NORD DRIVESYSTEMS Returns to GEAPS Exchange With Specialized Solutions for Grain and Bulk Material Handling Applications

The drive system manufacturer will be displaying their modular line of gear units, industrial gear units, electric motors, and electronic control products at the annual GEAPS Exchange February 25 – 28, 2023 in Kansas City, MO.

The annual Grain Elevator and Processing Society (GEAPS) Exchange provides an opportunity for attendees to discover new grain handling and processing equipment, technology, products, and services from all around the world. The drive solutions provider, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS, will once again be attending this year's conference to showcase their innovative grain industry drive solutions. NORD offers a modular design of gear units, electric motors, and electronic control products that are highly configurable and easily adaptable to a wide range of applications such as bucket elevators, rotary valves, feeders, and screw, drag, and belt conveyors.

NORD will be displaying these specialized solutions at Booth 517:

MAXXDRIVE® Industrial Gear Units
MAXXDRIVE® industrial gear units are engineered for heavy-duty, high torque applications. They feature high power density, quiet operation, and extensive input and mounting options. Rugged UNICASETM housings paired with high-capacity bearings ensure systems have high axial and radial load capacity, a long service life, and efficient operation. With their high performance and flexibility, they are ideal for applications such as bucket elevators, rotary screw silo reclaimers, mixers, mills, and conveyor belt drives.

MAXXDRIVES are also available with NORD's Grain Endurance Package. This package consists of several additional protective measures that are specifically designed for grain processors and further ensure long operating life in harsh grain environments. Features of the package include a drying agent filter, oil sample point, filter cart quick disconnects, and an oil inspection glass.

MAXXDRIVE® XT Industrial Gear Units
MAXXDRIVE® XT Industrial Gear Units expand on the MAXXDRIVE product line with a two-stage, right-angle design for mirror image installations. Their ribbed housing provides effective heat dissipation and along with an optimized axial fan cooling design, enables maximum thermal ratings to be achieved. An externally attached backstop is available for easy access and prevention of material flowback in heavy load systems such as belt conveyors. Various input and output shafts, drive couplings, and motor attachment options are also available to adapt to systems and meet specific application requirements.

90.1 Helical Bevel Gear Units
NORD's helical bevel gear units feature their tested UNICASE housing that delivers long service life, easy maintenance, and all components fully enclosed for increased safety. They provide high efficiency for low operating costs and thanks to their low maintenance, have a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Heavy duty bearings and spread bearing/flange mount designs support high axial and radial load capacity with minimum backlash. These versatile units offer 11 case sizes, various bearing concepts, various shaft options, and foot, flange, or shaft mounting for a complete drive solution configured for application-specific needs.

Screw Conveyor Package
The Screw Conveyor Package offers a compact, cost effective alternative to traditional screw conveyor drives by combining either a CLINCHER™ parallel shaft gear unit or right-angle helical bevel gear unit with a directly coupled gearmotor or NEMA C-face input. This specialized design eliminates the need for top motor mounts, pulleys, belts, or guards - minimizing parts for easier system maintenance, increased reliability, and superior drive performance. The CEMA flange and shaft assembly combine with an optimized QUADRALIPTM sealing system to protect internal components from contaminants such as dirt, moisture, and debris. These units are adaptable to a wide range of systems due to their closely stepped speed ratios, versatile flange bolting patterns, and direct drive motor options.

Electric Motors
Electric motors from NORD are designed with high efficiency, robustness, and modular flexibility in mind. They offer both synchronous and asynchronous motors, from standard IE1 efficiency up to IE5+ efficiency, that adhere to international energy guidelines and certifications. Explosion protection is also available for drives in hazardous environments such as those in the grain industry, where there is a dust or gas explosion hazard. NORD motors are also highly customizable and include options such as brakes, encoders, environmental protection features, external cooling fans, thermal protection, and connectivity solutions.

NORDAC PRO Variable Frequency Drives
NORD control cabinet variable frequency drives deliver high performance and scalable functionality in a compact, space saving design. The NORDAC PRO SK 500P and NORDAC PRO SK 500E VFDs are compatible with synchronous and asynchronous motors, offer a power range of 0.33 - 215 hp, and include POSISON integrated positioning mode for high precision control and easy regulation of material flow. Functionality of the drives can be extended via a wide range of optional modules selected with specific application requirements in mind. Functional safety options, such as Safe Torque Off (STO) and Safe Stop (SS1), are also available to protect both users and drive systems from possible damage.

To learn more about NORD's grain industry solutions being showcased at GEAPS, visit

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