Economical Fast Focus Scanning Systems for Microscopy and Metrology Applications

Packages with controller, software, and nano-focus scanner offer an excellent price-performance ratio - new from PI.

Auburn, MA - PI, a global leader in nanopositioning instrumentation, has extended its PIFOC series of microscopy products by two new economical nano-focus scanner packages for applications including surface metrology, super-resolution microscopy, light sheet microscopy, digital slide scanning, etc.

Two scanning ranges are currently available, the P-725.1CDE1S offers 100µm and the P-725.4CDE1S offers 400µm. The fast scanners are based on a closed-loop piezo flexure design with capacitive position feedback for high linearity, stability, and repeatability. A compact digital controller with software is included.

• Travel range: 100 or 400μm
• Settling time: ≤ 19 or ≤ 35ms
• Point repeatability, 10% step, 1 sigma: ≤ 20nm
• Large clear aperture with Ø 29mm
• Outstanding lifetime thanks to PICMA® piezo actuators
• Nanometer resolution due to capacitive sensors
• High guide accuracy due to zero-play flexure guides
• Controller included
Industries Served
Surface metrology, semiconductor inspection, genome sequencing, 3D imaging, digital slide scanning, super-resolution microscopy, light sheet microscopy, fluorescence microscopy, interferometry, autofocus systems

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