Xometry Launches New Interview Series

Manufacturing Leader Debuts Ok Xoomer: Zoom Chats with Creative Engineers and More

GAITHERSBURG, MD (May 6, 2020) - Xometry, the largest global marketplace for on-demand manufacturing, today announced the launch of a new video interview series called Ok Xoomer: Zoom Chats with Creative Engineers and More. The series features 5-10 minute conversations with the brightest minds in the world of engineering and creative people across industries. Xometry Vice President Aaron Lichtig, who introduces himself as "a Xometry guy and former Jeopardy! Champion" hosts the series.

New episodes are released every 2-3 days on Xometry's YouTube channel and social platforms. Interviews focus on cool engineering projects, trends in manufacturing, entrepreneurship, data science applications, and more.

The first set of episodes was released this week and includes interviews with:
● Sarah Goehrke, Founder of Additive Integrity and 3D Printing Industry Expert
● Evan Weinstein, CEO of Cocoa Press, one of the first 3D Chocolate Printers
● Jon Bostock, CEO & Co-Founder of Truman's, the Coolest Cleaning Company
● Matteo del Ninno, CTO of LED lighting startup Jumplights
Future episodes will feature:
● Roger Craig, Jeopardy! Super champion (former one-game winnings record holder) and renowned data scientist
● Katy Ayres, Creator of the Mycanoe, the first seaworthy canoe made entirely of mushrooms.
● Zac Holcomb, CEO and Co-Founder of Additive America
● Tuan TranPham, CRO of AREVO and well-known 3D Printing Evangelist
More guests will be announced in the coming weeks. If you would like to be a guest on Ok Xoomer, or know someone who would, please reach out to Aaron Lichtig on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/aaronlichtig/.

About Xometry
Xometry is the largest marketplace for custom manufacturing, connecting customers with optimal manufacturing solutions through proprietary AI algorithms. Xometry provides on-demand manufacturing and industrial supply materials to a diverse customer base, ranging from startups to Fortune 100 companies. Our global network of over 4,000 partner manufacturing facilities enables us to maintain consistently fast lead times while offering a broad array of capabilities, including CNC machining, 3D printing, sheet metal fabrication, injection molding, urethane casting, and finishing services. Xometry's customers include Bosch, BMW, Dell Technologies, and General Electric.

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