Rootstock to Demo Latest Manufacturing ERP Capabilities at the Enterprise Software Showcase in Orlando

Attendees can learn about Rootstock's Decisioning Platform, which encompasses AI capabilities and the Signal Chain Appstore

San Ramon, CA (May 7, 2024) - Rootstock Software, a recognized leader in the Manufacturing ERP space, will demonstrate its innovative capabilities at the Enterprise Software Showcase (ESS) in Orlando, Florida, from May 7th to 9th, 2024 ( This event offers a platform for manufacturers to explore cutting-edge technology, gain insights from industry experts, and discover strategies for digital transformation.

In this setting, manufacturers can experience Rootstock ERP ( in action. They can also hear about customers who have used Rootstock to unlock their full potential for growth, efficiency, and success.

"ESS provides a unique forum for manufacturers to explore a wide range of solutions all in one place, and Orlando is sure to draw in local companies from aerospace, defense, and other high-tech companies," said Stu Johnson, Vice President of Product Marketing at Rootstock Software. "We're excited to take part in this proverbial solution showdown. Since our ERP is built on the Salesforce Platform (, it offers unique differentiators, including a native connection between ERP and CRM. These benefits stack up well in side-by-side comparisons."

Manufacturers can meet with Rootstock to discuss these latest developments:

• Signal Chain Decisioning Platform: Rootstock's vision is to provide an ERP that connects real-time digital signals across a manufacturer's enterprise. With this type of platform, leaders can strategically balance supply, demand, and capacity. This innovative approach attempts to replace disjointed legacy solutions and data silos with a modern ERP and unified data model for agile decisioning power.

• AIRS™ (AI from Rootstock): At the heart of this platform is AIRS, which leverages Rootstock's unique ERP data sets and industry expertise. This advanced AI solution will bridge the gap between digital and physical realms and enable predictive and generative AI capabilities. AIRS aims to optimize manufacturing operations, drive supply chain resilience, and enhance profitability.

• Signal Chain Appstore: In addition, Rootstock's Signal Chain Appstore is a groundbreaking online marketplace aimed at enhancing the ERP experience for customers. By offering a curated selection of third-party apps and consulting resources, the Signal Chain Appstore enables manufacturers to easily discover solutions and expertise in the Rootstock ecosystem.

If you're not attending ESS this week, be sure to check out Rootstock's upcoming events at or schedule a demo here:

Rootstock Software ( provides the leading Manufacturing Cloud ERP, which empowers hundreds of manufacturers to turbocharge their operations in today's dynamic, post-pandemic world. Natively built on the Salesforce Platform, Rootstock delivers a futureproof solution. With it, manufacturers gain the agility to continually transform their business to meet evolving customer needs, navigate emerging challenges, and accelerate success. In addition, the "connectability" of Rootstock Cloud ERP gives manufacturers 360° visibility to collaborate with suppliers, trading partners, and the broader value chain. As Rootstock continues to grow, stay tuned to the company's latest LinkedIn posts (

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