AM Solutions is delighted to announce that among the array of AM post-processing solutions on show at TCT 360 on booth C39 in Hall 1, June 7-8, it will be showcasing in particular its M1 Basic and C1 machines.

(25th April 2023, Knowsley, Merseyside, UK.) AM Solutions is delighted to announce that among the array of AM post-processing solutions on show at TCT 360 on booth C39 in Hall 1, June 7-8, it will be showcasing in particular its M1 Basic and C1 machines. In addition, the company is proud to have been nominated for an award for its ground-breaking S2 technology, which promotes unique parts handling and fully automated post-processing for plastic components made on the full range of polymer powder bed AM systems. Information on this exciting technology will also be available on the booth

Colin Spellacy, Head of Sales at AM Solutions UK says, "We are obviously delighted that the impressive panel of TCT Award judges has recognised the amazing effectiveness and efficiency of our S2 automated post-processing technology. In common with all our machines created for the AM sector, the S2 seeks to advance the industrial use of AM by working towards the full automation of the AM process chain. The M1 Basic and C1 machines, which visitors will see on our stand at TCT 360, also show this commitment, and the versatility of our portfolio of AM post-processing solutions which cover the full range of AM processes and materials."

The M1 Basic is AM Solutions' all-round post processing solution for the surface smoothing and polishing of single parts and small batches, and is able to handle both plastic and metal AM parts. It is a compact machine, which means that it is easily integrated into practically any manufacturing line. Multiple parts can be simultaneously treated in separate processing chambers through the installation of divider plates, and the system features — among other things — a comprehensive, easy-to-operate software package which allows the storage of post-treatment processing programs and, thus, reduces the risk of operator errors.

Spellacy continues, "The M1 Basic promotes superior surface finish of work pieces in a cost-effective and repeatable fashion, and refines parts made using the AM process, providing better-looking and better quality commercial-grade end-use products. In smoothing and polishing parts, it also enables the creation of a perfect surface for painting or dye, which is another important element of improving the aesthetics."

At TCT 360, AM Solutions' C1 post processing machine will also be on view. The C1 system is an excellent tool for the automated and cost-efficient post processing of photopolymer components. It is equally effective on precision functional components, design objects with extremely fine structures, and complex prototypes. Photopolymer-based AM processes are typically used when a higher level of detail or especially smooth surface finish is required, for intricate parts and components.

Spellacy explains, "For SLA, for example, support structures are required to securely fix a part to the print bed and to prevent in-build warping, and these supports are usually very thin and only lightly touch the part being built. Supports can leave marks when removed, however, which means that specialist post-processing technologies are required. In the C1 system, the perfectly adapted compound and the interplay between mechanical and thermal effects results in a highly consistent, effective, and gentle removal of support structures / resin."

The standard processing recipes, already stored in the PLC controller for the C1, can be individually modified and saved. In addition, the C1 machine contains various features to guarantee the optimal use of the compound and to minimize the operating costs. These include a fill level control system and an integrated saturation (contamination) sensor. Key process parameters such as temperature, cycle times and the degree of contamination of the compound are continuously recorded and saved with a data logger. This ensures full compliance with industry demands regarding quality control and consistency of the processing results.

The extent of the array of innovative AM post-processing solutions on show at TCT 360 demonstrates AM Solutions' dedication to the 3D printing sector, and the company's team of experts will there in force to discuss all the post processing requirements of the show attendees on booth C39.

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