CRP Technology launches Windform® P2, thermoplastic glass fiber filled material for HSS technology

Italy-based CRP Technology company from over 25 years is at the forefront of professional 3D printing. It introduces a new material from Windform®P-LINE range dedicated to high speed production-grade 3D Printing technology

Modena, Italy, 13th January 2020 - CRP Technology, a leading company in the creation of prototypes and final applications in professional 3D printing, launches Windform® P2 material.

Windform® P2 is a glass fiber reinforced thermoplastic polyamide material with excellent mechanical properties for High Speed Sintering process.

Engineer Franco Cevolini, CRP Technology CTO and VP, states: "Windform® P2 is the second polymer from P-LINE, the new Windform® range of materials for high speed production-grade 3D printing, introduced on the market less than a year ago. "

Compared to Windform® P1, which is the first material from P-LINE family, Windform® P2 is distinguished by increased stiffness (Windform® P2 Tensile Modulus is 2925.20 MPa ; Windform® P1 is 1960.60 MPa), combined to high tensile strength (39.24 MPa, Windform® P2).

"This is - Engineer Franco Cevolini adds - a very important property. Windform® P2 is stiffer than Windform® P1 because Windform® P2 is reinforced (Windform® P1 is not reinforced). Most of the reinforced materials for similar technologies currently on the market, show a decrease in the tensile strength property. My staff and I have been able to preserve the high tensile strength in Windform® P2. Therefore, Windform® P2 overall's performance is superior than the performance of similar materials currently on the market for similar technologies. "

As Windform® P2 is glass fiber filled, it is an insulating material (CTI rating of 600). Windform® P2 is also suitable for manufacturing components with detailed resolution.

Windform® P2 is ideal for production of small functional prototypes, end-use parts requiring high stiffness across a variety of sectors, e.g.: Electrical (enclosures and housing for electronics), Consumer and household goods, Industrial products (furniture parts, presentation models, fixtures and tooling), Automotive (rigid parts for interior design)

"We are pursuing non-stop innovation on the road to high tech for production manufacturing" Franco Cevolini stated. "Stay tuned for our constant evolution".

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