Space Tech Innovator Agile Space Industries Acquires Metal 3D Printing Leader Tronix3D

Acquisition Enables Agile to Accelerate Speed and Quality Across the Aerospace Supply Chain, and Continue to Develop Innovative IP Around Metal 3D Printing

Agile Space Industries, a leading innovator of space propulsion technologies, today announced the acquisition of metal 3D printing company Tronix3D, a leader in additive manufacturing. The newly integrated entity will be rebranded as Agile Additive. The acquisition accelerates Agile's development, design, and delivery of complex, high-performance aerospace components to transform how space companies execute their most demanding missions.

As the space race between Bezos, Musk, and others heats up, Agile delivers the technology that enables the next space age. The company's sophisticated propulsion engines get spacecraft where they need to go, from moon landings to deep space exploration and more. With the acquisition of Tronix3D, Agile extends its capabilities across the aerospace supply chain to drive faster delivery and enhanced technical assurance of its propulsion products. Agile Additive will also continue to develop and expand its intellectual property around 3D printing of exotic metal alloys to support innovation in a wide range of industries.

"Having worked with Tronix3D as a supplier, we were continually impressed with their ability to develop new proprietary processes for working with these very challenging materials and geometries of our next generation space propulsion systems. We realized that if we integrated these competencies internally at Agile, it would further accelerate the innovation, quality and timeliness of the products that we deliver to our clients," said Jeffrey Max, CEO of Agile Space Industries.

Agile has long been trusted by NASA, the DoD, Northrop Grumman, and other global aerospace leaders for its advanced propulsion technologies. The company was recently selected to provide the thrusters for Astrobotic's 2023 NASA lunar mission, which will use a SpaceX rocket. Through the acquisition, Agile will continue to deliver aerospace technologies that allow spacecraft to be lighter and faster - so they can withstand extreme temperatures, fly farther, and last longer.

"Parts that used to be complex or even impossible to manufacture are now achievable because of our advancements in 3D printing of novel alloys. For Agile Space Industries and the aerospace industry at large, our innovations across materials, unique build geometries, and in situ print monitoring will allow us to deliver the intricate and structurally sound parts," said Buck Helfferich, President of Agile Additive.

About Agile Space Industries:
Founded in 2009, Agile Space Industries provides mission-optimized propulsion solutions on fast space timelines by closely coupling rapid prototyping with diagnostic testing and analysis. Based in Durango, CO, Agile is the team of propulsion experts repeatedly trusted by NASA, the DoD, and their Prime contractors when undertaking advanced propulsion technology developments. For more information, visit

About Agile Additive:
Agile Additive, a wholly owned subsidiary of Agile Space Industries, is an industry leader in precision aerospace and defense additive manufacturing based in Mt. Pleasant, PA. Agile Additive's AS9100 and NIST certified facilities deliver high resolution parts using their state-of-the-art industrial metal printing systems.

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