CraftBot USA successfully launches a #3DPrintToProtect movement to empower communities and frontline workers

Partnership with U3DPS and GoFundMe campaigns allows for 3D printing of PPE

As businesses start reopen, CraftBot USA has launched a #3DPrintToProtect initiative with hospitals, print shops and local community initiatives such as the Be Safe Project, launched by 18-year-old Washington D.C. native Gabriel Wittes to help communities better protect themselves.

CraftBot began this initiative to fight COVID-19 by setting up a unique Rapid Local Manufacturing (RLM) farm concept consisting of 12 3D printers printing and manufacturing face shields within a two-week timeframe. The RLM farm produced over 5,000 shields, which were given away to local Hungarian hospitals and businesses to help protect their frontline workers. With the RLM concept proving effective, the initiative was shared with distributors in various countries to empower them through hardware and software support.

"We are keen to support our frontline workers by giving the masks for free as a show of appreciation," said Gabriel Wittes. "CraftBot donated four printers as part of our RLM set-up along with a stock of filaments. The CraftBot Flow IDEX can produce 2,000 masks per month and has been instrumental in meeting our production goals."

"People are feeling powerless and they want to help. For this reason we initiated the #3DPrintToProtect movement to empower them against COVID," says John Kassis, VP Commercial for CraftBot. "The CraftBot culture is all about family and innovation, and now more than ever we need to come together as we start to return to a sense of normalcy."

With the continuing need for PPE, this initiative has quickly grown into a movement with partnerships at various levels looking to support. Here is how CraftBot is influencing a positive change for Americans:

Hospitals: Supporting the Launch of the Be Safe project to print/donate masks to Holy Cross Hospital and other DC-area hospitals.
Setting up a Craftbot managed RLM in San Diego to print/donate 150 face shields per week for Martin Luther King Hospital, Paradise Valley Hospital, Scripps Green Hospital, Sharp Mary Birch Hospital, and more.
Distributors: Supporting Ultimate 3D Printing Store (U3DPS), one of the leading 3D printer shops, with a donation to giveaway masks to local police and fire departments and launching a financing incentive offer through Affirm, a consumer financing company, that allows the public to purchase CraftBot printers for low monthly payments.
Communities: Giving PVNet, a STEM learning academy, a free 3D printer to produce 1,000 weekly face shields.
"We are a strong supporter of our community, and thanks to CraftBot we will be donating 1,250 masks to Pasco County Sheriff's Office and Pasco County Fire Rescue," shared Roy Kirchner, President/Founder of U3DPS.

As part of this initiative, CraftBot has developed a special toll-free number and email to assist anyone that may need PPE or who are interested in helping print their own. Contact toll-free 647-428-2760 and visit for further details.

"Our goal is to help make PPE available so that anyone can help with this movement," added John Kassis. "While our approach is local, we have similar initiatives running within Canada, Europe, and the UK to make this a global movement."

The multi-award-winning CraftBot 3D printers have set the industry standard for quality and performance for both beginners and advanced users.

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