How tough is your industrial OT?

OT specialist invites engineers to share their solutions to automation in demanding environments

Industrial operational technology (OT) is increasingly deployed in harsh and demanding environments, driven by the availability of higher power, compact hardware and software packages. As OT ventures further afield, industrial OT specialist Novotek UK and Ireland is running the ‘Tough Enough' competition, inviting engineers and plant managers to share their stories of overcoming environmental challenges in data collection, process control and edge OT — and receive a rugged industrial PC (IPC) or support a charity of their choice in the process.

The competition intends to foster conversation around some of the innovative solutions to operational challenges that industrial businesses have developed, supporting knowledge sharing in the industry. Engineers and plant managers can either share the story and a picture with Novotek UK and Ireland on Twitter or LinkedIn using #ToughEnoughOT, or submit answers to a six-question survey via the company's website.

Businesses that share their stories via Novotek's social media channels will be entering into a draw to receive a free IPC from Emerson's rugged range. Emerson's range of IPCs feature a patented heat management design that ensures each IPC delivers full performance at ambient temperatures up to 70 degrees Celsius. The IPCs also boast minimal connections and soldered processors and memory to ensure continuous operation even in environments prone to vibration or shocks.

Companies that enter via the survey on Novotek's website will be entered into a draw for a £250 donation to a charity of the winner's choice.

"The improving performance of OT means that it's becoming common in the field, rather than in the protective cabinet environments in which it was traditionally found," explained George Walker, managing director of Novotek UK and Ireland. "That leads this hardware to not only be exposed to knocks and vibration more often, but also directly to extreme temperatures, particularly in process industries and utilities.

"From working directly with companies across the UK, we've found that there are plenty of creative ideas to tackle relatively common problems. As OT appears further afield, these solutions are almost as important as selecting the right hardware itself. We're eager to start a discussion among industry about some of these innovative ideas, whether for bragging rights or to help other engineers overcome similar challenges, and to see whose equipment is the toughest."

Engineers, technicians or plant managers with a novel story of ensuring OT reliability in harsh operating environments can find full details and answer the survey on the Novotek UK and Ireland website. Novotek can also be found on Twitter, @Novotek, or on LinkedIn as Novotek UK & Ireland.

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