Vibrating screener for food manufacturers

Customized industrial screener improves efficiency for food manufacturer

With food safety required to be at its highest possible level, a leading producer of glucose reviewed their production process in order to incorporate the latest techniques in food safety. Requiring a system that would fit in with their food safety standards, they approached a professional engineering company to custom design the new system to meet their unique requirements. Having worked with Russell Finex previously, the engineering company did not hesitate to approach Russell Finex to supply a sieving machine to fit in with the new system.

With previous experience in this application, Russell Finex identified a 900 diameter Russell Compact Sieve® as the most appropriate vibrating screen. However, to ensure the sieve installation was made as simple as possible, a number of modifications were included to meet the company's requirements. Firstly, the inlet and outlet of the sieve were offset in order to maximise the coverage across the screen mesh to give optimum performance and efficiency of screening. Secondly, two 6" view ports fitted with tri-clamp connections were also added to the deck to enable easier inspection of the material as it is being sieved. In addition, the company were seeking a wet-in-place system to ensure that there is no airborne contamination from the powder when the machine is dis-assembled for clean down. Therefore, spray balls were fitted to an additional two view ports on the deck, with another spray ball being added to the oversize outlet. The machine was supplied in high quality 316L stainless steel and all product contact surfaces were mirror polished to a documented 0.4Ra value.

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Prior to despatching the machine, a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) was carried out whereby the customer came to the Russell Finex factory to visually inspect the machine. With the FAT passed, a comprehensive Documentation Pack was then issued, which included the full FAT report, mill certification, certificates of conformity and FDA declaration letters to ensure faster validation during commissioning.

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