An Endurance Laser box ver. 2.0. with Mo2 PCB

Endurance have invented and new revolutionary laser box ver. 2.0 with Mo2 PCB.

Endurance have invented and new revolutionary laser box ver. 2.0 with Mo2 PCB.

Because it has a programmable board that allow to do a lot of cool things and here are key features of an Mo2 PCB

Key features of an Endurance MO2 PCB:
1. Analog input 0-10 PWM output 0-100%.
2. TTL input up to 24V PWM output.
3. The input in comparator mode 5V on 2V laser is turned off.
4. Focusing mode laser PWM 1%.
5. Adjustable laser voltage threshold of 4.5 to 5.5V
6. Protection against reverse polarity reversal of analog, comparator and TTL inputs.
7. The delay in applying the voltage to the laser when the unit is turned on 0.5 - 1 sec.
8. Ability to install both large and small box without modifications of the printed circuit board.
9. Ability to run an impulse mode with a wide variety of frequency and duration width.

While a laser box itself has a tested DC-DC converter for the laser diode, voltage measurement sensor, voltmeter + ammeter to control voltage and current on the diode, temperature sensor to control the laser diode temperature.
All this things combined together allow to use it on any diode laser up to 10A current consumption.
You can run your laser in any modes, impulse, flashing, CW.
You can connect to an older CNC machine that has only 0-10V analog controller.

Laser box with all sensors
CN1 - Power Board +12V
CN2 - Analog Input/Inverted input
CN3 - Mode select switch SW1
CN4 - PWM Input
CN5 - Fan
CN6 - Input Voltage Voltmeter
CN7 - DC-DC output voltage voltmeter
XT2 - Laser
XT3 - Laser current measurement. Ammeter

How does it work?

Schematic of an Endurance Mo2 PCB

Explore more about laser box abilities with an Endurance Mo2 PCB

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