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Endurance Lasers

Endurance Lasers

Improve your 3D printer or CNC machine with a powerful diode laser attachment

Mailing Address:
6528 Trail BLVD
Naples, FL 34108
United States of America

Tel: 2393020053

Fax: 2393020053



Company Category: Additive & 3D Printing

Geographic Region: USA - South East

Company Sector: Manufacturing

Keywords: diode lasers, 3d printing, cnc router, cnc machine

Partner Status: Marketing Partner


The Endurance flagship 10 watt (10000 mW) diode laser module.

The Endurance flagship 10 watt (10000 mW) diode laser module.

The Endurance 10 Watt laser - "Invincible" continuous power. Engraves on stainless steel, copper and brass. Cuts 4-5 mm (1/6'') wood and plywood with just one pass. Cuts 8 mm (1/3'') dark acrylic with 2-3 passes. Compatible with almost all 3D printers and CNC machines. We deliver everything you need to get started. The "Invincible" laser enables to create incredible things with your 3D printer / CNC machine. Unlike many Chinese lasers the Endurance 10 watt laser can work continuously up to 48-72 hours. Its lifetime is about 10 000 hours. Its real rated optical power output of is 10 watt (10000 mW). Endurance provides an ultimate customer support with full guidance and tutorials. Learn more about the laser:


Diode Lasers in CNC and 3D Printing

Our lasers are mainly plug and play for any 3D printer or CNC machine. They work out of 12-24V and have a TTL wire that has to be connected with PWM and then you are pretty much set.

Using the Endurance L-Cheapo 5.6 W (5600 mW) Semiconductor (Diode) Laser Operation

Lasers are compatible with any CNC machines, plotters and 3D printers and are easy to install.

A Complete Review of Semiconductor Lasers And a Few Words About What You Can Do With a 5.6 W Semiconductor Laser

This is a detailed article about popular inexpensive semiconductor lasers and about what you can engrave and cut using a 5.6 W semiconductor laser, installed on a 3D printer or CNC machine.

Additive Manufacturing

The most popular and widespread technology is FDM (fused deposition modeling), known also as FFF (fused filament fabrication). The majority of companies apply this technology in numerous printers, both of "amateur" and of "professional" classes.

Application of Instant Messengers in Robotics. What Perspectives and Opportunities They Open

Why not to use the open protocols and API of messengers to control robots, whether this be a drone or a wheeled platform, via mobile phones?

3D Printers in Schools

Just imagine: students are working in a classroom at their computers modeling their projects, then 3D print their models. Some time ago it would look like a fantasy, now its going to be a reality.

White Papers

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Press Releases

An Endurance Laser box ver. 2.0. with Mo2 PCB

Endurance have invented and new revolutionary laser box ver. 2.0 with Mo2 PCB.

An Endurance 10 watt DPSS 1064 nm pulsed laser module for metal marking and metal cutting.

Endurance lasers present a laser module upgrade for metal laser marking and metal cutting. DPSS (diode-pumped solid-state) laser

An Endurance new "Pro" laser modules.

Endurance presents 8.5 watt / 10 watt / 10 watt plus "Pro" laser modules.

An Endurance brand new fiber marking module for metal engraving

Up to 50 kW of an impluse mode

An Endurance lasers LLC announces a call for a blogger / writer / reviewer

The best blogger / reviwer / tech writer will be offered a sponsorship contract with US based company. We want to inspire people to learn more about 3D printing / CNC carving and laser engraving & cutting.

An Endurance 10-th giveaway (start on 7-th of July)

Get an ultimate chance to win 10 watt laser attachment for your 3D printer or a CNC machine. An innovative tool that converts your 3D printer or a CNC router into a powerful laser cutter and laser engraver.

Getting started with Endurance lasers and certain limitations

Dear Endurance customers and followers in this post I would like to highlight key things using Endurance lasers.

Endurance lasers. What do customers say about us.

I was searching for a little laser that could help me at work and in private things, but even strong enough to do engravings on metal. I had a few cheap lasers from China before but they were all living too short or working not at all. So I decided to give the 10W+ Endurance Laser a try and I was surprised with a laser that simply makes everything I needed and wanted to do.

Endurance Lasers - New charity initiative for "Children-Angels-Smolensk" (join now)

We would like you to join our initiative using Gleam platform. You do not need to donate. Just follow with entries. The more entries we get - more money we will donate.


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