I4MS is Facilitating the Access to 34 Million Euros for Implementing Industry 4.0 Technologies for European SMEs

Since 2013, the I4MS initiative has been unlocking the investment of 140 million euros in supporting the digitalisation of the EU manufacturing industry. Now in phase 3, I4MS focuses in four technologies: 3D Printing, High-Performance Computing, Robotics, and the Internet of things.

I4MS, the European Commission initiative to digitalise the manufacturing industry, is making 34 million Euros available for companies interested in boosting the implementation of industrial digital innovative solutions. Now in phase 3, I4MS will announce the opening of four funding calls for 2019 to conduct application experiments with a strong focus on Europe's manufacturing SMEs. Each of the open calls targets an Industry 4.0 technology.

The four technological value propositions of I4MS being developed by Innovation Actions represents a great strategic advantage for the EU manufacturing fabric:

L4MS developed an IoT platform that reduces the time and cost of installation of AGV for intra-factory logistics, enhancing cost reduction and productivity a Factor 10
Cloudifacturing provides a one-stop-shop for accessing Pay-per-use High-Performance computing services and simulations on the cloud, allowing a more democratic access to technology for smaller companies
AMable facilitates the adoption of 3Dprinting technologies in companies not yet using this technology through a specialized platform, reducing transports costs or CO2 emission, and thus contributes to the tackling of global warming.
MiDIH eases the implementation of data driven applications through CPS and IOT modules.
In words of Juan Jauregui, Head of the EU Projects Department at MWCapital (partner of the initiative), "It is also necessary to imbue the technological innovation with a business impetus." To this end, I4MS partners will also make an extra effort to ensure engagement and matchmaking. "Connecting the developed solutions to System Integrators and Tech providers is key to having these technologies reaching Europe's SMEs and upscaling the impact for the EU industrial sector and EU citizens," Juan Jauregui concludes.

This way, SMEs in Europe will have an improved access to digital innovations and the overall digital transformation, to upgrade its products, improve its processes and adopt industry 4.0 business models to tackle digital age's challenges.

About I4MS

I4MS is coordinated by Mobile World Capital Barcelona Foundation, FundingBox, Foreningen MADE, FIWARE Foundation EV, Danish Technological Institute and Axencia Galega de Innovación.

Funded by the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme of the European Union, Grant Agreement nº 768631

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SICK, Inc. - Low-Cost LiDAR: Higher Technology That's Easy to Use

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