New Omron V410-H handheld barcode reader offers reliable performance in a broad range of industrial and life sciences applications

Industrial automation solutions provider Omron Automation Americas recently launched the V410-H Series handheld barcode reader, the latest addition to its extensive portfolio of industrial barcode readers and smart cameras.

Hoffman Estates, IL., October 21, 2020 - The Omron V410-H handheld barcode reader family provides a powerful, compact and easy-to-use solution for a wide range of applications. With algorithms that readily capture challenging codes, including direct part marks (DPMs) and ultra-compact symbols, the family's three models - the XD, the SR and the HC - deliver a solution for traceability throughout industrial manufacturing and beyond. The SR model boasts an outstanding read range, while the HC is designed for life science and hospital environments.

The V410-H operates on Omron's popular WebLink platform, and all three versions offer the intuitive WebLink PC configuration and run-time viewing utility that works with any Windows-based device. WebLink makes it possible to export images to a PC file location, customize the data output pre-amble and post-amble, and save/restore barcode reader configuration files. This allows for simple cloning of reader configuration across multiple barcode readers.

With a high-resolution sensor, lightning-fast decoding, read ranges that extend from contact to as far as 1.1m (44"), and the ability to decode most 1D, 2D, and DPM symbols, the V410-H helps operators work quickly and avoid misreads. Usage in a hands-free presentation mode can help meet requirements for contact-free operation, while chemical resistance to alcohol-based cleaners ensures that the reader can withstand frequent cleaning procedures.

For handheld barcode reading applications requiring IP65/67 or wireless connectivity, Omron is also updating its popular HS-360x barcode reader with the latest X-Mode decoding algorithms, updated WebLink PC configuration software under new Omron branding. This model is being launched as V450-H, a further extension of the Omron handheld barcode reader product line.

Industry professionals interested in learning more about this easy-to-use, powerful and disinfectant-ready barcode reading solution are encouraged to visit the V410-H product page on the Omron website by clicking here.

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