Control Techniques Americas Launches Next Generation Motion Made Easy® Solution with PowerTools Studio PTi210 Module and Software

Control Techniques, part of the Nidec group, has launched the next generation of its Motion Made Easy servo control suite.

The new PTi210 module, and accompanying software, are designed for use with Control Techniques' Unidrive M and Digitax HD servo drive platforms. Integrating PTi210 enables the user to now access the comprehensive, easy-to-use PowerTools Studio software interface.

Working together, the PTi210 PowerTools integration module and PowerTools Studio software provides a cost-effective way to access simple, fast and effective motion control solutions, including an unparalleled setup and commissioning experience suitable for all skills levels. Professional motion control software engineers, infrequent users, or even someone with no prior servo experience can easily use this solution to program drives.

The PTi210 module offers five high-speed digital I/O points (three in, two out) which expand on the drive's onboard I/O. It enables rapid integration for a wide range of applications, including conveyors, rotary knives, electronic gearing and slip compensation.

PowerTools Studio continues this drive for simplicity, by providing the user with tools to program a Digitax HD or Unidrive M drive using a Modbus RU serial port, or on-board Ethernet, depending on the model. The software interface is presented simply, utilizing point-and-click, drop-down menus and drag-and-drop programming as standard. And, as always with Control Techniques, the software is freely available to download.

Mike Wolfe, Business Development Director for Control Techniques, said: "Control Techniques has set the standard in motor control since 1973, and we've always striven to find ways we can make the experience of installing and setting up our drives as straightforward as possible for the user.

"Working in combination, PTi210 and PowerTools Studio provide a simple, easy and quick way for users of any ability level to access our suite of motion control tools, enabling rapid installation, configuration and commissioning."

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