With a Focus on Digital Transformation, Automated Control Concepts Announces Strategic Partnership with Advanced Analytics Solution SORBA.ai

ACC announces partnership with SORBA.ai offering state-of-the-art AI and ML digital transformation solutions to manufacturing sector clients.

Automated Control Concepts (ACC), a provider of digital transformation solutions and consulting services to life sciences and manufacturing companies, today announced the company has partnered with SORBA.ai, developed by SORBOTICS, LLC.

In light of the global push for industrial systems to harness artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) for optimization of process control systems and increase of risk mitigation, ACC has put an emphasis on their digital transformation solutions domain and partnered with SORBA.ai.

Originally developed as an automation platform, SORBA.ai specifically focuses on industrial systems that include "DataOps" data contextualization management utilizing the unified namespace, "MLOps" machine learning DevOps lifecycle management, machine learning training, automation systems connectivity, IoT connectivity, dashboard visualization, workflow and time series hot data storage on the edge or in the cloud. The hybrid software platform, which combines AI and cloud computing to offer a wide range of applications, was developed by SORBOTICS, LLC, in an effort to make the comprehension and use of AI more accessible for organizations with little to no machine learning knowledge.

"We are very excited to partner with industry leader Automated Control Concepts to implement state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions," said Aldo Ferrante, founder and CEO at SORBOTICS, LLC. "Our mission is ‘Making Smart Machines Simple,' and together we can provide the next generation automation platform for industrial systems and build learning machines that can autonomously improve operations."

Using a consultative approach, ACC leads clients on a digital transformation journey which is clearly mapped and illustrated; the SORBA.ai platform allows clients to focus on operational business while ACC uses expertise to determine best-fit solutions.

"SORBA.ai will be another tool in ACC's arsenal to provide solutions to deliver on the promise of digital transformation," said Kevin Hannigan, CEO of Automated Control Concepts. "The partnership will not only benefit the organizations and their customers, but will also emphasize the large-scale benefits of using the autoML software, such as a reduction of energy consumption, improved production yield and lower carbon dioxide emissions."

With cutting edge technologies through SORBA.ai's autoML software, ACC offers clients capabilities such as predictive maintenance, optimization of overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), digital twin simulation, advanced process control, forecasting, vibration analysis, and more, delivered in a digestible step-by-step plan.

SORBOTICS, LLC, the developers of SORBA.ai, delivers disruptive IIoT & Artificial Intelligence technology for industrial systems to leverage data to meet critical business objectives. SORBA.ai is a hybrid software platform combining AI on the edge and cloud computing to build smart SORBOTS (machine learning agents) to predict machine problems and optimize process control systems. SORBA.ai applications include predictive maintenance, advanced process control, digital twin simulation, forecasting, OEE, and vibration analysis in a single platform. SORBA.ai is implemented in 6 continents around the world with use cases ranging from food & beverage, pharmaceutical, steel, mining and environmental applications improving energy efficiency, water conservation, and more. For more information, visit SORBA.ai's website, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

About Automated Control Concepts
Founded in 1983, Automated Control Concepts (ACC) is a Rockwell Automation Gold System Integrator and leading ‘Industry 4.0' solutions provider helping businesses leverage technology and data to optimize manufacturing operational efficiency, quality and compliance. As an independent systems integration firm specializing in process automation and manufacturing intelligence, ACC provides solutions from initial requirements definition and system design through the implementation and commissioning of plant-wide automation and manufacturing execution systems. ACC delivers solutions to manufacturers in a variety of industries, including life sciences, infrastructure, and food & beverage. ACC offers two proprietary software products focused on life sciences - Lab Owl® bioreactor control system and TruTraq® environmental condition monitoring. The OP/Station® division of ACC offers industrial computer workstations designed for NEMA 12/4/4X and hazardous duty environments. For more information, visit ACC's website, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

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