cartridge designed by the University of Pittsburgh. The combined units, now undergoing initial testing, could deliver sterilizable personal protection equipment for long-term use.

Stratasys and Origin Partner to Bring Millions of 3D-Printed Nasopharyngeal Swabs to Healthcare Providers for COVID-19 Testing

Origin plans to increase production from 100,000 per week to over a million per week by May

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maxon motor’s - The ultra-fast brushless DC motor

maxon motor's - The ultra-fast brushless DC motor

maxon motor launches new high-speed motors that are configurable online. The new ECX brushless motors are quiet and feature very high efficiency. The ECX motors are available with diameters of 8, 16 and 19 mm achieving speeds of up to 120,000 rpm. They run very smoothly and are highly efficient. With maxon motor's online configurator, it is easy to put together a customized DC motor to include gearhead, encoder and controller. The customized motors are ready to ship in 11 days!