Redwood Delivers Double-Digit Savings for RWI Logistics with RedwoodConnect™

RedwoodConnect™ integrates multiple supply chain technologies, eliminating costs, risks and months spent connecting systems manually

RedwoodConnect™, Redwood Logistics' proprietary flagship supply chain integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS), saved solutions-oriented logistics service provider, RWI Logistics, 10% in operational overhead costs through new enterprise connectivity, operational efficiencies, automation and visibility. Designed to eliminate inefficiencies and streamline integration processes, RedwoodConnect™ seamlessly integrates multiple supply chain technologies, reducing costs, risks and hours spent connecting systems manually while also providing users with actionable data in real time.

"Redwood's Platform Services team stepped in and helped us identify ways to effectively cut operational costs, enable the expansion of our service capabilities and implement RedwoodConnect™, ultimately modernizing our business," said David Noone, RWI executive vice president & general manager. "RedwoodConnect™ has provided our company the foundation to achieve our growth strategy while providing automation and visibility across the entire supply chain network."

With the support of Redwood's Platform Services team and integration of RedwoodConnect™, RWI experienced dramatically improved connectivity between enterprise and cloud systems, as well as carrier EDI connectivity and real-time visibility to the integration pipelines that power a company's entire supply chain. With this level of connectivity, TMS operations, such as automated order entry, improved planning and optimization, integrated tracking activities and customer invoicing allow for substantial ROI across existing systems.

"RedwoodConnect™ eliminates delays and bottlenecks caused by outdated systems, which prior to integration would not communicate effectively," said Eric Rempel, chief innovation officer, Redwood. "Any company that manages complex logistics, whether for themselves or for others, can benefit from seeing every transaction and piece of data as it occurs and making adjustments as needed. This empowers companies to be proactive rather than reactive to any potential supply chain disruption resulting from incorrect data."

-Additional benefits of RedwoodConnect™:

- Customer-specific integrations that allow for custom business logic to be applied, reducing manual touch points and increasing customer retention.

- New updates delivered quickly to maintain ever-changing business integration requirements.
API-led architecture which enables nimble connectivity and powerful data-in-motion strategies to send any data, format or protocol.

- Easier onboarding and faster time-to-revenue / return-on-investment.

- Standardized business operation and automation.

- Quick scalability and enhanced data visibility to reduce impact on IT resources.

RedwoodConnect™ is the cornerstone of Redwood's revolutionary logistics and technology delivery model, Logistics Platform as a Service (LPaaS ), a turnkey solution that simplifies the most complex supply chain integration cases. For more information about RedwoodConnect™ and to download a full demo, visit the Redwood Logistics website here.

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