Dolfi1920 Stakes New Claim with Rootstock Software

Luggage repair and claims specialist selects Rootstock Manufacturing Cloud ERP to transform global operations and support future growth

San Ramon, CA (April 10, 2024) - Rootstock Software, a leader in the Manufacturing ERP space, today announced that Dolfi1920, the European leader for processing airline claims and providing luggage services, has selected Rootstock Manufacturing Cloud ERP to drive its next chapter of growth, digital commerce, and superior customer service. With Rootstock built natively on the Salesforce Platform, Dolfi1920 will seamlessly integrate CRM and ERP data across the organization, creating a single source of truth between key functions, including inventory, invoicing, and finance.

Dolfi1920 ( works with more than a hundred airlines worldwide to offer comprehensive, tailored business solutions to manage the warranty and repair needs of passengers who have experienced luggage damage during flights. In addition to assessing damaged items, Dolfi1920 offers replacement luggage in collaboration with its network of leading and regional brands and through its own shop, where customers can select replacements from its growing digital storefront.

"Dolfi1920 is the epitome of entrepreneurial spirit. The company identified and now fills a critical niche in the travel industry. Imagine if you're traveling and discover your luggage has been damaged on a flight; Dolfi1920 helps process these claims, makes repairs, and even delivers replacement bags to your door," said Raj Badarinath, Chief Product and Marketing Officer at Rootstock Software. "Since the company solves a tangible problem for airlines and travelers alike, they've grown quickly. With Rootstock ERP, Dolfi1920 is now equipped with a cloud-based, global solution designed to support it through the next phase of its evolution, namely ongoing international expansion."

"At Dolfi1920, our mission is to create consistent, exceptional experiences that drive value for customers and ongoing loyalty," said Gal Zentner, General Manager at Dolfi1920. "We rapidly progressed from a local company to one with a global footprint. Ongoing growth has dictated our need for a solution like Rootstock. Built on the Salesforce Platform, this ERP will support our momentum and provide a 360-degree view of our operations. We'll be able to balance customer demand with inventory across our warehouses. Customers can easily view in-stock items available for immediate delivery. With improved visibility across our suppliers and core business functions, we'll be able to focus on what we do best—delighting customers and supporting our global ecosystem of airlines and luggage manufacturers."

Dolfi1920 selected Rootstock Manufacturing ERP ( after extensively evaluating the company's critical needs, including accurate invoicing, rapid implementation, and responsive customer service. "Another thing that set Rootstock apart was the spirit of collaboration and ability to address our unique needs as a European company with operations worldwide. Through our conversations with the team, we were impressed with Rootstock's ability to address head-on the organizational problems we were experiencing and provide realistic and achievable solutions," explained Zentner.

By adopting Rootstock, Dolfi1920 will also leverage the company's powerful automation and reporting features to enable employees to spend less manpower on time-intensive, repetitive tasks and instead focus on more strategic priorities that deliver more value for the company, especially during high-demand travel seasons.

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Rootstock Software ( provides the leading Manufacturing Cloud ERP, which empowers hundreds of manufacturers to turbocharge their operations in today's dynamic, post-pandemic world. Natively built on the Salesforce Platform, Rootstock delivers a future-proof solution. With it, manufacturers gain the agility to continually transform their business to meet evolving customer needs, navigate emerging challenges, and accelerate success. In addition, the "connectability" of Rootstock Cloud ERP gives manufacturers 360° visibility to collaborate with suppliers, trading partners, and the broader value chain. As Rootstock continues to grow, stay tuned to the company's latest LinkedIn posts (

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